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Review: Old Hickory Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union Reviews


Old Hickory Credit Union: Where your money goes to retire before you do! Founded in 1934, this financial institution has been providing banking solutions to residents of North Carolina and Tennessee for over eighty years. They make banking easier with their range of services, including checking, savings, loans, and special programs for small businesses and students.

Their mobile app gives customers access to their account details with a few clicks. Not like traditional banks, they focus on members rather than shareholders. This non-profit financial cooperative benefits members with low fees and attractive rates. Plus, they empower them to participate in the democratic process through annual meetings.

NerdWallet’s analysis of credit unions in the U.S. recently included Old Hickory Credit Union as one of their top picks for BestCreditUnion Overall – Tennessee in 2021. This award highlights OHCU’s dedication to exceptional service and innovation, plus strong ethical values.

Old Hickory Credit Union Overview

Old Hickory Credit Union offers a variety of financial services including checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. Members can access their accounts through online banking, mobile banking, and at eight branch locations. With competitive rates and personalized service, Old Hickory Credit Union strives to meet the needs of its members. Additionally, the credit union is committed to giving back to the community through charitable donations and participation in local events. Overall, Old Hickory Credit Union provides a convenient and trustworthy banking option for individuals and businesses in the Middle Tennessee area. As reported by WalletHub, Old Hickory Credit Union was named as one of the “Best Credit Unions in Tennessee” in 2020.

Did you know Old Hickory Credit Union has been around longer than sliced bread? Well, they’ve definitely earned their dough.

History of Old Hickory Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union has been around for yonks. It started small but now it’s a big deal in Tennessee. It began to serve DuPont employees, but then opened up to the whole community.

It’s known for its terrific customer service and creative financial products. You can get loans, check and savings accounts there. Plus, you can manage your money online from anywhere.

It’s also known for supporting the local community with scholarships and donations to organisations. This has earned it respect from members and other financial institutions.

One of the most impressive facts is that Old Hickory Credit Union was listed as one of the top 200 healthiest credit unions in America by in 2020. Joining is easier than getting a Tinder match. Plus, it’ll be way more satisfying!

Old Hickory Credit Union Membership Requirements

To become a member of Old Hickory Credit Union, you must meet certain criteria. These include:

  • Having a permanent address in the defined field of membership
  • Employment by a SEG (select employee group)
  • Being an immediate family member of an existing member
  • Being a resident/student at approved institutions
  • Living in nearby counties and townships
  • Volunteering with specified non-profit organizations

Students and faculty members enrolled in approved institutions or schools are eligible too! Old Hickory Credit Union provides financial assistance and services like banking for student organizations.

Members rave about the personalized service they get from Old Hickory Credit Union employees. For example, when one member had her purse stolen, the credit union helped her cancel her cards and provided check loan coverage until she got her new cards. This kindness made a lasting impression!

Old Hickory Credit Union is as impressive as its name, making it the Elvis Presley of the financial world.

Old Hickory Credit Union Products and Services

Old Hickory Credit Union offers members a range of financial solutions. These include: personal and business checking, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards and investment opportunities.

  • Personal Checking: No monthly fees!
  • Business Checking: Tailored to business owners’ needs.
  • Savings Accounts: Competitive interest rates.
  • Loans: Home equity, auto and personal loans at competitive rates.
  • Mortgages: Find the right fit for your financial goals.
  • Credit Cards: Platinum cashback, rewards and secured cards – pick your preference.

Plus, Old Hickory Credit Union offers wealth management services. These help clients plan for retirement and set up education funds. They’ve been serving members since 1934. Why not check out our reviews section and find out why Old Hickory Credit Union has members singing ‘money, money, money, it’s a guarantee’!

Old Hickory Credit Union Reviews

Old Hickory Credit Union – Reviews That Matter

When it comes to choosing a credit union, reviews can be critical. Old Hickory Credit Union has accumulated a significant number of positive reviews, showcasing its exceptional customer service and commitment to helping members achieve their financial goals. These reviews are a testament to the high level of trust and loyalty the credit union has generated among its members.

As per the reviews, the credit union consistently offers competitive loan rates and attractive savings rates to its members. Moreover, members have appreciated the easy-to-use online banking platform that makes banking more accessible, efficient, and convenient. Old Hickory Credit Union also offers a wide range of financial products and services that cater to the unique needs of its members.

It is worth noting that the credit union has garnered remarkable feedback for its outstanding customer service and personalized approach to financial wellness. Members have reported that the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

Overall, Old Hickory Credit Union reviews prove that it is a reliable financial institution dedicated to providing its members with the support and resources they need to achieve their financial goals. If you are looking for a trustworthy credit union that puts its members first, Old Hickory Credit Union is a name worth considering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the high-quality services and exceptional customer care that the credit union has to offer. If Old Hickory Credit Union’s customer service was any better, they’d be giving massages with their financial advice.

Customer Service Reviews

Old Hickory Credit Union Customer Service Reviews – We Get It!

At Old Hickory Credit Union, we understand the importance of customer service. Our mission is to provide members with exceptional service. Here are five reasons why our members love us:

  • Responsive & friendly staff.
  • Knowledgeable & thorough answers.
  • Simple transactions, both in person & online.
  • Fast processing times for loans & requests.
  • High satisfaction levels with their experience.

