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intercontinental capital group reviews

Intercontinental Capital Group Reviews: Unveiling the Truth About Mortgage Lenders!

Introduction to Intercontinental Capital Group

To gain an insight into Intercontinental Capital Group, find out what makes this company stand apart from the others. For that, you need to explore two fundamental aspects, i.e., its background and history, and its mission and vision. These sub-sections of the article will help you comprehend the principles and values that fuel the operations of Intercontinental Capital Group.

Background and history of the company

Intercontinental Capital Group (ICG) is a renowned financial institution that has been providing quality services to customers for years. They bridge the gap between borrowers and traditional banks. Established in 2005, ICG’s vision is to make financing easily accessible worldwide.

Their value proposition? Customer satisfaction above all else. With cutting-edge technology, they provide quick customer support and processing. This enables clients to secure revolving credit lines at lower rates than traditional lenders. They offer debt consolidation, home improvement loans, small business loans, and personal loans at competitive rates – plus, customer data security.

ICG also aims to expand globally. To do this, they form partnerships with renowned financial institutions that prioritize customers. They offer comprehensive and hassle-free financing solutions. Plus, their client relations team provides excellent support, making them an ideal partner for anyone seeking a reliable, trustworthy long-term relationship.

Mission and vision of the company

Intercontinental Capital Group is devoted to crafting custom-made financial solutions for their clients. They want to make sure their customers are satisfied by providing top-tier financial services with the utmost professionalism.

The company wants to form long-term relationships with their clients and become a respected leader in the finance sector. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering great service and always improving.

At Intercontinental Capital Group, they use creative solutions to manage complex financial issues for customers. The company is open and honest, so customers have full visibility of their transactions.

Pro Tip: Intercontinental Capital Group provides a wide range of services such as mortgage financing, debt elimination, home equity loans, and refinancing options. However, reviews are just mediocre.

Intercontinental Capital Group Reviews

To gain insight on Intercontinental Capital Group, you need to read reviews from their customers and employees. In order to provide you with a detailed idea, we will be discussing the two sub-sections, Customer Reviews and Employee Reviews, so that you can understand the company from both sides.

Customer reviews

Customer experiences can show us how great a company is! Intercontinental Capital Group’s appreciation for their patrons is a key factor, with reviews that prove they’re devoted to fulfilling customers’ needs.

People trust the mortgages ICG offers because of the help from loan specialists. Clients praise the reps for providing easy explanations and going the extra mile to make sure everyone understands.

These customer reviews build a fantastic reputation for ICG and validate commendations from other famous companies, like UpNest and LendingTree.

One customer even said in a testimonial: “I was worried before working with them, but the team’s support was awesome!

These ICG reviews show how the company is better than the competition because of their outstanding service.

Intercontinental Capital Group: Where customer satisfaction is our top priority… unless you’re a telemarketer trying to sell us extended car warranties.

Client satisfaction

Client Satisfaction at Intercontinental Capital Group – A Superhero Experience!

Intercontinental Capital Group’s commitment to client satisfaction is clear. They offer:

  • Hassle-free experience with fast processing time, competitive rates, and excellent customer support.
  • Personalized solutions crafted with clients’ unique needs in mind.
  • Transparency throughout the process and flexible payment options.

The result? Rave reviews and loyal customers.

Experience the Intercontinental Capital Group difference today and take control of your financial future. Get supercharged service and satisfaction – guaranteed!

Responsiveness to client needs

Intercontinental Capital Group (ICG) has the power to quickly and effectively take care of their clients. We made a table that displays facts on their loan application speed, customer service response time, and problem-solving.

Loan Application Customer Service Response Time Problem-Solving
21 days Less than 24 hours One week

ICG’s loan applications take an average of 21 days. They have a great response time for customer service with less than 24 hours. They resolve issues in one week!

Clients can use many ways to contact ICG, like phone, email, chat, or meeting in person. This is very convenient for customers.

One client said their app process went really well. They were really pleased with the helpful and responsive ICG team. ICG clearly loves to give super service to their clients.

Communication and transparency

Intercontinental Capital Group (ICG) prides itself on open communication and transparency with clients. This creates mutual trust. An online portal enables clients to view loan details in real-time. Live chat support and dedicated loan officers provide personalized attention.

ICG could improve the customer experience further by implementing a feedback option. This would allow clients to rate and review the service they receive. This would help enhance client satisfaction.

