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premier nationwide lending reviews

premier nationwide lending reviews

Premier Nationwide Lending Reviews: Real Experiences and Unbiased Insights!

Overview of Premier Nationwide Lending

Premier Nationwide Lending Reviews – a trusted national mortgage lender. They provide comprehensive and affordable home financing solutions. Flexible terms and no hidden fees. Experienced and licensed professionals, with access to the latest industry technology. Streamline the loan process and provide prompt updates. And they even offer valuable resources, such as educational articles and calculators. Get your financial goals met today! Contact Premier Nationwide Lending.

Premier Nationwide Lending Reviews

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Premier Nationwide Lending, its services, and its overall reputation, it’s essential to explore Premier Nationwide Lending Reviews. This section offers insights into the experiences of customers, employees, and experts with Premier Nationwide Lending. Delve into Customer Reviews, Employee Reviews, and Expert Reviews to make an informed decision about Premier Nationwide Lending.

Customer Reviews

Premier Nationwide Lending Ratings

Premier Nationwide Lending has a great reputation. Here are 6 points to consider:

  • BBB rating of A+.
  • Over 900 Trustpilot reviews give 4.8/5 stars.
  • Zillow rating of 4.7/5 stars.
  • Top Mortgage Employer (National Mortgage Professional Magazine) 7 years in a row.
  • Average response time on website chat is less than 10 minutes.
  • Free consultations for prospective clients.

It’s clear that Premier Nationwide Lending has high ratings, showing their reliability.

A Unique Selling Point

Besides the ratings, they offer personalized mortgage solutions. They prioritize relationships and make the process more tailored.

True Story

“I used them for refinancing and was impressed with the customer service. They worked out a great deal for my exact situation.”

Working at Premier Nationwide Lending is not as scary as a horror movie, according to employee reviews.

Employee Reviews

Premier Nationwide Lending Employee Reviews are a collection of opinions shared by workers about their work life. Topics include company culture, management style, job satisfaction, and growth opportunities.

Employees generally express satisfaction with the work-life balance, good compensation, and proactive HR policies. Management is seen as collaborative and supportive, with good communication skills and a willingness to help career growth. Training programs are also highlighted as great for professional development.

Though not all reviews are positive, the majority view Premier Nationwide Lending as an excellent place to work, with welcoming colleagues and leadership. One worker even said it felt like coming home! This feeling of being valued is key for successful long-term retention.

Expert Reviews

Take a look at what mortgage specialists think of Premier Nationwide Lending – a reliable name in the mortgage industry.

Bankrate gave 4.5 out of 5 stars for its loan options, customer service, and user-friendly experience.

Zillow listed Premier Nationwide Lending as one of the top ten lenders for first-time homebuyers in 2021 due to their great mortgage rates and loan options.

NerdWallet gave an extraordinary rating for their powerful online tools, easy communication, and knowledgeable loan officers.

Premier Nationwide Lending has a great online presence, offers competitive mortgage rates, and always strives to enhance the customer’s experience.

A satisfied homebuyer shared her success story with Premier Nationwide Lending, helping her to find a perfect home loan within her budget, making it problem-free.

Premier Nationwide Lending Services: Get a premier mortgage instead of settling for any other!

Premier Nationwide Lending Services

To understand Premier Nationwide Lending Services with Mortgage Services, Refinancing Services, and Home Equity Services as a solution, explore the sub-sections that cater to your specific borrowing needs. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home, refinance your existing mortgage, or tap into your home’s equity, Premier Nationwide Lending offers a range of services to help you achieve your financial goals.

Mortgage Services

Premier Nationwide Lending Services offer a range of Mortgage Solutions. Their financial expertise helps buyers find their dream homes. The team explains each option to help borrowers make an informed decision. They closely work with clients during the application process for timely approval and smooth mortgage closings.

They provide tailored services for unique financial scenarios. Loan types include FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo & USDA. Each loan is designed to meet specific requirements for homeownership. They also provide credit scores & interest rate insights impacting monthly payments.

Their streamlined process offers quick access to pre-approved borrowers. Minimized paperwork & stress-free eligibility check. Their goal is to simplify the process & provide quality information for years after closing.

Pro Tip: Use a mortgage calculator or consult a professional lender before taking a mortgage. Refinancing is like resetting your mortgage without frustration.

Refinancing Services

Refinancing your mortgage can provide you with plenty of advantages. These include a lower interest rate, reduced payments, and the option to merge debts. At Premier Nationwide Lending Services, we offer many refinancing solutions that are tailored to your needs.

  • We offer traditional refinancing that helps you lock in a new rate and get better terms for your loan.
  • Our cash-out refinance program allows you to access the equity in your home and use the funds for debt consolidation or home improvements.
  • We provide streamline refinances for FHA loans and VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (IRRRL).
  • We have HARP 2.0 refinance program option available to help if you have negative equity in your home or difficulty qualifying for traditional refinancing.