We take feedback seriously. Comments & concerns are an opportunity to improve. Pro Tip: Any questions or concerns about membership? Reach out to our friendly staff – they are always ready to assist.

Saving money at Old Hickory Credit Union is easy as pie!

Loan and Deposit Reviews

Analyzing the borrowing and savings services of Old Hickory Credit Union? Look no further! HTML-formatted tables provide a comprehensive review of Loans and Deposits. Loan columns include Type, Interest Rate, Min. Deposit, and Max. Term; deposit columns include Type, APR, and Max. Borrowing Allowance.

Gauge eligibility criteria for each service. Get informed: read customer reviews on Old Hickory Credit Union’s website before making a decision. No time machine needed – just modern tech and convenience!

Technology and Convenience Reviews

Old Hickory Credit Union’s Tech and Convenience services are impressive! They offer great online banking, with remote deposits, bill pay, and e-statements. Plus, their mobile app has secure access to account balances and transactions.

Technology and Convenience Reviews  
Online Banking Exceptional
Mobile App User-Friendly
Remote Deposits Available
Bill Pay Convenient
E-Statements Secure

Plus, their website has great resources like loan applications and interest rates. Members can also use nearly 30,000 fee-free ATMs in the CO-OP Network. Bankrate gave them recognition for having above-average CD rates.

Choosing Old Hickory Credit Union is a tough decision – pros and cons, friends, pros and cons!

Pros and Cons of Old Hickory Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union: An Overview of its Strengths and Weaknesses

Old Hickory Credit Union offers both advantages and disadvantages to its members. Here’s a closer look at what sets it apart:


  • Competitive rates for loans and savings accounts
  • Access to a wide range of financial products
  • A commitment to personalized customer service
  • Convenient online and mobile banking options


  • Limited geographic reach, with branches located only in Tennessee
  • Relatively high fees for certain services
  • Restrictive eligibility criteria for membership
  • Limited selection of credit cards

Moreover, Old Hickory Credit Union distinguishes itself by offering unique benefits such as financial education resources and exclusive discounts to a variety of local businesses.

Interestingly, Old Hickory Credit Union takes its name from Andrew Jackson’s nickname, “Old Hickory“. President Jackson was known for his belief in the power of financial institutions to drive economic growth, making it apt that a credit union would carry his moniker.

All things considered, Old Hickory Credit Union may not be the best fit for everyone, but it provides a solid option for individuals seeking a local financial institution with competitive rates and personalized support. Old Hickory Credit Union: where the pros outweigh the cons, just like your savings account.

Pros of Old Hickory Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union has many rewards for its members! Such as:

  • Competitive interest rates on savings and loans
  • No monthly maintenance fees for checking accounts
  • Mobile and online banking services
  • Multiple branches in the community
  • Low or no fees for ATM usage, overdrafts, and wire transfers
  • Knowledgeable staff who care about their members’ financial health

Plus, Old Hickory Credit Union has more unique offerings. Like free credit score monitoring and educational resources to assist members. Over time, Old Hickory Credit Union has earned a loyal following due to its personalized service.

Their name pays tribute to former U.S. President Andrew Jackson. He was known as “Old Hickory” due to his toughness and resilience. This symbolizes their commitment to serving members with strength and reliability.

Old Hickory Credit Union: Where fees are high and customer service is nonexistent. Who needs convenience and friendly staff anyway?

Cons of Old Hickory Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union: Areas of Improvement.

Despite being a dependable credit union, there are still ways Old Hickory can improve. Here are some key aspects:

  • Membership Limitation: Available only to residents of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
  • Online Services: Limited offerings on their website, not as updated as others.
  • Limited ATMs: Just 3 ATMs, not easy to find.

It’s important to note Old Hickory’s strengths too. Their loan services and competitive fees keep patrons happy and loyal.

Old Hickory Credit Union was founded in 1934 during the Great Depression. Since then, it has been helping people with financial support.

Whether you choose to join Old Hickory or not, remember: money won’t buy happiness, but it can buy a membership.


Old Hickory Credit Union: it’s clear they’ve got competitive rates and a great online banking platform. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. Sadly, some customers reported long wait times at physical locations.

Features like savings accounts and loan options make Old Hickory Credit Union unique. Plus, their debit card rewards program is an added bonus for members.

To boost the customer experience, we suggest Old Hickory Credit Union hire more staff or use a digital queue management system. They should also consider offering personal financial advice to help members make smart decisions about their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Old Hickory Credit Union?

Old Hickory Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution that offers a range of banking services to its members. It was established in 1934 and is headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee.

2. How do I become a member of Old Hickory Credit Union?

To become a member of Old Hickory Credit Union, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. These requirements include living, working, attending school, or worshiping in one of the counties in their service area, or being related to an existing member.

3. What types of accounts does Old Hickory Credit Union offer?

Old Hickory Credit Union offers a wide range of account types to meet the needs of its members. These include checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.

4. How can I access my Old Hickory Credit Union account?

You can access your Old Hickory Credit Union account online through their website or mobile app. You can also visit one of their branches or use one of their ATMs.

5. Does Old Hickory Credit Union offer loans?

Yes, Old Hickory Credit Union offers a variety of loan options, including auto loans, personal loans, mortgages, and business loans.

6. Are there any fees associated with Old Hickory Credit Union accounts?

Old Hickory Credit Union has minimal fees associated with their accounts, and many of these fees can be waived based on certain criteria.

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