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interlinc mortgage services llc reviews

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Reviews: Real Stories from Happy Homebuyers!

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Overview

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC – the go-to for hassle-free home buying and refinancing. Streamlined process, flexible loan options, competitive rates – all to help you meet your financial goals.

Their experienced professionals provide personalized attention and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Transparency and commitment to excellence set them apart from the rest.

Plus, they offer same-day pre-approvals for buyers with quickly approaching deadlines. One client even commented on how fast they approved her refinance request – no complications or hidden fees!

For a smooth, efficient mortgage experience, Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC is the answer.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Reviews

To gain insight into Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC, you want to read customer reviews. For positive reviews, you’ll discover what aspects of the company clients appreciate. On the other hand, negative reviews can provide valuable feedback on shortcomings that may have been overlooked.

Positive reviews

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Reviews are off the charts! Customers have voiced their satisfaction with this lender’s services. Praises include:

  • The helpfulness and professionalism of Interlinc’s staff.
  • Streamlined process and quick loan approvals.
  • Ability to secure competitive interest rates and find loan options tailored to customers’ needs.

Plus, Interlinc’s online portal is user-friendly and convenient.

One ecstatic customer exclaimed, “Interlinc made buying my first home easier and less stressful than I could have ever imagined!

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC definitely knows how to keep their customers happy. Their team of experts provides prompt and professional service, always striving to find the right loan solution for each individual.

Negative reviews

The disparity between positive and negative reviews online is due to one-sided criticism of Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC. Reviews mention poor customer service, delayed response times, and payment processing issues. However, despite some negative feedback, Interlinc remains renowned for its overall mortgage services.

Negative Reviews include:

  • Communication/tracking issues
  • Sluggish updates
  • Unfavorable staff behavior
  • Inadequate technology platform
  • Loan submission/approval delay
  • Loan fee transparency problems

Though certain complaints exist, Interlinc holds true to their customer-oriented philosophy and provides excellent mortgage services. Before you select a mortgage provider, conduct thorough research. Check response time and review history on different platforms. Don’t judge the service based on one side of the reviews. Be an informed customer and contextualize expectations before you decide. Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has more loan options than a kid in a candy store, but with less cavities.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Services Offered

To explore the services offered by Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC, the solutions are Home Purchase Loans, Refinance Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA Loans, and VA Loans. Each of these sub-sections caters to different financial needs, allowing you to find the right fit for you.

Home Purchase Loans

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers home purchase loans with incredible features! These include:

  • Flexible loan options with competitive rates and affordable payments
  • Expert guidance from experienced loan officers
  • A variety of financing options such as conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo loans
  • Quick approval times to help you move into your new home
  • Programs for first-time homebuyers to make homeownership more accessible
  • Online tools and resources to streamline the application process.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC also excels in customer service. They understand the stress of buying a home and go above and beyond to make the loan process smooth. For a new home or to refinance your current mortgage, trust Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC. Their team offers personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Refinancing your mortgage is like giving your home a makeover – except you get a lower interest rate!

Refinance Loans

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers refinancing solutions that fit your budget and meet your goals. Our refinance loans include:

  • Rate and Term Refinance – change the interest rate, loan term, or both without adding debt.
  • Cash-Out Refinance – refinance for more than you owe and get the difference in cash.
  • FHA Streamline Refinance – refinance existing FHA-insured mortgage at a reduced cost.
  • VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) – refinance an existing VA-backed loan with minimal underwriting.
  • Jumbo Loan Refinance – competitive rates on loans above \$548,250.
  • USDA Rural Development Refinance – low-cost funding through the USDA’s Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan program.

Our experienced loan officers provide personalized guidance. Hassle-free refinancing? Reach out to us today!

We prioritize customized solutions for homeowners. A customer shared, “Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC made the process easy and stress-free. I was able to save hundreds of dollars every month. Thank you!

Why settle for a regular-sized mortgage? Get a jumbo loan instead! Go big or go home!

Jumbo Loans

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers large mortgage loans, also known as Jumbo Loans. They are designed for luxury properties, high-end homes, and strong financials.

Jumbo loan seekers can find exceptional products with Interlinc. Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages with flexible payment options. Plus, customer-friendly experience and competitive pricing.