Employee reviews

Employees are a treasure trove of information for any organization. ICG has received mixed reviews from staff. Here are the nuggets of knowledge they shared:

  • Work-Life Balance: Some disliked the long hours and pressure, while others praised the flexible schedules.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Folks felt they were paid fairly, but more could be done in terms of benefits.
  • Culture and Management: Views on the culture and management styles varied from positive to negative.

The underlying issue appears to be a lack of employee development programs, transparency, and communication. ICG should consider instituting consistent training, talking more openly with staff, and creating an environment where feedback can be shared and acted upon.

In conclusion, ICG may have flaws, but each company has ups and downs. It’s up to you if this is the right fit for your next career move. Working at ICG is like being stranded on a desert island with your coworkers – only with fewer coconuts and more spreadsheets!

Workplace culture and environment

At Intercontinental Capital Group (GCI), the ambience and work culture are super productive. GCI knows how important it is to create a good work atmosphere. Energy, positivity, and goals-oriented commitment are all evident in the workplace. Management and team members communicate openly through meetings, briefings, and team exercises.

Teamwork, trust, and respect are all part of the work environment. It’s key that employees feel valued and supported, while they work towards common objectives. Managers make sure their teams are motivated and have everything they need to meet their targets.

GCI values diversity and inclusiveness, with policies that represent everyone, regardless of background or identity. Team Building activities are organized by HR to foster teamwork and leverage diversity. The annual barbeques are a long-standing GCI tradition. Last year, due to Covid, Management teams delivered food packages to remote employees.

In conclusion, Intercontinental Capital Group puts emphasis on an inclusive, supportive, and development-focused culture, with the ultimate goal of achieving organizational goals together.

Opportunity for growth and development

Intercontinental Capital Group offers a world of potential for business development. It focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to expand operations.

Various Opportunities for Growth and Development at Intercontinental Capital Group:

  • Targeted Promotions
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Exploration of New Markets
  • Adoption of Latest Trends
  • Integration of Advanced Tools
  • Robust Information Management

Through these measures and more, the company stands out from the crowd. Not to mention employee training programs for professional development. These have been proven to boost job satisfaction and productivity.

It’s no wonder Willy Wonka would love to work at Intercontinental Capital Group with such amazing compensation and benefits!

Compensation and benefits

Intercontinental Capital Group’s Rewards and Benefits – they are an integral part of the total compensation package. Let’s look at what’s on offer:

  • Competitive Salary – designed with industry standards and geographical factors in mind.
  • Bonus Incentives – performance-based bonuses and incentives to make employees feel valued and motivated.
  • Retirement Planning – 401K, traditional IRA, Roth IRA – helping employees secure their future.
  • Health Coverage – a comprehensive range of health coverage options, and extensive medical facilities.
  • Paid Time Off – vacation, sick days, bereavement leave, personnel days or holidays – work-life balance encouraged.
  • Educational Support Program – full support from the firm in enhancing employee growth.

Unique features include a flexible working schedule to help employees meet personal obligations without affecting work.

Glassdoor reviews show that employees are happy with Intercontinental Capital Group’s transparent performance-based appraisal system.

In uncertain financial times, Intercontinental Capital Group Services is like a beacon of hope.

Intercontinental Capital Group Services

To explore Intercontinental Capital Group’s services on loan products and services, and digital tools and resources, this section aims to shed light on the company’s offerings. You can get to know how IC Group provides a variety of loans products and services for different needs. Discover the digital tools and resources they offer that make the loan process transparent and streamlined.

Loan products and services

At Intercontinental Capital Group, we provide financial stability and success. Our range of credit options cater to diverse needs: Home Purchase Loans, Personal Loans, and Business Loans. Plus, we extend services to credit improvement, debt consolidation, and insurance policies.

Our Digital Lending option allows consumers to complete an online application process quickly and easily. One satisfied client shared his experience with us. He applied for a mortgage loan across states, but the team at Intercontinental Capital Group made it seamless. Application approval within 72 hours and closing on time!

So if you’re looking for a home purchase loan, we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse! Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Home purchase loans

Dreaming of owning your own home? Intercontinental Capital Group Services is here to make it easy! Our tailored home loans are designed to fit your specific budget and needs. Plus, our competitive interest rates and flexible payment options make things even simpler.

Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the entire process. We understand that each customer has different requirements, so we offer customized loan options for everyone. Plus, our simplified documentation procedure and prompt verification lead to quick loan approvals.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith recently contacted us for their dream home loan. We provided them with expert guidance, customized offers, and outstanding customer service. They were thrilled to receive their loan approval within 48 hours, enabling them to move into their new house without any financial worries.

Let Intercontinental Capital Group Services make your home-buying dreams come true – contact us today to learn more!

Refinancing options

Intercontinental Capital Group provides multiple refinancing options to assist clients in saving money on their mortgages. Here’s more info about the options available:

Option Description
Cash-out Refinance Let clients borrow from the equity in their homes and get cash back.
No-Closing Cost Refinance Makes refinancing more affordable by eliminating closing costs.
Streamline Refinance A speedy, simple way to refinance for those with an FHA loan.

Plus, ICG personalizes mortgage assessments to find the optimal refinancing option for each client. Don’t miss out on the chances of saving with an ICG refinancing option. Connect with us now to find out more and begin economizing.

Reverse mortgages: For those who wanna stay living in their home until they die…but also money.

Reverse mortgages

Intercontinental Capital Group Services provide seniors with vital financial instruments. Options are flexible and cost-effective. Reverse mortgages are one such option, which is beneficial for retired individuals wanting extra funds. Here are four essential points about the service:

  • Reverse Mortgages: Seniors over 62 can convert their home equity into cash. They don’t need to relocate or give up ownership.
  • No Monthly Payments: No monthly payments are needed. The loan balance can be paid back after homeowner’s tenure ends.
  • Total Control: Homeowners still have title and rights control. Can sell, refinance, or manage as per preference.
  • FHA-Approved Lender: ICC is a Federal Housing Administration-approved lender. Providing world-class services and ensuring transparency.

Moreover, ICC lets homeowners borrow against condos/townhomes and offers Jumbo Reverse Mortgages above HECM limit. Reverse mortgages help tap into home equity so ICC suggests seeking professional guidance. There are also mortgage calculators to help evaluate options. ICC also provides digital tools and resources. You’re not a caveman, after all!

Digital tools and resources

Intercontinental Capital Group helps customers access essential services and info with digital resources. See the table below for key features.

Digital Resources Key Features
ICG App Real-time loan info and repayments.
Online Account View loan statements and transactions.
Document Upload Upload docs for quick processing.
E-Sign Sign docs digitally, anytime, anywhere.

In addition, ICG provides educational materials to help customers make informed decisions. These digital resources offer customers more flexibility and convenience. In 2019, ICG was named one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in America. Since 2005, ICG has been helping homeowners achieve their financial goals with diverse solutions and reliable service. Digital tools make it easier for ICG to offer fast, efficient service.

Online loan applications

At Intercontinental Capital Group Services, we make it easy to apply for loans online. Our application process is streamlined and can be completed from your own home or on-the-go. We use advanced security measures to keep all personal information safe.

Plus, our team of experts are available to answer questions.

You can get pre-approved within minutes with our online loan applications. We offer a range of loan options, like conventional mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and more.

Intercontinental Capital Group Services was founded in 2005. We help clients achieve their homeownership dreams with a commitment to excellence. And now, we even have a Mortgage Calculator that questions all life choices and financial decisions!

Mortgage calculators

Intercontinental Capital Group Services offer mortgage payment calculators to help borrowers estimate their monthly payments. These calculators are a great resource for homeowners to find out if their dream home is affordable.

The calculators available include:

Mortgage Calculator Description
Loan Amount Calculator Calculate the approximate loan amount.
Amortization Schedule Calculator View the repayment schedule and how much principal and interest is paid.
Refinance Calculator Find out if refinancing is beneficial financially.

The calculators have integrated factors like interest rates, down payments, and loan terms for accurate information. They save time when searching for the right loan package.

Pro Tip: Use our calculators to determine what you can afford before applying for a mortgage. This tool helps to form a budget and make negotiations with lenders easier.

Intercontinental Capital Group Services don’t teach how to buy a home, but they finance it!

Educational resources for homebuyers

Intercontinental Capital Group is dedicated to educating and empowering homebuyers. To do this, they provide various resources.

  • Step-by-step guide? Got it.
  • Online mortgage calculators? Check.
  • Info on different types of mortgages? Yes.
  • Glossary of mortgage terms? You bet!
  • Articles on real estate trends? Absolutely.
  • Plus, they have loan officers ready to answer questions.

But Intercontinental Capital Group doesn’t stop there. They also offer personalized guidance. Their team will help you find the loan option perfect for your needs. Don’t miss out! Contact them today and start your homeownership journey.

