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19+ Backyard Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas (With Pictures)

19+ Backyard Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Planning your pool area is a great way to get excited about the summer heat in your own backyard. Having a landscape design in mind is a great way to get started. Questions to ask yourself include pool type, shape, location, surrounding materials, deck or stairs, and what plants you want to use. What are you looking for style-wise in your outdoor area? Will you have a large deck area, will be it a raised deck? Do you want privacy walls or a privacy fence? A flower garden, large shrubs, or small trees? These ideas are a great place to start to get the ball rolling on your landscaping ideas.

Different type of Pool

There are 6 types of pools to consider when planning to add one to your yard. Above-ground pools, in-ground pools, infinity pools, lap pools, swim spas, and hot tub spa combos are all choices you’ve looked at. You’ve narrowed down your choice to an above-ground pool, or maybe you have an existing pool that is above ground that you want to add landscaping elements to.


Choosing an above-ground style for your backyard pool is a good idea if you are looking for affordability, speedy installation (including DIY options), and easy maintenance. Next, you’ll want to design the perimeter of the pool.


What is the shape you’re looking for? When it comes to different shapes for your above-ground swimming pool, the choices are round, oval, or rectangular shape. The purpose of your pool will help when deciding on the shape. Rectangular pools are best if you plan to do laps, seeing as the shape allows you to swim in a straight line. Lounging and recreational use of your swimming pool will open you up to either a rectangular or rounded shape.

You’ll want easy access to your above-ground pool. How you get in and out is another question you’ll need to answer.

Wood Deck


Having a wooden deck around your entire pool comes with many benefits. A wooden deck is softer than stone (or concrete) making it a softer landing if people were to slip and fall. If you have small children this may be a great choice for you. A wooden above-ground pool deck will add a natural beauty statement and compliment your landscaping. If you choose this type of deck, you’ll want to make sure you are choosing the correct lumber to build with. Make sure it is able to withstand heat, after all, if you have an outdoor pool, you’re likely going to have hot weather. The material will need to be treated to avoid peeling so that they are sustainable and durable enough to withstand the effects that people and water will have on it. Remember, wood deck materials will require maintenance is required to help the wood be long-lasting.

Landscaping stones around the pool


Including landscaping stones around the sides of the pool is another design choice you have. A popular choice among owners of an above-ground pool is using gravel or rock. This type of rock is available and considered suitable for all climate types. Landscape stones range in size, shape, and color, allowing you to choose which different styles you would like to use in the surrounding area. Gravel packs well and drains well. Another option is to encase your above-ground pool with brick or stone. Encasing your above-ground pool is the perfect way to get the look of an inground pool. Popular choices that give a beautiful design to your outdoor space are sandstone, bluestone, granite, and limestone. With natural stone, you are able to create either rustic/earthy (natural, rougher lines) or sophisticated (think sleek, clean lines) looks. You may even be able to get the look of real wood with the right style of natural stone.

Brick Patio around the pool


As mentioned before, you are able to encase your above-ground pool, giving you several options to choose from and the look of a more traditional pool. One popular patio option is a brick patio. Bricks are known to be sturdy and durable. They are easy to maintain and clean and they will not fade over time. Brick patios give a classy and sophisticated look, they come in many styles and colors. They are not very absorbant, perfect for spills around a dining area or snack time around the pool. Bricks are also very easy to install. If your bricks will be in a shaded area near your pool you will want to make sure you keep an eye out for fungus, moss, or mold that might develop. These can be easily removed with a dry brush or a weed killer.

Plants around Pool

When it comes to choosing plants to go around your pool you have a few things to take into consideration. These plants need to be easy to maintain and safe for pets and children to be around. You want to choose native plants, they will grow well in your yard. They should help to tie your surrounding landscape in.

Flower beds Around Pool


Add fun and color to your backyard space by adding flower beds around your pool. This is the perfect place to add full sunflowers, seeing as your pool will likely be in a full sun area. Angelonias, calibrachoa, chrysanthemums, coneflowers, and cosmos are just a handful of the dozens of full sun-loving flowers to add to your above ground pool designs. An important thing to remember is that some flowers are more prone to attract bees, while an amazing part of nature they are not friends you want to invite to your pool party. If you aren’t opposed to fragrance in your outdoor space, choose sweet-scented vines, shrubs, and trees.



Succulents are becoming more popular to plant around your pool. They are hardy and evergreen (meaning they keep their color, not just green!). When choosing succulents to place around your pool area make sure they won’t be a bother, avoid succulents that have thorns or needles. Choosing succulents like Crassula, Sedum and Aeonium are beautiful additions to your yard.

Ornamental Grasses Around Pool


Ornamental grasses are low maintenance and can add height, texture, movement and drama to your space. These grasses will look good all season long. Plant in-ground or in containers. Choose grasses like Fountain grass, zebra grass, or feather grass around your pool. If you are looking to add privacy to your pool area we recommend choosing grasses like fountain grass (which grows 3-4 feet tall), Chinese Silver Grass (which grows 6-10 feet tall), or Pampas Grass ( which grows 6-9 feet tall).

