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Great Blue Spot Home Loans Review: Evaluating its Loan Services and Customer Reviews

Numerous mortgage brokers are vying for your valuable business, and among them is Blue Spot Home Loans (BSHP). Comprised of experienced experts, the team at Blue Spot Home Loans delivers cutting-edge services to borrowers, equipped with a solid understanding of current market trends and competitive lender fees.


With Blue Spot’s professional assistance, the entire application process becomes simplified from start to finish, thanks to their user-friendly digital mortgage application. Rest assured, their team has everything under control, ensuring you stay informed about the progress of your loan, granting you peace of mind.


Throughout the home loan journey, as well as during refinancing endeavors, Blue Spot’s team of proficient loan officers is at your service, ensuring a smooth and prompt process without any setbacks. They present attractive financing options that cater to your needs.

Did You Know they are a Division of Cherry Creek Mortgage?

While they are headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, they don’t have physical branches for in-person visits. With nearly 200 customer reviews, they have received an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5. It’s important to note that they are salaried and not mandated, meaning you shouldn’t attempt to obtain a loan from them.


According to their website, BSHP is currently available only in California, Colorado, and Texas, and they do not operate in 20 other states. As a digital lender, they strive to provide a streamlined experience for borrowers. The company emphasizes competitive rates, and they continuously seek tools and resources to enhance the mortgage process. Blue Spot Home Loans aims to offer favorable financing options and analyze loan programs to provide a high-quality mortgage rate.


BSHP caters to various mortgage needs, including year-to-year fixed rates, variable rates, home equity lines of credit, and investment properties. Their competitive advantage lies in their commitment to understanding their clients’ needs and delivering exceptional service. Building long-term relationships with their customers is a top priority for Blue Spot Home Loans. They achieve this by offering superior customer service, competitive pricing, and professional advice that aligns with their clients’ goals.


To facilitate the application process, they provide a quick online application through In just a few minutes, you can access a printable personal loan summary directly from your computer. Additionally, you have the option to request an instant call back through their website. Blue Spot Home Loans has established itself as a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer mortgage lending industry, offering nationally competitive interest rates and low closing costs.


Blue Spot Loans has a convenient presence across the United States, allowing borrowers to easily compare rates from multiple lenders and find the best deal in the market. With offices located throughout the country, it offers a hassle-free way to shop around and explore various options.


At, valuable borrower time is saved through a pre-filled Blue Spot Home Loan application form, completed by the Blue Spot Loan officer with personal and financial details. You simply need to verify the accuracy of the information.


Blue Spot Loans provides a completely online experience, eliminating the need for paperwork, faxes, and phone calls. Instead, secure email communication is utilized to expedite the process and make it easier for clients.

Company Overview

Based in Denver, CO, Blue Spot Home Loans specializes in online lending solutions for borrowers with credit scores below 640. As a trusted online mortgage company with over 10 years of industry experience, they offer a comprehensive suite of services, committed to delivering fast and effective results. Their business solutions cover mortgage loans (P&I, HELOC), residential lending, commercial lending, and rural housing loans.


Blue Spot Home Loans caters to various needs, offering purchase loans, refinance loans, and second mortgages. They provide a wide range of loan products, including conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, and reverse mortgages.


Moreover, Blue Spot works with self-employed individuals, providing special lending solutions and competitive rates for those seeking mortgages.


They offer consumers multiple loan options to match their unique financing scenarios and fulfill their specific needs, all with competitive rates and affordable payments.


Blue Spot Home Loans collaborates directly with real estate agents, home builders, and developers nationwide, facilitating both purchase and refinance loans for borrowers in need.

Unique Features of Blue Spot Home Loans

Special Rates for Self-Employed Individuals

Assistance for Customers with Imperfect Credit or Higher Loan Amounts

  • Works with customers who have less than perfect credit or need larger loans, like jumbo mortgages.

Direct Lender with Various Loan Options

  • Direct lending services with different loan choices available:
  • – Fixed-rate loans
  • – Adjustable-rate loans
  • – ARM loans
  • Note: FHA loans are not available at the moment, but VA loans are offered.

Homeowner Refinance Programs

  • Discover homeowner refinance programs offered by Blue Spot Home Loans:
  • – USDA Rural Development
  • – Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
  • – Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • – Rural Housing Service (USDA RD)
  • – Predatory lending avoidance counseling by the CFPB

In-House Underwriting for Quick Approvals

  • Efficient loan process handled entirely in-house:
  • – Approval of loans within the same day
  • – Provides a sense of security knowing the team working on your case


Why You Should Talk with a Blue Spot Loan Officer Today

Perfect for Borrowers Who Can’t Qualify for Conventional Loans

When it comes to borrowers who can’t qualify for loans from big banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America, Blue Spot is here to help.

