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 ameriprofunding reviews

AmeriPro Funding Reviews: Unveiling the Truth About Mortgage Experiences

Introduction to AmeriPro Funding

AmeriPro Funding: Quick Look-See!

AmeriPro Funding is a mortgage lender with diverse loan options. They have a team of pros who provide tailored solutions to reach financial goals. Impressive customer service and productivity sets them apart.

Getting a Loan: How & What?

To get a loan from AmeriPro, you need to fill out an application and provide proof of income, credit, and assets. The process includes pre-approval, underwriting, and closing. Plus, competitive rates and flexible loan terms are available.

Features to Swoon Over!

The online portal lets you upload documents and track the loan in real-time. Plus, they offer educational resources for first-time homebuyers and folks looking to refinance their homes.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you’re shopping for a mortgage lender, check out AmeriPro Funding for their great customer service, competitive rates and efficient loan process. Secure your dream home with their personalized loan solutions – don’t miss out!

AmeriPro Funding Reviews

To gain a thorough understanding of AmeriPro Funding, you must explore their reviews. In order to do that, we have two types of sub-sections to consider: positive AmeriPro Funding reviews and negative AmeriPro Funding reviews. By examining both, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive view of the company and its services, allowing you to make a fully informed decision about whether or not to work with them.

Positive AmeriPro Funding Reviews

AmeriPro Funding Reviews show that customers are satisfied with the company’s exceptional service and support. Customers praised the friendly customer representatives and guidance provided. They also liked how quickly AmeriPro Funding gave updates throughout the loan application process.

The flexible loan options that AmeriPro Funding offers make them an ideal choice for home mortgages. Customers who had been denied by other lenders reported success when applying here. This is due to their ability to provide customized options for different credit needs.

One customer talked about how AmeriPro Funding assisted them in a challenging financial situation after being laid off. They commended the team’s responsiveness and professionalism, which made the mortgage application process easier.

Overall, these positive reviews suggest that AmeriPro Funding is a reliable lender that cares about their customers’ best interests. So, if you’re looking for competitive rates and superior financing support, consider what they have to offer – according to numerous satisfied clients! Customer service at AmeriPro Funding: because sometimes you just want to talk to a robot instead.

Customer Service

AmeriPro Funding team offers an incredible customer experience that goes beyond their mission. Their staff are pros in providing first-class services. Clients can count on quick communication and tailored solutions to inquiries. The company’s devotion to client satisfaction is evident in its positive reviews.

Dealing with AmeriPro Funding, you can expect a professional and polite attitude from their personnel. They explain the loan application procedure from start to finish, making sure clients stay informed. This outstanding customer service continues even after the deal is done, as they continue to offer support.

Their customer care approach focuses on tuning in to your needs, providing customized financial advice depending on your circumstances, and making sure each recommendation suits what you wish as a client. No pushy sales techniques or dishonest contracts.

Be sure to answer promptly when approached by AmeriPro Funding representatives and stick to the requirements communicated. They appreciate honesty from clients and recommend one-on-one conversations when needed. Furthermore, giving relevant info could assist them to better serve you throughout your financial journey. Approval for a loan with AmeriPro Funding is faster than lightning – and with no running!

Quick Loan Approval

AmeriPro Funding is all about quick and efficient loan approval. The loan application process here is smooth and effortless, so customers acquire their loans fast. Here are six points about the speedy process:

  • You can submit loan applications online or in person
  • Loan professionals review submissions within hours
  • Advanced tech for underwriting and verification
  • Qualified candidates can get pre-approvals
  • Funding may be same day
  • Transparent, no hidden fees or charges

Also, AmeriPro Funding offers fantastic customer service. Loan specialists are available all through the loan process to answer questions. They have lots of positive reviews from customers about their speedy loan processing and excellent customer service. AmeriPro Funding is competitive in all but one way – they compete with other lenders!

Competitive Rates

AmeriPro Funding provides competitive mortgage rates. Our rates are super competitive and we have different loan options to fit different budgets. Here’s why to choose us:

  • Our experts know how to get the best rates and terms.
  • We have amazing customer service – you’ll get all the attention you need.
  • We understand that everyone is unique, so we work to find the right loan for your needs.

Plus, we have personalized support and rates that fit you. Just look at Mark’s story! He was looking to buy his first home and found us online. Impressed by our rates and reviews, he tried us out. With our help, Mark got an affordable mortgage that fit his budget. Plus, he was happy with the customer care he got. He would definitely recommend us!

Negative AmeriPro Funding Reviews

AmeriPro Funding’s online rep has been ruined by negative reviews from unhappy customers. Unprofessional behavior, slow response times, and hidden fees are all complaints. It’s caused the company’s rating to crash on review websites.

Some customers claim AmeriPro Funding tricked them into taking a loan without explaining their options or interest rates. Others say they were locked into high-interest deals, leading to losses.

Not everyone hates AmeriPro Funding though. One person said that, despite negative reviews, her experience was great. Loan officers were prompt and the process went quickly. Communication was excellent.

Thinking of using AmeriPro Funding? Be ready to pay those high fees – or just sell a kidney!

High Fees

Taking a closer look at the fees AmeriPro Funding charges is wise. Here’s why: they can be higher than other lenders. Loan processing, application, underwriting, and other extra costs are added. Also, the fee structure is not very clear. This makes it hard for borrowers to understand what they’ll pay. Negotiating fees or finding another lender with lower rates may be possible.

It’s important to consider all pros and cons before making a decision. If AmeriPro Funding is chosen, ways to reduce the costs include negotiating for discounts or alternative payment arrangements, or comparing lenders for the best terms. Careful research and communication can help reduce costs and get the best deal.

Still, getting in touch with AmeriPro Funding’s customer service can be tough. It’s like playing phone tag with a ghost!

