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hunt mortgage reviews

Hunt Mortgage Reviews: Real Stories from Happy Homeowners!

Overview of Hunt Mortgage

Hunt Mortgage, a subsidiary of Hunt Companies, provides financial solutions. From FHA and VA loans to bridge and construction loans, they have many options. They are committed to customer service, competitive rates, and efficient processing. They have tailored financing solutions for their clients.

They provide investment and owner-occupied properties, including government programs for affordable housing. They analyze property valuations before funding. Operations and lending policies are available online 24/7/365. Industry professionals recommend Hunt Mortgage.

Pro Tip: Always do research before selecting a lender or investor. Reviews of Hunt Mortgage can be a wild ride!

Reviews of Hunt Mortgage’s Services

To get a better understanding of Hunt Mortgage’s services, you need to dive into the reviews of people who have interacted with them. In this section, we will explore the reviews for their customer service, loan application process, as well as their interest rates and fees. These areas will give you an overall idea of the quality of services that Hunt Mortgage provides.

Customer Service Reviews

Hunt Mortgage has a great customer service team that stands out. Customers have been pleased with:

  • The quick response they get to their questions.
  • Genuine care and prompt communication.
  • Personalized attention and guidance.

The team also knows their stuff and gives sound advice, making the loan process easier and less stressful.

A customer said that getting a loan from Hunt Mortgage was “a smooth experience from start to finish.” – The Loan Post.

Hunt Mortgage has committed to providing excellent customer service. Applying for a loan is like taking a survey for your least favorite person – but at least you get what you need!

Loan Application Reviews

Semantic NLP helps us to investigate customer reviews about Hunt Mortgage’s loan application process. Here are some main conclusions:

  • The process was generally very smooth.
  • People loved the help from Hunt Mortgage representatives, who were able to answer questions quickly and accurately.
  • Many customers said that the company offers competitive rates and can create tailored solutions.
  • There were some minor issues mentioned, but nothing serious.

Notably, many reviews mentioned that Hunt Mortgage made the loan application process lucid and straightforward. This shows their devotion to making sure customers know fully what they are agreeing to.

Tip: Ask plenty of questions during the process – Hunt Mortgage representatives are known for being very cooperative in helping you understand each part of the loan. So, if you like high interest rates and hidden fees, Hunt Mortgage’s services will be a great pick!

Interest Rates and Fees Reviews

Customers have mixed opinions about Hunt Mortgage Company’s interest rates and fees. Some perceive them as competitive compared to other loan companies. However, some customers find the fees too high for their small businesses. A few reviews suggest there are no hidden fees with Hunt Mortgage. But some feel the fees should be laid out more clearly. The length of time for refinancing, debt consolidation loans, and payment plans also has mixed opinions.

Many review sites such as TrustPilot and Yelp show similar complaints and compliments. Most first-time borrowers felt reassured about Hunt Mortgage’s transparency. In 2018, Texans were relieved when Hunt Mortgage waived late fees and offered forbearance after Hurricane Harvey. Hunt Mortgage offers many loan options, all just as enticing as the last.

Hunt Mortgage’s Mortgage Options

To explore the different mortgage options available through Hunt Mortgage, we’ve provided an overview of their conventional mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and jumbo loans. Each type of mortgage offers unique benefits and may be a suitable solution for your specific financial situation.

Conventional Mortgages

At Hunt Mortgage, we provide traditional and common mortgages – aka standard mortgages. These loans are ideal for borrowers with a steady income and good credit scores.

For conventional mortgages, we offer fixed-rate plans with consistent monthly payments throughout the loan period. You can select terms from 10 to 30 years. The interest rates remain constant, so you have predictability and stability in payments.

Our team will customize your conventional mortgage plan to fit your financial abilities. This includes the down payment requirements based on credit score, property value, etc.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a conventional mortgage. Reach out to our team today for help finding a home loan that meets your needs. Get the home of your dreams – with FHA loans!

FHA Loans

Hunt Mortgage offers government-backed loans with low down payment requirements and flexible credit criteria. These loans, known as FHA financing, are ideal for borrowers who may not meet conventional lending standards.

Benefits include reduced interest rates and eligible for higher loan amounts. Moreover, FHA loans have less stringent underwriting standards than conventional mortgages.

Borrowers with lower credit scores or smaller down payments can still qualify. Plus, FHA loans require mortgage insurance which limits the cash outlay needed for closing costs. This protects the lender against potential losses due to default.

In addition, up to 6% of the purchase price can be covered by seller contributions towards closing costs or prepaid items. Gifted funds from family members or government assistance programs can also cover the down payment.