Trees Around Pool


Tall Trees around your pool may seem like a great idea, they add privacy and shade. You will need to consider how tall and wide these trees will grow. You will want trees that do not make a mess. Avoid trees that drop their leaves, flowers, or fruit, and avoid trees with buds. Other things to consider would be the root system of the tree. You don’t want roots to room your pool. Are these trees that can be planted in a large container on wheels? Doing this gives you the ability to move the trees to block the sun. A beautiful tree to consider would be the fruitless olive tree. Palm trees, citrus trees, and palo verde trees are great options to add when you have a lot of space.

Evergreen Shrubs Around Pool


Having a line of evergreen shrubs around your pool will add a gorgeous focal point to your yard. They provide privacy while being easy to maintain. Some green thumbs enjoy trimming them into fun shapes while others keep the natural look. Consider using boxwoods, cypress some arborvitae. These types of evergreens tend to not get leaves or needles in your pool.

Tropical Plants Around Pool


How magical would it be to retreat to your pool and be surrounded by tropical plants? Plants like canna, palms, and hibiscus will get you your dream retreat. Getting an exotic look is easy with a tropical garden. Remember you are not just limited to plants that are considered tropical, you can also choose plants that have characteristics of tropical plants. You will also need to protect your exotic plants in the winter. Make sure that you choose plants that will survive and hopefully thrive in your area with little to no maintenance. Choosing to plant in containers gives you the advantage of moving your containers to a safe place during the winter and displaying them during the summer.

Rock Garden Around Pool


A rock garden is a low-maintenance choice. A mixture of rocks and stepping stones filled with ground covering flowers (creep phlox), colorful flowers, and succulents will give a dramatic effect while being drought tolerant. Remember a rock garden does not need to only have rocks, you can include plants but the main focus will be the rocks. Beware though, rocks can be hot if they are directly in the sun.

Grass Around Pool


A simplistic yet excellent choice for around your pool is grass. Choosing drought-tolerant grass such as Bermuda grass, Korean Grass, and even artificial sod is an ideal choice for around a pool. Choose a lawn to provide a cool and soft place for bare feet to walk on and people to relax (and fall on). When you choose grass remember, that it will need a lot of maintenance. Mowing your lawn near your pool might leave you with unwanted grass in your pool water.

Herbs Around Pool


Creating a beautiful outdoor space with herbs can double as a natural insect repellant. Lavender, rosemary, and basil will keep those pesky insects away from your pool while being beautiful to look at. Herbs are also another plant that you can raise in a container garden. Choose herbs that grow well together and that you will enjoy harvesting and preserving if that is something you enjoy.

Moon Garden Plants Around Pool


Who doesn’t love a peaceful nighttime swim? If you’re a late-night swimmer, make sure to consider plants that will show even in the dark. Choosing plants that are white, yellow, or pale will help to reflect the moon. To get this look, plan flowers like the moonflower or foamflower. Make sure to take advantage of flowers that only bloom at night. Evening primrose, Casa Blanca lilies, four o’clock, and tuberose are night-blooming flowers you’ll love. Some plants even smell stronger at night. Casa Blanca Lilies, Evening Primrose, 4 o’clock, not only bloom at night they smell stronger at night too. Gardenias, heliotropes, hellebores, and jasmine also have a stronger scent at night.



Speaking of nighttime swims, consider pool lights. These are lights inside (or outside of your pool) that can add so much fun to your overall design once the sun goes down. Your options include hanging or submersible lights for inside or outside of the pool. These lights often come with color-changing discs that make your pool a colorful water feature everyone will love.

Outdoor furniture Around Pool


Adding enough space to include a seating area around your above-ground pool is a great idea and something you may not have considered at first. This is the best way to keep those swimmers and non-swimmers together. Make sure you choose a material that will last when left out in the sun and can handle getting wet, after all the pool area is once space sure to get plenty of attention from those climbing in and out of the pool.

Firepit Near Pool


When adding a firepit near your above-ground pool, you’ll want to make sure it is at least 10 feet away from the pool. You’ll likely have an above-ground pool deck with your above-ground pool, though you may want to keep your fire pit at ground level. Having an outdoor fire pit adds entertainment, mood, and heat to your yard. You’ll want to keep your firepit off grassy surfaces, wood decks, and enclosed porches. Making a stone or brick patio a great choice for those wanting to include a fire pit in the design of their private pools.

Hot tub And Above Ground Pool


One last fun idea to consider in the design of the pool area is a hot tub. This is something you are able to add, if it is planned right, on or nearby your above-ground pool deck. Most people enjoy a nice soak in a hot tub after a fun swim.

The best thing to remember when choosing the right landscaping around your big or small pool is, what do you want? Ask yourself what you want to feel when you are out there. The possibilities really can be endless.

Jeremy Toronto

Jeremy Toronto

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