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 cashcall mortgage reviews

CashCall Mortgage Reviews: Unveiling Honest Feedback and Experiences


CashCall Mortgage is a popular lender. Customer reviews are important when judging the quality of services provided by any service provider – CashCall Mortgage included. To understand if CashCall Mortgage is right for you, it’s best to read reviews from previous customers.

Multiple reviews suggest CashCall Mortgage offers competitive rates with minimal upfront costs. Plus, their pre-qualification process is straightforward and easy to use. However, delays in closing loans have been reported.

It’s wise to research before choosing a mortgage lender. Check online resources for information about CashCall Mortgage Services, and see if you can find recommendations. Additionally, speak to former clients or friends who have used the company.

Overall, it’s important to look into the lender’s expertise, rates, and fees. This will help you pick the right lender for your needs without any issues when applying for loans. Before researching CashCall Mortgage, just remember – they know all about your financial history!

Background of CashCall Mortgage

CashCall Mortgage is a direct-to-consumer lender offering conventional and government-backed loans. They have a streamlined loan process, quick funding periods, and competitive interest rates. With their customer-centric approach, CashCall Mortgage provides personalized solutions that meet the needs of modern homebuyers. Plus, their proprietary software eliminates tedious paperwork and long processing times. Automated underwriting can even provide initial lending decisions in minutes!

But don’t forget to compare multiple lenders before committing. Shop around to find the best deal for your specific situation. If you want a mortgage lender that won’t leave you feeling cash-strapped, check out CashCall Mortgage Reviews. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse!

CashCall Mortgage Reviews

To help you make an informed decision about CashCall Mortgage, this section provides you with an overview of customer experiences with the company. Discover what other customers think about CashCall’s customer service, interest rates, loan application process, online services, and BBB ratings and reviews.

Customer Service Reviews

When it comes to CashCall Mortgage’s customer service, here are a few things to consider:

  • Many customers have praised the company for their helpful reps.
  • Others have said they waited too long on hold or didn’t get a response.
  • It seems customer service varies from case to case.

Plus, CashCall Mortgage offers online resources such as FAQs and loan calculators. But remember, these may not answer all your questions.

It’s beneficial to research reviews and do your due diligence before making any final decisions. Your financial future might depend on it! These reviews of CashCall Mortgage might make you think twice about taking a financial risk.

Interest Rates Reviews

Customers are happy with CashCall Mortgage’s interest rates. They say rates vary depending on credit score and loan amount. Many report competitive rates that save money.

Also, CashCall Mortgage is praised for being transparent about rates. Their online tools provide real-time info.

Not all reviews are positive. Some customers felt their rates weren’t as good as expected. Fees or prepayment penalties may be the reason.

One customer was disappointed with their rate, but CashCall worked with them to lower it. This shows CashCall values customer satisfaction.

Loan Application Process Reviews

The process of applying for a loan with CashCall Mortgage has been reviewed and analyzed. People have given positive feedback for its user-friendly and straightforward approach. Detailed information about loan amount, repayment options, and interest rates is provided. This allows applicants to make informed choices.

Applicants have praised CashCall Mortgage’s customer service. Representatives are professional, knowledgeable, and fast in their responses. All queries and concerns are addressed promptly, making the experience stress-free.

Proof of income and other financial documents must be provided for the application process. But CashCall Mortgage doesn’t require extra paperwork or credit scores that could stop someone from getting a loan.

CashCall Mortgage is known for approving loans even if the borrower has a challenging history. They believe everyone deserves fair consideration, and each case is assessed individually.

Overall, CashCall Mortgage’s Loan Application Process has gotten positive reviews from many happy customers through the years. Their services are transparent and of high quality. Online reviews are like blind dates – but with CashCall Mortgage, it’s a match made in heaven.

Online Reviews

CashCall Mortgage reviews provide insight into the quality of their products and services. Former and current customers have shared their experiences. Here’s a look at what they say:

  • Many rave about the online application process, citing its speed and efficiency.
  • Others express dissatisfaction with customer service, such as long wait times or unhelpful representatives.
  • Some point out high interest rates and hidden fees as drawbacks.

When making a decision, it’s important to consider different reviews. A negative review doesn’t mean the company isn’t right for you. Get informed by researching online reviews before choosing a mortgage lender. BBB ratings are like Tinder bios – don’t rely on them solely but they’re still worth considering.