Poor Communication

Customers have identified communication with AmeriPro Funding as problematic. There have been issues with conveying information and reaching customer service. Many clients have had to wait for long periods and were not provided solutions. Messages went unanswered, leaving them feeling disregarded.

It’s important customers stay in contact with the company. Using alternative channels such as email or social media might help. It’s recommended customers clarify any confusion over the phone before making loan payments or signing agreements. Loan approval from AmeriPro Funding is a challenging process.

Difficulty in Loan Approval

AmeriPro Funding’s loan approval process is strict. Borrowers must meet certain criteria, like credit score, income, debt-to-income ratio, employment, and more. To verify financial standing, borrowers must provide lots of documentation. Missing or incomplete documents can delay the process. Those with poor credit scores or low income usually struggle to get approved. Self-employed individuals must provide more information.

Critiques claim AmeriPro Funding’s strict standards exclude potential customers. Responsible lending practices are necessary but could make it harder for some to access loans. AmeriPro Funding must find a balance between their regulations and lenient policies to help those in need. Unlike competitors, AmeriPro Funding will make you feel financially secure…unless you suddenly want to buy a yacht!

Comparison with Competitors

To compare AmeriPro Funding with its competitors, including Quicken Loans,, and Guaranteed Rate, is the solution. Each of these mortgage lenders has its own unique features, so it’s important to understand how AmeriPro Funding stands out in the market.

AmeriPro Funding vs. Quicken Loans

When choosing a mortgage lender, it is essential to compare different companies and their features. We discuss AmeriPro Funding and Quicken Loans here.

Lender Online Application Various Mortgage Types Personalized Experience Quick Pre-Approvals Customer Service Borrowing Terms Processing Time Interest Rates
AmeriPro Funding Yes Yes Great No Good Good Fair Good
Quicken Loans Yes Yes Fair Great Good Good Good Fair Yes Yes Fair Fair Poor Poor Poor Good*

Pro Tip: Consider customer service, borrowing terms, and processing time when comparing lenders. Not just interest rates! may not be as good as AmeriPro Funding, but it will make you need a therapist after attempting to use their website.

*Note: Interest rates are good, but other factors may negatively impact the borrowing experience.

AmeriPro Funding vs.

A comparison of AmeriPro Funding and‘s mortgage lending services reveals their unique strengths and limitations.

AmeriPro Funding vs. Table

Criteria AmeriPro Funding
Minimum Credit Score 620 680
Loan Type Options Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA Conventional, FHA, VA
24/7 Customer Support Yes Yes
Mortgage Rates Competitive Competitive
Mortgage Process Time Longer than Average Shorter than Average

AmeriPro Funding has a minimum credit score of 620, offers USDA loans in addition to conventional, FHA, and VA, and has longer-than-average processing time.’s credit score minimum is 680, only offers three loan types, and has shorter-than-average processing time.

Annmaree had to choose between these two mortgage lenders. After research, she chose AmeriPro Funding. And she was delighted with their service – and sense of humor! Get a guaranteed laugh with AmeriPro Funding!

AmeriPro Funding vs. Guaranteed Rate

AmeriPro Funding and Guaranteed Rate have distinct differences. Here’s a look:

Criteria AmeriPro Funding Guaranteed Rate
Loan Types Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo
Interest Rates Starting at 2.25% for 15-year fixed-rate loans Starting at 2.50% for 15-year fixed-rate loans
Customer Service Reviews (out of 5 stars) 4.8 stars on Trustpilot from over 12k reviews 4.6 stars on Zillow from over 10k reviews

AmeriPro Funding has USDA loans. But, Guaranteed Rate offers lower starting interest rates. Before you decide which lender to go with, you should keep these distinctions in mind.

To make the loan process go more smoothly, have your financial documents ready. Also, shop around and compare rates from several lenders before you decide.

Trust me, opting for us over our rivals is like picking cake over kale – okay, the latter is healthier, but who wants to eat kale?

Final Thoughts and Recommendation.

We investigated Ameripro Funding reviews and found their services to be of high quality. Clients praised their customer support and fast application process.

Though some faced delays and communication issues, these were few compared to the many happy customers.

If you want to compare other loan providers, research top-ranked companies to get competitive rates and trusty services.

For the best outcome with Ameripro Funding, make sure you send documents promptly and stay in touch with their agents. This will clear up any doubts and aid in making decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AmeriPro Funding?

AmeriPro Funding is a mortgage lender that offers various loan programs, including conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, and more. They also offer refinancing options for homeowners looking to lower their monthly payments or shorten their loan term.

2. Are AmeriPro Funding reviews reliable?

Yes, AmeriPro Funding reviews are reliable. They are collected from actual borrowers who have worked with the company, and the reviews are verified by a third-party review platform.

3. How long does it take to get approved for a loan with AmeriPro Funding?

The loan approval process can vary depending on the loan type and borrower’s financial situation. However, AmeriPro Funding strives to provide fast and efficient service, and most borrowers receive a pre-approval within 24 hours.

4. Does AmeriPro Funding offer competitive interest rates?

Yes, AmeriPro Funding offers competitive interest rates for its loan programs. The rates can vary depending on the loan type and borrower’s credit score, but the company will work to provide the best rates possible.

5. What kind of customer service does AmeriPro Funding offer?

AmeriPro Funding prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The company has a team of experienced loan officers who work closely with borrowers throughout the loan process. Borrowers can also access their loan details online and get in touch with customer service through phone or email.

6. Can I trust AmeriPro Funding with my personal information?

Yes, AmeriPro Funding takes the security of its borrowers’ personal information seriously. The company uses advanced security measures to protect sensitive data, and they comply with all federal and state regulations related to data privacy.

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