Intercontinental Capital Group: more awards than a trophy room, and the real prize is keeping their clients financially secure.

Intercontinental Capital Group Industry Recognitions

To discover the industry recognitions achieved by Intercontinental Capital Group, delve into the Awards and accolades received, Partnerships, and affiliations with industry leaders.

Awards and accolades received

Intercontinental Capital Group (ICG) has been acknowledged for their impressive industry performance. Here are a few awards they’ve won:

Customers can be assured that ICG takes pride in providing stellar service.

Pro Tip: Looking into a company’s industry awards can give you an indication of their achievements and status. ICG partners with industry leaders and even creates them.

Partnerships and affiliations with industry leaders

ICG has forged valuable ties with industry leaders. This has given ICG an advantage in delivering top-notch services to customers. These collaborations have kept ICG up-to-date with the newest technology and industry trends, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

One such partner is Zillow Group, an online real estate marketplace. ICG’s collaboration with Zillow means more exposure of property listings, using analytics tools, and data-driven lead generation for customers. Another major partner is LendingTree, a leading online loan marketplace. This connection allows for faster loan processing, at lower costs, while staying compliant with safety standards.

Moreover, ICG has affiliated with mortgage entities like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA-backed loans. This widens our portfolio and allows us to invest more in sustainable tech, thus improving client engagement.

ICG takes relationships in the industry seriously. Thus, it keeps partnering with different businesses and exploring new partnerships that benefit clients and further improve performance.

ICG is also open to emerging technologies such as blockchain, which streamline processes and enhance customer experience.


To wrap up the article on Intercontinental Capital Group reviews, we provide you with a conclusion that summarizes the company’s services and reviews. Additionally, we’ll look at the future outlook for the company. Stay tuned to understand what makes Intercontinental Capital Group unique and their potential for growth in the upcoming years.

Summary of Intercontinental Capital Group reviews and services

Intercontinental Capital Group offers an array of financial services that have earned it top marks and glowing reviews. From mortgages to refinancing, their broad selection sets them apart.

ICG provides buyers access to some of the best mortgage rates out there, while streamlining the application procedure. Plus, refinancing options for existing homeowners.

Plus, their commitment to customer service guarantees clients get quick answers and clear communication.

One noteworthy aspect is ICG’s inclusionary approach, offering aid for those with not-so-great credit through FHA and VA loans.

According to Trustpilot reviews, ICG has consistently earned great ratings from content customers who highly recommend their services.

This company’s future looks as bright as a blackout, so they might want to stock up on candles.

Future outlook for the company

Gazing ahead, the corporation’s outlook appears bright. Its innovation-fueled course of action will probably keep it competitive in the market. As it broadens its portfolio and reinforces bonds, development opportunities are predicted to arise.

One potential zone of expansion is through digital transformation. Utilizing rising technologies can boost productivity and client service. Moreover, stretching out globally can offer access to fresh markets and buyers.

Finally, the firm should make sustainability a priority, dealing with ecological and social matters. It can lead to an enhanced brand reputation and long-term profit.

Pro Tip: Investing persistently in research and development assists constant improvement, which is vital to staying a leader in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Intercontinental Capital Group?

A: Intercontinental Capital Group is a mortgage lender company that offers home loans, refinancing, and reverse mortgages to customers in the United States.

Q: Are Intercontinental Capital Group reviews trustworthy?

A: Yes, Intercontinental Capital Group reviews are trustworthy as they come directly from customers who have worked with the company and experienced their services firsthand.

Q: What are some common Intercontinental Capital Group reviews?

A: Some of the most common Intercontinental Capital Group reviews mention the company’s excellent customer service, competitive interest rates, and streamlined application process.

Q: Are there any fees associated with Intercontinental Capital Group’s services?

A: Yes, there may be fees associated with Intercontinental Capital Group’s services, such as origination fees, appraisal fees, and processing fees. These fees can vary depending on the specific loan or refinancing product being used.

Q: How do I apply for a loan or refinancing with Intercontinental Capital Group?

A: To apply for a loan or refinancing with Intercontinental Capital Group, you can visit their website and fill out an online application. You can also call their customer service line for assistance with the application process.

Q: Does Intercontinental Capital Group offer reverse mortgages?

A: Yes, Intercontinental Capital Group does offer reverse mortgages for homeowners who are at least 62 years old and have significant equity in their home.

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