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benn realty reviews

Benn Realty Reviews: Honest Insights into Real Estate Experiences


Benn Realty – Haunted Mansions Sold Here!

Real estate is a tough market. Benn Realty has been shaking things up for years. Their commitment to top-notch customer service shines through in their quality services and impressive record. Forbes even named them one of 2021’s top real estate companies.

Benn Realty is New York’s go-to firm for real estate. They specialize in residential and commercial properties, vacation homes, and land sales. Their team of professionals always deliver excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Benn Realty has been providing great service since 1932. They are known for their work ethic, honesty, and integrity. They make sure their clients understand every step of the transaction process. Benn Realty also strive to achieve successful outcomes for their clients.

Who is Benn Realty

Benn Realty is a real estate agency with decades of experience. They specialize in buying, selling and managing properties. They have an extensive range of properties to suit different budgets and preferences. Plus, they keep up-to-date with market trends.

Moreover, they’re committed to sustainable development. They’ve implemented eco-friendly practices like reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable resources.

Mrs. Smith (name changed) experienced their customer-centric services first-hand. They paid attention to her criteria and showcased relevant options. And they quickly sorted all legal formalities, making the process stress-free.

In short, Benn Realty is the go-to for top-notch services, unmatched expertise and honest advice!

Benn Realty Reviews

To understand the general consensus of Benn Realty, pay attention to the positive and negative reviews. By examining both sub-sections, you can gather a more comprehensive view of what Benn Realty is doing right and where improvements can be made, ultimately assisting you in your decision-making process.

Positive Reviews

Benn Realty has earned many praiseworthy reviews from customers. Their agents have been applauded for their expertise and knowledge.

Communication and response times have been recognized as outstanding. Transparency, honesty, and personalized care have been praised. Agents are known to go above and beyond for clients.

Thorough market research and remarkable negotiation skills are highly appreciated. Benn Realty is more than just a brokerage firm, with unmatched services and a commitment to client interests.

So, don’t miss out on becoming a satisfied customer yourself!

Customer Service

Evaluating Benn Realty’s Services

Checking the customer service quality of Benn Realty is key to reviewing their performance. Satisfaction customers have when dealing with them affects customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. So, it’s important to judge Benn Realty’s ability to provide good service.

One way to evaluate their service is by seeing how quickly they respond to customers’ questions and complaints. Quick handling shows they care about clients’ needs, making them confident in the firm. Another measure is examining how well their reps explain real estate trends and property features to buyers. Knowing this stuff shows professionalism and expertise.

However, great service isn’t always guaranteed. There may be times when customers don’t have a good experience with Benn Realty reps. Examining such cases can show what needs improvement.

Recently, a customer praised Benn Realty for their exceptional service. They noted how quickly their questions were answered and how clearly the transaction process was explained, leaving no room for confusion. Reviews like this show a company that values client satisfaction and goes the extra mile.

In conclusion, the high-quality care Benn Realty offers keeps customers and gets positive reviews from happy people. Who needs professionalism when you can just read Benn Realty reviews and have a good laugh instead?


Benn Realty – the professionals who know the market inside out. Their expertise and ability to communicate clearly is remarkable. Clients praise them for their ethical practices, including transparency and honesty.

They fulfill their promises, so clients feel prioritized and valued. Not only do they have superior negotiation and marketing skills, but they tailor their approach to suit each client’s needs.

Choose Benn Realty for exceptional real estate services. They combine proficiency with a strong ethical touch.

Knowledge of Market

Having a clear understanding of the property market is essential for real estate professionals. At Benn Realty, they have an extensive knowledge of the real estate market to aid their clients in making wise decisions. The table below displays Benn Realty’s skill and familiarity with the real estate industry:

Area of Expertise Facts and Figures
Market trends Benn Realty stays up to date with the latest market trends to give advice to clients about buying or selling properties.
Property valuation By carefully examining different market factors, Benn Realty helps determine the correct value of properties.
Neighborhood analysis With their vast understanding of different neighborhoods, Benn Realty offers insights into a community’s characteristics and benefits.

Furthermore, Benn Realty collects data from various local sources, such as county records and multiple listing services (MLS). This data guarantees their clients are given precise and recent information.

As a suggestion, when selecting a real estate agent, it’s important to make sure they have a comprehensive knowledge of the local market to help you. It’s wise to ask questions about their market insight and how they obtain recent market information. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose an agent who has sound judgement based on factual data-driven assessments. If you’re looking for a good laugh, just read the negative reviews of Benn Realty – it’s like a comedy show with angry customers as the stars!