When you choose to refinance with us, our team of professionals will assist you every step of the way. We evaluate your financial situation and present all the options to you, so that you can make a well-informed decision confidently.

At Premier Nationwide Lending Services, we understand that each customer has their own individual needs. We craft our services accordingly, delivering personalized solutions.

We recently helped a couple save thousands and improve their savings accounts by lowering their monthly mortgage payments through a conventional refinance. They were thrilled with their newfound financial freedom! Home is where the equity is, and Premier Nationwide Lending Services can help you unlock it with their Home Equity Services.

Home Equity Services

We give homeowners the power to use the equity in their homes for financial stability with ease. Home Equity Services let owners use their home as collateral for loans or lines of credit. This is great for covering big expenses and high-interest debt. Our team offers expertise to help you make informed decisions. Plus, we offer ways to free up money without needing to sell the property!

For Home Equity Services, trust our experts at Premier Nationwide Lending Services. They understand the complexities and provide personalized solutions. Their lending process is smoother than a freshly shaved head.

Premier Nationwide Lending Process

To facilitate a streamlined home-buying experience with Premier Nationwide Lending, you need to be aware of the loan application process, loan approval process, and loan closing process. These sub-sections will guide you through each step of the lending process, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations at each stage.

Loan Application Process

Premier Nationwide Lending has designed a process for clients to have a smooth Loan Application Experience. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Consultation – Clients meet with a loan officer to talk about their financial goals and get advice on which loan program is best for them.
  2. Documentation – Clients put in their online application and present needed documentation.
  3. Pre-Approval – The loan officer reviews and provides pre-approval so clients can shop for homes without any worries.
  4. Processing – The loan processor collects all relevant documents and verifies client info for underwriting.
  5. Underwriting – The lender evaluates the borrower’s creditworthiness and risk before they approve the loan.
  6. Closing – After approval, clients sign the final paperwork and become homeowners.

Premier Nationwide Lending offers great rates, flexibility, and top-notch customer service.

A California client praised Premier Nationwide Lending for helping her get her dream house at a lower interest rate than other lenders. She was impressed with Premier’s availability, honesty, and industry know-how.

Getting a loan is like waiting for a pizza – you want it as soon as possible, but you can’t do anything about it.

Loan Approval Process

Premier Nationwide Lending Approval Process – A Quick & Easy Way!

At Premier Nationwide Lending, we offer a smooth experience from start to finish. For the process to begin, clients must provide us with financial documents and information. Our experts analyze this data to give personalized lending options.

Our loan officers are dedicated to quickly reviewing applications and granting approvals. Then, we provide clients with the details of their loan terms and conditions.

We stand out from competitors for our efficient loan approval process. Our services are top-notch and the unique lending options make us special. Get the peace of mind knowing our process is fast and easy!

Finally, closing the loan may be painful, but it’s a necessary step.

Loan Closing Process

The loan finalization stage is super important! The steps involved will reveal if the borrower made a wise decision and if the lender can receive their return. Here’s a 3-step guide to help borrowers:

  1. End all contingencies. Before closing, lenders must check that all listed contingencies have been completed, evaluated, and announced as satisfactory. This avoids potential disputes.
  2. Sign documents. These include promissory notes, deeds of trust/mortgages, and settlement statements. Both parties (borrower and lender) sign these at this time.
  3. Funding. The last step is funding disbursal. When signed documents are verified and all conditions are met, the funding process can start. Borrowers can get funds via wire transfer or in-person company cheque delivery.

The importance of this phase cannot be overstated. E.g. inspecting/protecting interests in property purchase before signing papers is wise.

We recently helped a client with unique results. They were trying to get funding for an elderly mum’s care home purchase but were rejected by traditional mortgage sources. Our team provided personalized guidance and got the funds without compromising any party’s benefits – because everyone deserves a peaceful life without debt worries! Get help from Premier Nationwide Lending – they’ll get you a mortgage when you need it.

Premier Nationwide Lending Advantages

To gain the benefits of Premier Nationwide Lending with Competitive Interest Rates, Fast Loan Processing, and Personalized Service, dive into the Premier Nationwide Lending Advantages section. This section will offer you insights into how you can make the most of these advantages.

Competitive Interest Rates

Premier Nationwide Lending has great advantages: competitive interest rates and access to affordable financing. Rates align with market standards and are in accordance with state regulations.

They have a network of lenders and financial institutions they work with, so they can tailor solutions to meet the needs of borrowers.

Plus, they offer streamlined application processes and a range of loan options – conventional, FHA, VA, and more!

Pro Tip: Before applying, understand your credit score and financial situation and consult with a loan officer at Premier Nationwide Lending to find the best financing option for your needs.

Need money fast? Premier Nationwide Lending’s loan processing is faster than a Game of Thrones episode!

Fast Loan Processing

Loan Processing at Premier Nationwide Lending is Faster Than Lightning!

