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30 + backyard landscaping ideas for dogs (With Pictures)

30 + backyard landscaping ideas for dogs picture

When you sit down to plan your backyard you’ll want to think of all those who will be using that. That includes your pets. Dog-friendly backyard ideas don’t just need to look like a plain, boring dog park, it can be a beautiful, safe place right out your back door that both you and your dog can enjoy. As the weather warms it’s important that you are creating a safe spot that your furry friends can enjoy on hot summer days.

Create a shady place away from the hot sun for Your Furry Friend.


If you have a dog that likes to spend a lot of time outdoors shade is a must. Tall trees are a great option to add a shady spot to keep your dog (and yourself!) cool. Some of our favorite shade trees to add are Autumn Blaze Maple, Japanese Zelkova, and the Eastern Redbud tree. These are all beautiful trees that will help add color, and most importantly shade to your yard. Many people are unsure about which tree will be best for them, but no worries, a quick trip to the garden store will help you know which tree is best for where you live and where you want to plant.


Many people find that they enjoy an even more personalized approach to keeping their dogs out of the sun. You can do this also with the addition of a dog house. Dog houses are a fun way to get your unique design ideas out into your yard. They can vary in size, and the number of walls, they can be DIY projects or premade ones you purchase. Whether you have a small dog or a big dog, I know you’ll find exactly what you want and most importantly what your pet needs!

Vegetable Garden and flower beds with your pet

Did you know that what you plant in your yard matters when you have a pet? A quick search online will give you a list of plants you can and cannot add to your yard.

Flower Beds


5 Non-toxic plants that will add a pop of color to your garden are camellias, marigolds, sunflowers, snapdragons, and nasturtium. Remember these are just a handful of the plants that are considered safe for pets.

5 poisonous plants to avoid to keep our furry friends safe are daffodils, easter lily, sago palms, carnations, and plumbagos.

While we are talking about flower gardens, did you know there are several plant species that could help you keep your dog’s fur safe with these flea-repelling plants? Plants such as sage and lavender not only are a great option for adding a new color or texture to your landscape design but they also bring a beautiful scent to your space while keeping fleas and mosquitos away.



If you’ve ever sat outside and watched your dog you might notice they use the same pathways to get here and there. If you find that these dog paths could use some sprucing up, try adding ornamental grasses. Grasses such as Morning Light and Karl Foerster can grow between 4′ and 6′. They add character, shape, and even shade to your yard. Adding these to your pathway will help keep the ground a bit cooler for your dog to wander through as well as something pretty to look at.

Garden Ground Cover


We know what plants are safe and helpful in a pet-friendly landscape design but, what should you use for ground cover? Common choices include gravel, wood chips, and dirt. Each comes with pros and cons. Gravel is a good idea if you have adequate shade as it can get too hot for your dog’s paws. Gravel is easy to clean and inexpensive. Wood chips are also inexpensive, easy to clean, and great to look at in your outdoor space but, splinters, flees and if your dog likes to snack on them you will probably want to avoid them. While it seems like an old-fashioned option, dirt is a great place for your dog to use the restroom, dig and roll around in. Just remember dirt is MESSY, it will be hard to keep your dog’s paws clean if there is dirt to be found in their favorite spots.

Vegetable and Fruit Garden


Vegetable gardens aren’t just for people, our dogs can enjoy them with us! Vegetables provide our dogs with vitamins and nutrients. Root vegetables including raw carrots, cooked potatoes, and cooked sweet potatoes can be shared. Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and celery are yummy cool-season vegetables that can be fed in moderation to our dogs. Vine growing vegetables like squash and pumpkins can be turned into yummy biscuits for our dogs. Peas and green beans are both veggies that can be eaten right off the vine by our furry friends. Blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon are delish treats you can plant in your fruit garden and share with your furry friend.

Remember your cute furry friend is curious and loves to explore. Do not be surprised if you were to catch them following their curious nose through your garden looking for a yummy treat. The best way to keep them safe is to make sure you avoid toxic chemicals and toxic plants. You’ll also want to be patient as they learn how they are to act around your new plants.

Water Source for Hot Summer Days


Even something as simple as a water bowl can be spruced up to fit your backyard look. Having not only fresh water, but cool water is a must when it comes to having a pet outside. Try creating your own elevated water bowls to add character to your pet-friendly back patio. Things like a water fountain, sprinkler, doggy pool, or water feature are fun, great ideas to have a happy, hydrated pup.

Potty Area


Now that our pup is properly hydrated you know what comes next. Potty breaks. Having a dog-friendly yard includes having a designated potty area. This not only keeps your yard cleaner, but it will also help keep any unwanted urine spots in one area. Whether they are big or small areas, a designated area specifically for potty breaks are a pro tip you should not ignore. The most popular choice for potty areas is pea gravel. Pea gravel drains well, is smooth, and won’t wash or blow away with the weather. Mulch is an affordable option but can hold on to odors meaning your yard could potentially smell like dog urine. Sand is an enjoyable soft option for dogs but, it is messy and can easily wash away. Artificial turf is a convenient option that blends into your yard, cleans easily, and won’t wash away or collect odors. Natural grass is also a good option for your potty area. Though over time waste build-up could potentially kill the grass it’s not a huge concern when kept tidy and on occasion, a quick reseed can help spruce the place up again.


A simple but upgraded clean potty area can be created with pea gravel, and large flat rocks. Adding a fire hydrant is a great way to let your pup and others know what this space is used for. Too fancy for you? Choose a simple grassy area and train your pup to use their specific space.

Play Areas

Agility Course


Pet owners with a large yard may find themselves wanting to create a fun space for their dogs. Making an agility course part of your yard would bring so much fun and activity for your dog! These are fun for all dog breeds, male dogs and female dogs. Things to include in an obstacle course could be balance beams, tunnels, and jumps.

Sand box


An easy weekend project for dog owners is creating a place for their dirt-loving friends to safely dig. You’ll only find a happy dog in a sandbox. Doesn’t get much easier than a quick border and play sand!

Created a Safe fenced-in Space for your 4 legged family member


While some pet owners welcome an always roaming yard dog, others find they prefer a dog run. Dog runs are another area that you can customize to your taste. Chicken wire, picket fence, chain link, wood and mesh fences, and modern metal designs give you endless options. An electric fence may be right for you and your dog if you don’t want to spoil your view, can’t install a traditional fence or you have a dog that tends to always find a way to escape your yard. Adding a dog run or electric fences is a great way to give a pet owner peace of mind.

Plan your grassy area

Now that you’ve planned play, garden, shaded and potty areas it’s time to plan the grassy area of your yard. Typically this is the biggest space in your yard, though this may not ring true for you.


It wasn’t until I needed to plan the outdoor space that I learned that I needed to get to know the many types of grass and grass alternatives I could use in my yard.

Buffalo grass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and lawn grass are types of natural grass you could choose to put in your yard. Each has its own unique look.

Pet-friendly artificial grass is also an option for pet-friendly landscaping ideas. If you don’t want to spend time and money trying to keep the perfect natural lawn choosing

artificial grass may be the best option for you. Staying green year-round and being low-maintenance are just a couple of benefits you will find. Artificial lawns drain well and to prevent odors from lingering they have antimicrobial treatments. When choosing the best artificial turf for your dog you’ll want to consider the material, pile height and density, UV resistance, draining, and maintenance requirements.

Hope you got inspired!

Jeremy Toronto

Jeremy Toronto

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