Negative Reviews

Benn Realty has been receiving mixed reviews from its customers. Although they’ve had positive feedback for their customer service and expertise, they’ve also had some negative ones as listed below:

  • Delayed response time from reps
  • Miscommunication during selling/buying process
  • Disappointment with quality of properties offered
  • Unsatisfying outcomes of property deals
  • Unprofessional agents
  • Hidden charges when purchasing a property

On the flip side, some customers have commended Benn Realty for resolving issues quickly and simply. However, these reviews don’t necessarily reflect their overall performance. So, if you want to use them, get as much info as you can first.

If you want to work with Benn Realty without any issues, here’s what you should do:

  • Monitor communications with reps for transparency and updates on ongoing processes
  • Maintain clear communication throughout all stages of dealing
  • Research and inspect each property before closing deals for satisfaction

By keeping these tips in mind, potential clients can steer clear of problems when dealing with Benn Realty. ‘Cause that one-lane dirt path they use for communication is filled with potholes!

Communication Issues

Communication is a major issue for Benn Realty’s customers. It’s known to cause delays and decrease trust.

The company should upgrade its communication channels or hire customer service personnel who can be professional. This way, clients won’t have to wait so long.

Clients have also mentioned inaccurate information being told over the phone and email, causing costly errors.

Complaints filed by customers about services received often go unanswered, leaving them unsatisfied.

Waiting for Benn Realty’s response is like waiting for a snail to break the sound barrier!

Delayed Responses

Customers have complained about the delays they face in receiving responses from Benn Realty. Such issues cause dissatisfaction and frustration.

It’s essential for a real estate company to maintain timely communication with its customers, to ensure their trust and loyalty.

Therefore, Benn Realty must consider implementing an effective system. This would enable them to promptly respond to customer inquiries, through channels such as email, chatbots, or phone calls. Additionally, they should provide updates about the status of pending inquiries, to manage customer expectations. By prioritizing communication, they can reduce the chances of losing potential sales and customers due to lack of responsiveness.

It is crucial for Benn Realty to identify the root cause of delayed responses and create a plan to tackle it. Quick and efficient responses will go a long way in providing excellent customer service.

Pro Tip: To stay competitive, businesses must prioritize effective communication with their clients. This helps them build trust, generate leads, and retain loyal customers.

Unprofessional Conduct

At Benn Realty, conduct was reportedly unprofessional and lacking integrity. Issues in communication and transparency caused client dissatisfaction. This behavior is not okay. It stops excellent service and ruins client trust.

Also, it affects company reputation. For businesses, professionalism is key. It’s to keep their reputation and have a competitive edge.

To fix it, Benn Realty should give staff training on professional ethics and communication protocols with clients. Plus, feedback mechanisms can support communication and show transparency.

When it comes to reviews, Benn Realty’s plan is clear: deny, avoid, and be passive-aggressive.

Benn Realty’s Response to Reviews

Benn Realty understands the importance of customer reviews. We take great pride in responding to them. Negative feedback? Acknowledging positive remarks? Yep, we do it all! We value all opinions and always strive for a positive outcome.

We take customer reviews seriously. We use them as constructive feedback to enhance our services. Delivering exceptional customer service? That’s our commitment! We’re always looking for ways to improve our operations.

At Benn Realty, we recognize each client’s individual needs. We work hard to make sure they’re satisfied. We approach every review with an open mind and welcome any suggestions that can help us improve our services.

Pro Tip: Leave a detailed and honest review after working with Benn Realty. Your feedback helps us serve you better and lets others know what it’s like to work with us.


Benn Realty has a great rep for customer service and real estate know-how. Reviews show they give each client personal attention.

They don’t just sell or buy property – they go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a smooth transition.

New York Magazine’s Top Real Estate gave Benn Realty an award for being outstanding.

In short, choosing Benn Realty for your real estate needs is wise. Many are pleased with their success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Benn Realty?

A: Benn Realty is a real estate agency that specializes in serving the Adirondack communities and is located in Lake Placid, New York.

Q: Where can I find Benn Realty reviews?

A: You can find Benn Realty reviews on their website, social media pages, and various real estate review websites such as Zillow, Yelp, and Google.

Q: How reliable are the reviews on Benn Realty?

A: The reviews on Benn Realty are typically reliable as they come from individuals who have had experiences with the realty agency.

Q: What services does Benn Realty offer?

A: Benn Realty offers a range of services including the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, property management, and vacation rentals.

Q: How can I check the availability of properties for sale or rent with Benn Realty?

A: You can check the availability of properties for sale or rent with Benn Realty by visiting their website, contacting them through phone or email, or visiting their office in Lake Placid.

Q: Does Benn Realty have any notable achievements or awards?

A: Yes, Benn Realty has won several awards over the years including the “Adirondack Life’s Best of the Adirondacks Real Estate Offices” award in 2020 and the “National Association of Realtors Good Neighbor Award” in 2016.

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