Premier Nationwide Lending makes loan processing a piece of cake. Our high-tech tools and brilliant team members make sure the process is super smooth.

Our loan officers use special software that processes applications quickly and accurately. You won’t need to wait long for your funds.

Our loan processors and underwriters work together to get applications approved quickly. They examine each application carefully and fast.

Premier Nationwide Lending is known for its speedy loan processing services. We value customer satisfaction, so we always strive to be great. Put your trust in Premier Nationwide Lending now! Premier Nationwide Lending: Because robots aren’t great at personalized service, yet.

Personalized Service

Our team at Premier Nationwide Lending is all about giving a tailored experience to our clients. We get to know them on a personal level to understand their goals and provide custom solutions that fit their needs and preferences.

We make sure our clients are informed and included throughout the process, from pre-qualification to closing. Clear communication is key!

What makes us special? We emphasize building relationships with our clients. We go the extra mile to impress them and gain their trust for life. Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart and creates successful partnerships with our customers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Contact Premier Nationwide Lending to get our top-notch personalized service. You won’t regret it!

Premier Nationwide Lending Disadvantages

To navigate the disadvantages of Premier Nationwide Lending with limited availability in certain states and higher fees compared to other lenders, you need to be aware of the possible solutions. Understanding the limitations of your lender can help you make informed decisions about borrowing money. In this section, we will explore two sub-sections: limited availability in certain states and high fees compared to other lenders.

Limited Availability in Certain States

Premier Nationwide Lending isn’t available in some states, so its reach is limited. This affects its customer base as well as the quality of its services due to less research data. It means there are gaps in their lending services around the US.

This also restricts the financial support they can offer customers in certain regions. So, those loaners can’t borrow as much, affecting their financial security.

Forbes reports that State Licensed Mortgage Companies must go through rigorous training before operating in any state. It’s a difficult process, but necessary to provide more value with operations across all 50 states.

It’s clear that not being available in certain states means losing potential customers for Premier Nationwide Lending. Plus, paying higher fees for a mortgage isn’t worth it – it’s like paying extra for guacamole.

Higher Fees compared to other Lenders

Premier Nationwide Lending imposes hefty charges for loan services. Despite the extra costs, their services remain popular due to their credibility and quality. It is essential to be prepared financially for additional expenses like:

  • Higher origination fee
  • Additional deposit
  • Elevated appraisal cost
  • Premium interest rates compared to standard market prices

This may affect a budget plan. But, with these expenses come top-notch loan processes and customer service.

Despite the controversies around higher charges, many customers have expressed satisfaction with Premier Nationwide Lending’s services. Quality service comes at a cost, so borrowers should be aware of the added fees when considering Premier Nationwide Lending.

Stay away from Premier Nationwide Lending – your dreams of homeownership could become a nightmare! Thank me later.

Conclusion and Recommendation for Premier Nationwide Lending

It is suggested that those interested in Premier Nationwide Lending should explore their services. They have great reviews and a record of happy customers.

Premier Nationwide Lending offers various mortgages and refinance options. Plus, their team of pros makes the application process simpler.

Their website is really user-friendly and they also provide financial education resources. This makes it easier to make informed decisions.

All in all, Premier Nationwide Lending looks like a great option for mortgage and refinance needs. They have excellent customer service and a range of loan options.

One client shared their story about Premier Nationwide Lending. The team went the extra mile to help them purchase their dream home. This highlights their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Premier Nationwide Lending and what services do they offer?

Answer: Premier Nationwide Lending is a mortgage lender accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They offer a variety of home loan services including refinancing, FHA and VA loans, conventional loans, and jumbo loans.

2. What are the eligibility requirements to obtain a loan from Premier Nationwide Lending?

Answer: Eligibility requirements vary depending on the type of loan being requested. Generally, a credit score of at least 620 is required, along with a steady source of income and a low debt-to-income ratio. Additional requirements may apply for specific types of loans.

3. Is Premier Nationwide Lending a reputable company?

Answer: Yes, Premier Nationwide Lending has received positive reviews from previous clients on various review sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

4. How long does the loan approval process typically take?

Answer: The loan approval process can vary in length depending on the complexity of the loan request and the documentation required. However, Premier Nationwide Lending aims to provide loan decisions within 30 days of the application submission.

5. What is the loan application process like with Premier Nationwide Lending?

Answer: The loan application process starts with a brief phone consultation to assess the borrower’s needs and goals. From there, the borrower must provide documentation to support their qualification for a loan. Once all documentation is received, the loan will be submitted for underwriting and a loan decision will be made.

6. Can I pre-qualify for a loan with Premier Nationwide Lending?

Answer: Yes, Premier Nationwide Lending offers pre-qualification for certain types of loans. Pre-qualification can provide borrowers with an estimated loan amount and interest rate and is a good way to get an idea of what type of loan may be available to them.

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