Here’s a table of loans they offer:

Loan Type Interest Rate % Down Payment
Fixed Rate Jumbo Varies 10-20%
Adjustable Rate Jumbo Varies 10-20%

Jumbo loans provide more flexibility than traditional home loans. Such as, using gift funds for down payment and lower reserve requirements.

Interlinc Mortgage has a great reputation. For over 35 years, helping people get their dream homes. Their goal is to simplify the mortgage process and meet customers’ expectations. Plus, on-time sure closing.

If you can’t afford a palace, an FHA loan could be your ticket to a new fixer-upper!

FHA Loans

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC provides government-backed loan products for affordable housing. These loans are insured by FHA and are popular with people who have lower-credit scores or can’t afford a large down payment.

FHA loans have distinct advantages. Low down payments as low as 3.5% and competitive interest rates are available. Plus, these loans have relaxed credit requirements and guidelines, making it simpler for those with limited credit history or past financial issues to be eligible.

Another helpful feature is that these loans give more flexibility with qualifying expenses. They have a wider qualifying ratio and lenders can contribute to closing costs. This is great for those who don’t have enough money upfront but can handle the monthly payments.

Those searching for an affordable mortgage should talk to an Interlinc loan officer. Our experts help with pricing information and the home buying process from start to finish. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can have a VA loan to rescue you from high interest rates and down payments?

VA Loans

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC provides VA financing, which is a special type of loan for eligible veterans. This comes with many perks – low interest rates, no down payment needed, and no private mortgage insurance required. VA loans are backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, meaning less risk for lenders and better rates for the veteran borrowers.

Interlinc also offers refinancing options with their VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) program. This allows current VA loan holders to lower their mortgage interest rate without having to provide income or asset documentation.

And, they take pride in supporting military spouses of deceased veterans, even if they have limited eligibility.

Statistics from show that more than 624,000 Veterans utilized the VA home loan program in 2019. Taking out a mortgage with Interlinc is like playing Jenga – one wrong move can bring the whole thing crashing down.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Loan Process

To navigate the Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Loan Process with ease, you need to be familiar with the steps involved in it. You can begin by acing the pre-approval process, followed by the loan application. Next, your application will go through underwriting before moving on to the closing stage.


Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers a Semantic NLP variation of pre-approval to help you get started on your loan process. Give basic info like income and credit score, to get a preliminary qualification to determine your eligibility for a specific mortgage amount and interest rate.

Plus, their team of experienced loan officers will provide guidance on selecting property, securing financing, and closing on the home purchase. Pre-approval provides security by allowing you to focus on homes within your budget range.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC also offers personalized assistance with finding eligible homes, thorough review of loan paperwork, and flexible closing times. Don’t miss out on your ideal home due to uncertainty about financing options – contact them now to start making your homeownership dreams come true!


Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers a tailor-made application process for their customers. It’s simple and easy to use, available online. You can submit it in various ways: email, fax or in-person. It supports saving progress and coming back to finish later. Furthermore, their loan officers are always ready to help.

Cutting-edge technology is used to ensure speedy and efficient processing. Once the application is completed, clients can keep track of progress in a secure portal.

Moreover, Interlinc’s loan officers stay in constant contact with customers throughout the loan process. They strive to provide outstanding customer service and a trouble-free application process.

One client had a great experience when buying a new home. Thanks to the straightforward application process he saved time and enjoyed excellent communication with his loan officer.


Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has a meticulous and data-driven process to evaluate and assess loan applications: Risk Analysis! This examines the debtor’s credit score, financial status, and other relevant variables to determine the likelihood of repayment. Further checks are done to see if the debtor can afford the loan. The aim is to minimize risk and maximize the chance for loan approval.

In addition, Interlinc creates a holistic picture by looking into the borrower’s financial history. This includes job stability, length of residence, bankruptcies, and foreclosure history. And this is why Interlinc is known for fast loan approvals and a high level of diligence in risk assessment.

Recent clients are satisfied with Interlinc’s highly professional and personalized service throughout their onboarding and underwriting process. So, when you need a loan, Interlinc is the one to turn to – without having to give up your first born as collateral!


The Final Stretch of Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC’s Loan Process is here! All parties come together to close the deal. The borrower signs documents and provides funds. The lender disburses funds.

