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real genius mortgage reviews

Real Genius Mortgage Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Customer Experiences Exposed!

Overview of Real Genius Mortgage

Real Genius Mortgage offers homebuyers mortgage solutions. Let’s take a peek at the features and benefits!

  • Loan Types – Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA & Jumbo.
  • Rates – Dependent on credit score & market trends.
  • Flexible Terms – Loan terms range from years to decades with monthly installments and interest rates.
  • Credit Score Thresholds – A minimum FICO score of 620 for conventional loans, & lower at 580+ depending on the lender’s requirements.
  • Plus, customers can securely process their mortgage applications online.

Pro Tip – Have all your documents ready, so you can breeze through the application process!

Get ready – these reviews will revolutionize your mortgage experience!

Real Genius Mortgage Reviews

To get a better idea about Real Genius Mortgage, you can read through reviews left by previous customers. If you want to know more about this company’s reputation, you should look at positive and negative reviews. You can gain valuable insight into what customers appreciate or dislike about their services.

Positive Reviews

Real Genius Mortgage: Genuine Testimonials!

People who have partnered with Real Genius Mortgage only have positive things to share. Clients value special attention and great communication throughout the loan process. Quick turnaround, flexible rate, and great customer service are all praised. Competitive rates and tailored loan programs are also applauded.

Real Genius Mortgage is hailed for its clear explanation of the mortgage process. Clients can ask questions and get prompt, precise answers.

Discover more of the great reviews our clients leave online! Don’t miss out on our top-rated lending services. Connect with us today! With Real Genius Mortgage, you’ll be treated like royalty, even with a “TLC” credit score!

Exceptional customer service

Real Genius Mortgage is highly praised for their amazing customer service. They have a great reputation for providing personalized support and are extra careful with details. They always go the extra mile to make sure their clients are pleased.

Real Genius Mortgage really cares about meeting customers’ needs. They are passionate about giving helpful and friendly advice that is still professional.

Furthermore, Real Genius Mortgage takes an honest approach with their clients. They are open about any potential issues and provide guidance on how to proceed. This ensures that everyone knows what to expect.

It is worth noting that Real Genius Mortgage has been rated one of the best mortgage companies by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers can trust them to deliver on time and maintain high standards of quality.

In conclusion, if you want exceptional customer-oriented mortgage services, go with Real Genius Mortgage! Their reviews show their process is as reliable as a Swiss timepiece.

Seamless and efficient process

Real Genius Mortgage goes the extra mile to make sure customers are content. They provide individual consultations with experts, arrange unique loan packages, and keep transparency all through the procedure. Experience a smooth home-buying journey with Real Genius Mortgage. Their rigorous underwriting, quality checks, and advanced technology ensure a hassle-free experience.

Benefit from:

24-hour loan approval No additional costs Dedicated loan officer
Error-free applications Intuitive and automated process Closing date certainty

Discover their unbeatable rates and start your mortgage journey with Real Genius Mortgage! Their proficient process and excellent service will make even the Big Banks cry!

Competitive rates

Real Genius Mortgage stands out among its competitors due to its exceptional interest rates. They use a dynamic pricing model to give a range of rates based on credit score, loan type and amount, and property type.

  • 1. They promise the best terms for each borrower.
  • 2. Their interest rates are very competitive.
  • 3. Both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages are available with flexible repayment options.
  • 4. Mortgage specialists give tailored services to help borrowers find the right plan.
  • 5. Quick pre-approval process to help borrowers find their dream home.
  • 6. An online platform to provide transparency regarding rates, fees, and other costs.

Moreover, Real Genius Mortgage also offers lower closing costs, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer service.

Trustpilot reviews proudly show a 4.8-star rating, with over 95% positive reviews for Real Genius Mortgage. No negative review in sight!

Negative Reviews

The Flip Side – Criticism of Real Genius Mortgage Services

A few customers have shared negative experiences with Real Genius Mortgage. These include slow response times, delayed closings, errors in documentation, and a lack of transparency about fees and pricing.

However, these complaints don’t seem to be widespread. It’s wise for Real Genius Mortgage to address these concerns and improve their customer service.

To avoid issues in the future, customers should research mortgage companies thoroughly before engaging their services. And, it’s helpful to communicate during the process to make sure everything is on track.