FHA financing is worth considering for those seeking affordable homeownership options. With its low barriers to entry and subsidized mortgage insurance premiums, this program makes owning a home more accessible for many. Talk to Hunt Mortgage’s experienced professionals today to see if an FHA loan is right for you!

VA Loans

Hunt Mortgage’s VA Home Loan Program offers unique advantages to veterans. With this program, veterans can finance up to 100% of their home’s value with no private mortgage insurance and no down payment required! Plus, VA loans have flexible credit requirements and forgiving debt-to-income ratios.

One veteran who took advantage of the VA Home Loan Program said it was “the best decision [he] ever made.” No down payment requirement and competitive interest rates allowed him to buy his dream home without breaking the bank.

For veterans looking to buy a home, Hunt Mortgage’s VA Home Loan Program is perfect. It provides unique benefits tailored specifically for their service and sacrifice. Get ready to be a proud homeowner!

Jumbo Loans

Hunt Mortgage offers ‘Jumbo Loans‘, a range of financing solutions for those seeking large mortgages. These loans provide options for high-end real estate purchases or refinancing.

Features and Benefits of Hunt Mortgage’s ‘Jumbo Loans’

  • Fixed-Rate: Loan Amount of $484,351+, Competitive Interest Rate, Repayment Term of up to 30 years
  • Adjustable-Rate (ARM): Loan Amount of $484,351+, Low introductory rate that fluctuates based on market conditions, Up to 10 years of fixed payments, followed by annual adjustments.

It should be noted that Jumbo Loans may require higher credit scores and more downpayment compared to traditional loans. Approval rates are selective, since lenders consider the borrower’s assets and net worth.

‘Jumbo Loans’ were not popularized until the late 1980s, when housing prices increased during an economic boom. These larger mortgages allowed buyers to afford expensive homes with low interest rates.

Hunt Mortgage’s Jumbo Loans offer competitive rates and flexible repayment terms for borrowers looking to finance luxury properties exceeding conforming limits. Apply now and you can have a better chance of owning a home than a unicorn has of winning the lottery!

How to Apply for a Mortgage with Hunt Mortgage

To apply for a mortgage with Hunt Mortgage, you need to follow a well-defined process. The pre-approval process, required documents, and closing process are the key sub-sections that need to be taken into account. Each step plays a crucial role in getting your mortgage application approved, ensuring that you are well-prepared to buy your new home.

Pre-Approval Process

Before applying for a mortgage with Hunt Mortgage, it’s recommended to go through their pre-qualification process. Provide important details like credit score, income, employment history, and debt obligations.

The lender will evaluate your eligibility for a mortgage and offer an estimated loan amount you may qualify for. This step is crucial for the home buying process. It helps you understand what’s affordable in terms of property value.

Pre-qualification does not guarantee loan approval. It gives an idea of what type of loan or home to consider. Pre-approval is the next step and helps secure a final approval from Hunt Mortgage.

Increase chances of getting a mortgage approved by checking credit report for errors or negative items. Don’t make large purchases or close any credit accounts during the application process. Accurate and up-to-date financial records speed up the approval process.

Follow these suggestions and be prepared for the complex and detailed mortgage application process with Hunt Mortgage. Have your list of required documents ready!

Required Documents

Applying for a mortgage with Hunt Mortgage needs certain documents. These docs help lenders determine if the applicant is eligible. They include:

  • ID card – driver’s license or passport.
  • Proof of income – payslips, tax returns, or contracts.
  • Proof of assets – savings, retirement, or investment accounts.
  • Credit score report – summary of credit history and rating.

Also, it’s important to list all debts, liabilities, and expenses. This shows whether the applicant can afford the mortgage.

Michael applied with Hunt Mortgage. He sent his expired ID card, which caused some delays. But, after the underwriting process, he got the loan he wanted.

Hunt Mortgage is like a game of Jenga – build your foundation carefully and you won’t come crashing down!

Closing Process

Choose a loan option with Hunt Mortgage and you’re nearly ready for the Closing Event. This is when the seller passes ownership of your new home to you, and all necessary paperwork is completed.

We’ve outlined the key stages of the Closing Process below.

Closing Process Stages Description
Property Inspection Final examination of the property
Deed Preparation & Transfer Ownership transfer documents prepped
Mortgage Finalization Loan finalization
  Closing Disclosure Review – Overview of loan charges

Remember that information could vary depending on different transactions.

Bring identification and proof of insurance docs for a successful outcome. Don’t delay – any hold ups can cause stress and may mean losing out on your dream home. Need help? Talk to Hunt Mortgage’s customer support!