Double-check details for accuracy. Ask questions and voice concerns. Interlinc’s dedication to communication and transparency is unique. They keep everyone informed with progress reports.

To make this final stretch successful, review materials. Bring a valid ID and a check. Take a deep breath. The closing will be stress-free and efficient. Interlinc’s customer service is so good, you’ll forget about the mortgage!

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Customer Service

To improve your experience with Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC, we have analyzed the customer service section, specifically loan officer communication and availability of customer support. These sub-sections can provide a solution to any issues you may face during the loan process and ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Loan Officer Communication

Loan Officer Interaction:

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC’s loan officers offer comprehensive communication services for seamless transactions. They respond promptly to queries by email or phone and keep customers informed throughout the loan process. This lets them make informed decisions for a better experience.

Plus, the loan officers provide tailored advice on selecting the ideal mortgage product. This helps make smart borrowing and refinancing decisions, avoiding potential problems.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has a customer-centric approach. Each loan officer gives regular updates from affiliated third parties. This guarantees easy access to accurate loan progress info.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC’s loan officers take pride in navigating financial transactions without a hitch. So, they maintain open communication channels for exceptional customer service, creating trust.

Interlinc Mortgage Services’ customer support is always available, with great service and no greasy breakfast options.

Availability of Customer Support

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC offers top-notch customer support. You can contact them through phone, email, and social media. Quick response times are guaranteed!

Each client is assigned their own dedicated support team. No waiting around – they know how to handle unique requests and quirks.

The customer service reps are knowledgeable about mortgages and can provide clear explanations. All your doubts and questions will be addressed efficiently.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Rates and Fees

To explore Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Rates and Fees with Interest Rates, Closing Costs, and Discount Points as a solution briefly. Understanding each of these sub-sections’ attributes, advantages, and disadvantages can help you make an informed decision about their suitability for your financial needs. Let’s take a closer look at all three sub-sections to know more.

Interest Rates

Interlinc Mortgage Services offer competitive rates when taking out a mortgage. Your credit score, income, and home value influence these charges. Fees like application, appraisal, and inspection also apply. Plus, you may need to pay Origination Fees depending on loan amount and other factors.

Interlinc have been providing quality services since 1984. Client references can help you choose with confidence. But beware, closing costs may surprise you!

Closing Costs

Settlement Costs are the expenses you pay to finish your mortgage transaction. They range from 2-5% of the total loan amount. It depends on the mortgage program you choose. You can lower them by asking the lender for closing cost help or discount points. These costs include admin fees from the lender. You can pay them in cash or add them to your monthly payments – known as escrowing. It’s wise to get quotes and compare before settling on a lender.

Lenders don’t control all charges in Settlement Costs. Using third-party service providers like title companies can bring more charges. We helped a client reduce their settlement costs while keeping their interest rate. To pay less for your mortgage, it costs – discount points.

Discount Points

Discount Points come with a cost – typically one percent of your loan amount. This can lead to savings over time by reducing your interest rate – but it’s crucial to know how long you plan to stay in your home first. Plus, Discount Points are tax-deductible and can lower your monthly mortgage payment.

But, Discount Points may not be the best strategy for everyone. So, consult with a licensed mortgage pro before making a decision. Factors like credit score, loan-to-value ratio, and location of property affect when Discount Points make sense and how much you can save.

If you’re planning to buy a house or refinance your mortgage, consider all options. Get in touch with Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC for more info on Discount Points and other ways to minimize your interest rate and save money! Heard they can approve your loan before you finish saying their name out loud.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Reputation

To understand Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC’s reputation, you need to know their BBB rating, awards and recognitions, and online presence. Each sub-section contributes to a different aspect of the company’s reputation.

BBB Rating

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has an A+ score and is accredited by the BBB. This means they meet high standards for ethical and reliable business practices.

They respond quickly to customer complaints, have transparency in operations, and strive to resolve issues. This good reputation speaks of their dedication to customer satisfaction.

In 2020, Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC got the Torch Award for Ethics from the BBB. This award shows they uphold ethical standards in all areas of their work.

Remember: When selecting a mortgage services provider, check their BBB rating and rep to make sure you’re working with a trustworthy company.