Great for Borrowers Seeking Low Down Payment Options

If you’re looking for loans with low down payment options, Blue Spot offers solutions that may be just what you need.

Opportunity for Borrowers with Less Than Perfect Credit

Whether you have less-than-perfect credit or are in need of a second chance at financing, Blue Spot understands and can assist you.

Mortgage Loan Products Tailored to Your Needs

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

  • Offers stability with a fixed interest rate throughout the loan term

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

  • Choose from popular options:
  • – 5/1 ARMs: Fixed interest rate for the first five years, then adjusts annually
  • – 7/1 ARMs: Adjusts annually every July 1st (the 7th month)

Government-Backed Zero-Down Payment Options

  • Special financing solutions for those experiencing foreclosure or bankruptcy

FHA Income-Qualified Loans

  • Loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for income-qualified borrowers

100% Financing Programs

  • Available for customers with good credit scores and stable incomes

At Blue Spot Home Loans, we provide more than just competitive prices on conventional mortgages. We offer exceptional service throughout the entire process, guiding you every step of the way.

The duration of your loan depends on the type you choose, ranging from 15 to 30 years. Most homeowners opt for fixed-rate mortgages with terms of 10 to 15 years due to their lower risk, allowing for better financial planning.

What Customers Say About Blue Spot Home Loans

A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

Factors Contributing to the Excellent Rating

  • Blue Spot Home Loans responds promptly to customer complaints.
  • No unresolved issues or negative feedback is found regarding their business practices.
  • There are no registered debts against the company in public records.

Positive Reviews on Yelp

  • Blue Spot Home Loans has received a 5/5 star rating on Yelp.

Customers have shared their positive experiences with Blue Spot Home Loans. They appreciate the company’s excellent customer service and fast approval processing. Many customers mention the great interest rates offered for equity line of credit loans, especially for those seeking debt consolidation assistance in Boise, ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get approved for a mortgage?

A: The time for approval varies based on your situation. In many cases, customers receive preapproval within 24 hours of applying online or by phone. The entire loan application process may take up to 90 days, depending on factors such as equity and your specific financial situation.

Q: How long does it take to close on a mortgage?

A: Closing on a mortgage and finalizing the home purchase can take up to 90 days. However, Blue Spot Home Loans aims to expedite the process through its streamlined online application system. If you choose the traditional loan application route, it generally takes 30-60 days to complete the closing process and receive financing once everything is approved.

Q: Can I apply for financing with bad credit?

A: Yes, you can still apply for financing even if you have bad credit. While many lenders typically avoid working with individuals with poor credit, Blue Spot Home Loans is willing to assist customers with various financial backgrounds. They welcome applicants with good, fair, or poor credit histories, as long as they have a steady income and at least 20% equity in their homes.

Q: How do I start the mortgage process?

A: To begin the mortgage process, simply fill out the short online application form available on the Blue Spot Home Loans website. The step-by-step questionnaire asks for information about your income, employment status, credit history, and current home equity situation. This helps the company assess your qualifications and determine the loan program that best suits your needs. The questionnaires are designed to be simple and straightforward while providing all the necessary information.

Q: What happens if I can’t repay my loan?

A: If your financial circumstances change before the closing day and you are unable to make payments on time and in full, there is a chance that your loan might be modified instead of canceled. In such cases, the lender typically makes minor adjustments to certain terms, such as the interest rate or the total number of payments, to help you manage your loan payments more effectively.

Q: Can I cancel my loan agreement once I sign?

A: Loan agreements signed with companies like Blue Spot Home Loans are typically non-cancelable by law. Once you have signed the contract and made it binding, canceling the agreement becomes challenging as the company is legally obliged to honor the terms and conditions.

Contact Information

Blue Spot Home Loans company website:

Location: 7600 E Orchard Rd, Suite 250N Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Phone: 800-976-5608

Pros of Choosing Blue Spot Home Loans

Reasons to Consider This Program

  • Great interest rates that may be lower than what you currently pay
  • No need for stellar credit or a perfect credit history
  • Flexible terms and conditions, including customizable payment options


Considerations to Keep in Mind

  • Ongoing fee for holding your mortgage
  • Income is not considered when qualifying for a loan


Blue Spot Home Loans understands the importance of mortgages in various aspects of life. Whether you need a loan for a home, car, education, business, or retirement, they have options to suit your needs.

If you’re in the market for a home loan, consider Blue Spot as one of your top choices. They provide excellent customer service and a streamlined mortgage process. The company’s professional website and BBB backing inspire trust. Blue Spot is a reputable online lending and mortgage company worth exploring. With their standout features and positive reputation, it’s clear why Blue Spot is considered one of the best.

Blue Spot Home Loans recognizes that every borrower is unique and will assist you in finding the right loan program, whether it’s for a purchase, refinancing, or investment property.

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