BBB Ratings and Reviews

Examining CashCall Mortgage? Let’s take a look at BBB Ratings and Reviews. They give an A+ rating, suggesting the company is trustworthy. Plus, reviews from customers who’ve used them provide insight.

Consumers can check for things such as responsiveness to complaints, timeliness of service, and customer service post-delivery. It’s wise to explore different angles when picking a financial partner. However, scrutinizing these evaluations is necessary to avoid surprises.

Before a partnership agreement, assess an organization’s reputation. It’s tedious, but it’ll save stress if bad experiences arise. Get informed today by consulting reliable sources like BBB Ratings and Reviews. Don’t overlook essential details!

Making a choice about your mortgage lender? It’s like playing Russian roulette with your finances, but with better odds.

Pros and Cons of CashCall Mortgage

To understand the pros and cons of CashCall Mortgage, delve into the following sub-sections. The Benefits of CashCall Mortgage will cover the advantages of using this service while The Drawbacks of CashCall Mortgage will explore the potential limitations and risks associated with it.

Pros of CashCall Mortgage

CashCall Mortgage is a great pick for those buying a home! It has many advantages:

  • Low Interest Rates: CashCall Mortgage has competitive rates, helping you save more on interest.
  • Easy Application and Approval: Applying with CashCall is simple. Plus, approval is quicker than with other mortgage options.
  • No Closing Cost Loans: No closing costs upfront with CashCall Mortgage saves you money in the long run.

CashCall also provides tailored solutions for different financial conditions. Get the right mortgage for you and save big!

If you need competitive interest rates fast, CashCall Mortgage is the way to go.

Think of CashCall Mortgage as diving into a pool without checking the depth. Except, the pool is your finances and the depth is the interest rate.

Cons of CashCall Mortgage

CashCall Mortgage: The Downsides.

Lower interest rates and quick approvals seem like a great deal, however, it also has its disadvantages. Such as:

  • Prepayment penalties – if you pay off your loan early you may have to pay a fee.
  • Limited geographic coverage – CashCall Mortgage operates in select states e.g. California, Arizona, and Texas.
  • Higher closing costs – customers have complained that the closing costs are higher than other lenders.

You should consider if these downsides will affect you before applying for the loan. For example, if you live in one of those select states and don’t plan on moving soon, CashCall Mortgage might be convenient.

A homeowner from Texas wanted to get the low-interest rate advertised by CashCall Mortgage. But after receiving his good-faith estimate with higher-than-expected closing costs, he chose another lender.

CashCall Mortgage could have its benefits and drawbacks, but at least you won’t have to worry about your money vanishing like a bad mystery novel.


CashCall Mortgage reviews show excellent customer service and competitive fixed-rate mortgages. Borrowers also say the application process is quick and simple. CashCall can help with refinancing or consolidating debt. Interestingly, CashCall mortgage rates can be lower than other lenders – NerdWallet says so!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CashCall Mortgage?

CashCall Mortgage is a lending company that provides home loans and refinancing options to customers. They offer a variety of loan programs and work with borrowers to find the best solution for their financial needs.

Are CashCall Mortgage reviews reliable?

Yes, CashCall Mortgage reviews are a good source of information about the company and its services. They come from real customers who have worked with CashCall Mortgage, so they provide valuable insights into the lending process and customer experience.

What types of loan programs does CashCall Mortgage offer?

CashCall Mortgage offers a variety of loan programs, including fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, FHA loans, and VA loans. Customers can choose the option that best suits their financial situation and long-term goals.

How does refinancing with CashCall Mortgage work?

Refinancing with CashCall Mortgage involves taking out a new loan to replace your existing mortgage. This can help you to lower your monthly payments, reduce your overall interest costs, or tap into your home equity. CashCall Mortgage offers several refinancing options to help customers achieve their financial goals.

What is the process for applying for a loan with CashCall Mortgage?

The process for applying for a loan with CashCall Mortgage involves filling out an online application and providing documentation to verify your income, assets, and credit history. A loan officer will then work with you to evaluate your financial situation and find the best loan program for your needs.

Does CashCall Mortgage offer customer support?

Yes, CashCall Mortgage offers customer support to help customers with questions or concerns related to their loan application or servicing. Customers can contact the support team by phone, email, or online chat.

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