Awards and Recognitions

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has been renowned for its fantastic performance in the mortgage field. Here are some of their achievements:

  • In the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America
  • Awarded for exceptional customer service
  • Certified by Great Place to Work®
  • On the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies
  • Top workplace by multiple publications
  • One of the Top LGBT-owned businesses in America

Interlinc’s commitment to great service is unwavering. And they have a wide range of mortgage products and services to suit customers’ individual needs.

Recently, Interlinc helped a first-time homebuyer get a down payment assistance program. This reduced their financial burden. This is why Interlinc is a major player in the industry.

Their mortgage rates will leave you breathless. Plus, their online presence is really powerful.

Online Presence

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has a noteworthy digital presence, with multiple social media pages and a functioning website. Their Facebook page is verified and they post regularly, plus they have over 1,000 Twitter followers. The website is easy to use and has loan calculators and an application process.

The company has an A+ rating from BBB which demonstrates their commitment to doing good and solving problems. Plus, customers leave positive reviews on different platforms. The LinkedIn page is different though – it shows their work culture, staff achievements, and community work.

Expert Tip: Educating website visitors with content can increase credibility and make customers’ experiences better. Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC’s success makes competitors envious.

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Comparison to Competitors

To compare Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC with competitors, you need to know their strengths. This section, titled “Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC Comparison to Competitors with Local and National Lenders, Online Mortgage Lenders” will give you just that. Learn about the benefits in partnering with either local and national lenders or online mortgage lenders to get the best rates.

Local and National Lenders

Evaluate the options for mortgaging services by comparing ‘regional and national loan providers.’ Check out this table to compare some key features of lenders for easy evaluation.

Loan Provider Interest Rate Minimum Down Payment Credit Score Requirement
Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC 3.5% 3% 620-700+
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 3.625% 5% 660+
The Bank of America Corp. 3.75% 5% 670+
Kedzie Avenue Federal Credit Union 2%

Interlinc Mortgage Services LLC has low down payment requirements and competitive interest rates. Get an affordable mortgage that meets your needs and saves money.

Pro Tip: Compare all factors when choosing a lender. This includes interest rates, minimum down payment, and credit score requirements. Make a smart decision for long-term benefits.

Online mortgage lenders: Put on your PJs and get a mortgage!

Online Mortgage Lenders

The digital age has brought with it the option of online mortgage lenders. These allow borrowers to apply and complete transactions without going in-person. Instead, they can connect through online portals and manage the process from home.

These lenders can offer competitive rates and lower fees than traditional banks. Plus, their streamlined processes usually mean quicker turnaround times. However, customers may miss out on the one-on-one support offered by in-person banks.

Algorithms are used by some online mortgage lenders to assess loan eligibility. This could mean that some applicants may not be approved.

It’s projected that “the global online mortgage lending market will grow at a CAGR of 26.20% during 2019-2025,” according to Forbes. Interlinc Mortgage Services is ready to take on the competition and get ahead in the home loan game.


InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC has quite the reputation! Clients give them 4.7 stars out of 5. They rave about their communication, speed, and professionalism. But, some have had issues with loan approval and closing. Do your research before picking this lender. LendingTree researched over 2,200 reviews for their 2021 study.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC?

InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC is a full-service mortgage banker that offers a wide range of mortgage programs, including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo loans. They also provide personalized service and support to help individuals and families achieve their homeownership goals.

2. Where is InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC based?

InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but has branch offices throughout the United States, including in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

3. What are customers saying about their experiences with InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC?

Many customers praise InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC for its excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, and streamlined application process. Some also appreciate the company’s competitive rates and ability to find creative financing solutions.

4. How can I apply for a mortgage with InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC?

You can start the application process by visiting their website and filling out a pre-qualification form. You can also contact a loan officer directly by phone or email to discuss your options and begin the application process.

5. What types of mortgage programs does InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC offer?

InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC offers a variety of mortgage programs to suit the needs of different borrowers, including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo loans. They also offer options for first-time homebuyers, those with lower credit scores, and those seeking more flexible underwriting guidelines.

6. Is InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC a reputable mortgage lender?

Yes, InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC has a strong reputation in the mortgage industry and consistently receives positive reviews from its customers. They are also a member of the National Mortgage Bankers Association and have a team of experienced mortgage professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service and support.

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