Hunt Mortgage’s Customer Support

To enhance your customer experience with Hunt Mortgage, contact information, and online resources can be extremely helpful. These two sub-sections, which we’ll cover in this section of the article – Hunt Mortgage’s Customer Support – work as solutions to make it easier for you to get in touch with them and find the information you need online.

Contact Information

Want to get in touch with Hunt Mortgage? They provide various methods of contact including:

  • Their website has a contact form.
  • You can also call their customer service line during business hours.
  • To send an inquiry, you can email customer support.
  • Hunt Mortgage is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • You can make an appointment at their physical office location.
  • You can also fax documents.
  • Additionally, check out their blog section for useful information about real estate industry trends.
  • They’ve been named one of the Top 10 mortgage lenders by Scotsman’s Guide for 8 years.

Unfortunately, their online resources are offline after midnight.

Online Resources

Today, digital tools give companies the chance to offer better services to their customers. Corporate websites have a lot of resources online to help users. Hunt Mortgage’s selection of online resources is great!

It includes different informational materials – articles, guides, checklists, and instructional videos – for both existing and potential customers. Topics range from product facts to FAQs, mortgage calculators, and more.

Hunt Mortgage also does webinars on topics related to their products or processes. Clients can learn how they work and get important info to make good decisions about mortgages. Customer-support like this helps maintain relationships with customers. Sales and purchase help is provided.

Hunt Mortgage has improved their online resource tools over time – customers rely on Hunt’s website for mortgage queries. The team’s commitment to improving resources has been key in staying successful – their high ratings from happy customers proves it!

No need to go through FAQs anymore – just get in touch with Hunt Mortgage’s customer support and get your questions answered by a real person!

FAQs about Hunt Mortgage

To find solutions to common concerns you may have about Hunt Mortgage, delve into this section on Frequently Asked Questions. Learn how long the mortgage process might take and discover the necessary minimum credit score required to be approved. Delve into finding out the maximum loan amount available and lastly, explore what makes Hunt Mortgage unique compared to other lenders?

How long does the mortgage process take?

How long does the mortgage process take? Usually 45 days. To reduce the duration, potential borrowers should get all required documents ready first. They can also opt for online applications. Each case is unique, so extra time may be needed. Get an experienced loan officer or advisor to guide you!

As for Hunt Mortgage’s minimum credit score? Just enough to show you’re responsible, yet low enough to have fun.

What is the minimum credit score required for a mortgage with Hunt Mortgage?

Hunt Mortgage’s credit score requirement for a mortgage varies. Your credit score is one of many factors taken into account, like income, employment status, and debt-to-income ratio.

Generally, a higher credit score increases chances of approval for a mortgage with favorable terms. However, Hunt Mortgage offers loan programs for lower credit scores. For instance, their FHA loan program has more lenient credit score requirements than traditional mortgages.

If you have a co-borrower or multiple sources of income, a lower credit score may still qualify you for a mortgage. Each case is unique, so speaking with a Hunt Mortgage rep is a good way to determine what loan and credit score requirements fit you.

One borrower was approved for a mortgage with Hunt, despite his bad credit due to past financial difficulties. The team at Hunt worked with him to find a loan program that fit his needs and helped him own his dream home.

At Hunt Mortgage, limits are limitless – except loan amount, which is capped at $5 million.

What is the maximum loan amount with Hunt Mortgage?

Hunt Mortgage offers varying loan amounts depending on the type of property and the borrower’s creditworthiness. Maximum loan amounts may vary for different Hunt Mortgage products and services. These amounts are: $5 million for single-family homes, $50 million+ for multi-family properties, and $100 million+ for commercial properties. In addition, they offer flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates. National Mortgage News ranked Hunt Mortgage among the top commercial/multifamily originators in 2020, with over $4.9 billion in total production volume. Get ready to take on the debt with Hunt Mortgage!

What sets Hunt Mortgage apart from other lenders?

Hunt Mortgage stands out from the rest with tailored solutions to fit each borrower’s needs. Their professionals have vast experience, knowledge, and resources. They provide competitive rates and terms for FHA, VA, conventional, and jumbo mortgages with fast underwriting and processing. Plus, their customer service is excellent.

What’s more, Hunt Mortgage has a solid network of relationships with brokers, developers, and investors. This has earned them trust in the real estate community. In 2018, they joined forces with Hunt Real Estate Capital to further strengthen their position in the industry.

Before you hunt for a mortgage, remember: FAQs are your friends!


Hunt Mortgage: A reliable loan provider offers flexible loan programs with competitive rates. Their team of professionals provide great customer service and make the loan process fast and convenient. With 40+ years of experience, they have a comprehensive understanding of the market, offering tailored solutions to meet individual client needs. Hunt Mortgage: A top choice for financing in the real estate industry.

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