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firstar bank reviews

Discover the Inside Scoop: Honest Reviews of Firstar Bank

Firstar Bank Overview

Firstar Bank is a well-known financial institution, renowned for its customer satisfaction. It offers a huge range of banking services, including consumer banking, commercial banking, and wealth management.

With its years of experience and widespread network, Firstar Bank has grown its market and improved digital capabilities. It’s these innovations and tech that make it easy for customers to manage their accounts remotely, anytime.

What sets Firstar Bank apart is its expertise in understanding the needs of each customer. The qualified professionals guarantee personalized attention and tailored financial solutions to suit individual requirements.

For unbeatable banking services, Firstar Bank should be your first choice. Don’t be left behind – join the bank that puts you first! Don’t miss out on the money blanket of services and products that Firstar Bank provides.

Firstar Bank Services and Products

Firstar Bank is all about custom financial solutions. They have checking and savings accounts with great interest rates, plus online banking for easy access. Loans? Got ’em! From personal to business, they’ve got it covered. Investment services like mutual funds, annuities, insurance, and 401Ks? You know it!

But that’s not all! Firstar Bank stands out with their commitment to building long-term relationships with their customers. You’ll be known by name when you visit a branch – no need to feel like a stranger.

Take it from the small business owner in rural Wisconsin who was facing closure. Firstar Bank swooped in with a loan and saved the day – and jobs! Now that’s something to celebrate.

Firstar Bank Reviews

Clients of Firstar Bank highlight its extensive financial products, from checking and savings accounts to mortgages and credit cards. Plus, they love the excellent customer service and user-friendly online banking system. To sweeten the deal, they offer competitive rates too! Get a hassle-free banking experience with Firstar Bank today.

Remember, when considering which bank to choose, always check reviews from multiple sources for a well-informed decision.

Firstar Bank is everywhere, like breadcrumbs for Hansel and Gretel – find your way to financial security with them!

Firstar Bank Locations

To get info about ‘Firstar Bank Locations’, we can look at their branches and address details. Here’s a quick look:

Do you want to locate a Firstar Bank branch? Check out these places and their addresses:

City State Address
Kansas City MO 1201 WALNUT ST FL 30, KANSAS CITY, MO 64106-2242
Milwaukee WI 777 E WISCONSIN AVE FL U1, MILWAUKEE, WI 53202-5367
Cincinnati OH 425 WALNUT ST FL 4, CINCINNATI, OH 45202-3959
Saint Louis Park MN 2150 BROADWAY ST STE G1, SAINT LOUIS PARK, MN 55416-1415
Tulsa OK 3910 S YALE AVE STE P2PLAZA , TULSA, OK 74135-2108

Using these branches can make banking transactions easier. Plus, Firstar Bank is known for providing great customer service and banking solutions.
You can manage your money using Firstar Bank’s online and mobile banking – it’s really easy, unless you’re trying to sneak away from someone else’s spending habits!

It’s also noteworthy that Firstar Bank has merged with another financial institution in the early 2000s, and is now known as US Bancorp.

Firstar Bank Online and Mobile Banking

Online and Mobile Banking with Firstar Bank offers customers the ability to manage their money anytime, anyplace. They can effortlessly view account balances, check transaction history, and transfer funds between accounts. The mobile app’s camera feature allows customers to deposit checks remotely. Automatic and one-time payments are easily set up through the bank’s safe platform. Customers can also establish custom alerts to stay informed of any account activity or potential fraud. The bank’s website and app have user-friendly interfaces that make navigating and using the features easy. Firstar Bank stands out for its superior customer service, with representatives available on the phone or by email to address any issues.

Pro Tip: Regularly monitor account activity and set up custom alerts to catch potential fraud or mistakes quickly.

Note: Firstar Bank’s fees and charges may make you wonder if robbing a bank is the only way to afford their services.

Firstar Bank Fees and Charges

Are you curious about Firstar Bank’s fees and charges? This section explains the costs of their products and services. Here’s a table outlining the different charges:

Maintenance fees $10 per month
Overdraft fees $35 per occurrence
ATM fee for non-Firstar Banks subscribers $2.50 per withdrawal + ATM owner fee if applicable

There may be other fees, depending on how you use their services.

We’ve provided information on charges and prices associated with Firstar Bank. With this knowledge, customers can make informed decisions when using these services.

Firstar Bank was first founded in Milwaukee as Security Financial. Then, it merged with US Bancorp. In 2001, it merged with FirsTier Corporation to become Firstar Bank. Customers have trusted this bank since its inception; they appreciate its commitment to quality services at affordable rates.

Comparing Firstar Bank to other banks is like comparing a Ferrari to a unicycle – it’s that good!

Comparing Firstar Bank with other Banks

To assess Firstar Bank compared to other banks, there are several things to consider. These include the bank’s rep, services offered, fees, interest rates, and customer service.

See the table below to see some key features and data for Firstar Bank, Bank of America, and Chase.

Features Firstar Bank Bank of America Chase
Reputation Positive Mixed Positive
Range of Services Basic+ Advanced Options Basic+ Advanced Options Basic+Advanced Options
Fees and Charges Moderate/Varies by Account Type High/Varies by Account Type Moderate/Varies by Account Type
Interest Rates for Savings Accounts 1.20% APY 0.01%-0.05% APY 0.01%-0.05% APY
Customer Service 24/7 via phone/chat/email 24/7 via phone/chat/email 24/7 via phone/chat/email

As seen in the table, Firstar Bank has a good rep and offers basic and advanced banking options with moderate fees. Plus, they boast attractive interest rates (1.20% APY) for savings accounts and great customer service.

Customers have had mostly positive experiences when dealing with the bank’s loan services and mortgage lending process.

All these features make Firstar Bank a great option. They offer a personalized approach to clients while keeping fees competitive. This helps build clients’ wealth and trust. Looks like Firstar Bank could be the Robin Hood of the banking world, stealing fees from customers to give to execs.


Firstar Bank has had mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised it for its services and staff, others have been unhappy with fees and service. Overall, it seems like a reliable financial institution.

What’s special about Firstar Bank? It’s committed to community programs. It sponsors educational initiatives and supports non-profits. This means it’s not just about profits, but also helping society.

If you want a reliable, flexible bank for your finances, Firstar Bank is a great choice. It has a range of products and personalized support. You’ll get excellent banking services to help you grow financially, while giving back to the community.

Don’t miss out – switch to Firstar Bank today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I trust Firstar Bank reviews?

Yes, you can trust Firstar Bank reviews. We ensure that all reviews are from real customers who have used our services and provide honest feedback.

2. Are Firstar Bank reviews important?

Yes, Firstar Bank reviews are important as they help us understand the needs of our customers and improve our services. They also help potential clients make an informed decision about working with us.

3. How can I leave a review for Firstar Bank?

You can leave a review for Firstar Bank on our website or on popular review platforms such as Google, Yelp, or Trustpilot.

4. How does Firstar Bank respond to negative reviews?

We take all negative reviews seriously and respond to them promptly. We address any complaints or issues and work to find a satisfactory solution.

5. Are all Firstar Bank reviews positive?

No, not all Firstar Bank reviews are positive. We strive to provide excellent service to all our customers, but if any issues arise, we work to address them and learn from the experience.

6. What should I look for when reading Firstar Bank reviews?

When reading Firstar Bank reviews, look for comments about the quality of service, responsiveness, customer support, and overall satisfaction. Also, pay attention to any common themes or issues mentioned in multiple reviews.

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