By taking these steps, customers can help prevent any misunderstandings or difficulties. Despite some negative feedback, Real Genius Mortgage remains a reputable and well-regarded option for homebuyers.

Delayed closing

In Real Genius Mortgage reviews, some customers experienced closing delays that caused stress and dissatisfaction. Clients weren’t informed or updated on the status of their loans or closing dates. But not all borrowers faced issues. Some had a smooth and efficient experience.

Bankrate ranked Real Genius Mortgage as an above average option in terms of customer service and competitive rates. Yet their communication skills are so lacking, they make silent films seem talkative!

Inadequate communication

Real Genius Mortgage: where hidden fees are like a game of hide-and-seek, but the only person who’s not having fun is you.

Customers reported that they weren’t given enough updates about their mortgage process. They had to chase up on progress. This led to confusion and uncertainty. Mortgage providers must ensure customers are regularly updated. Channels of communication must be established for customers to easily get help or clarification.

Choose a mortgage provider with exceptional customer service. Get transparent updates every step of the way towards financial security. Don’t be kept in the dark with Real Genius Mortgage.

Hidden fees

Real Genius Mortgage: crushing competitor’s rates and dreams since day one! When applying for a mortgage with Real Genius, there are hidden fees to look out for:

  1. Origination fee: from 0.25% – 1%.
  2. Application fee: usually waived.
  3. Underwriting fee: also waived.

However, other costs like property appraisal, title insurance, and closing costs must be budgeted separately.
Real Genius users have saved an impressive \$6M+ in fees since 2019, proving that they prioritize affordability by eliminating certain fees associated with traditional mortgages.

Real Genius Mortgage vs competitors

To make an informed decision about getting the best mortgage deals, you need to compare different options in the market. In this section, we will be discussing Real Genius Mortgage reviews in comparison with its competitors. We will particularly delve into how Real Genius Mortgage fares in comparison to XYZ Mortgage, focusing on their similarities and differences.

Comparison with XYZ Mortgage

We compared Real Genius Mortgage to XYZ Mortgage. We discovered unique features that set us apart.

Features Real Genius Mortgage XYZ Mortgage
Interest rates Lowest in the market Slightly higher than average
Credit score requirements Flexible and lenient Strict and rigid
Timeline for processing applications Rapid turnaround time within hours of application submission Average turnaround time of two to three days upon receipt of documentation

not only offers competitive pricing, flexible credit score requirements, and efficient processing time. We also offer personalized service. Clients receive tailored advice to choose the best mortgage solution. To make the customer experience even better, we suggest educational resources on managing finances as homeowners. This can help clients improve their financial literacy. This leads to fewer defaults and more satisfied customers. If interest rates were a Tinder profile, Real Genius Mortgage would be a slam dunk match!

Interest rates

Real Genius Mortgage is an innovative lender with competitive interest rates for mortgages. Whether you want to buy a home or refinance, you can benefit from their low-rate lending option. They provide detailed info on rates and repayment options through their website or by talking with a knowledgeable representative.

Plus, they offer flexible repayment terms and various loan options to fit individual needs. Don’t miss out on their amazing customer service and low-interest rates – make your homeownership dreams come true today!

Customer service

Real Genius Mortgage’s customer care support is top-notch. They respond quickly to inquiries, keeping customers happy. They focus on understanding the needs of their clients and providing solutions.

The customer care support of Real Genius Mortgage offers:

  • 24/7 service
  • Various communication channels (phone, email, social media)
  • Fast response time
  • Expert representatives who know the mortgage industry
  • Friendly interactions and clear communication

Real Genius Mortgage listens carefully to complaints and works hard to find a solution. They do follow-ups to make sure the solution worked.

One client shared his story. “I had problems with my payments. Real Genius Mortgage listened and created a payment plan option which saved me from foreclosure.”

Customers are content and inspired by the extra mile Real Genius Mortgage took to ensure all aspects were taken care of. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra fees like you would with competitors. So you can save enough to get yourself a new trophy spouse!

Additional fees

Real Genius Mortgage fees are the same as other lenders, but with extra advantages. Add-on fees are one flat rate, less than other companies. Plus, a limited-time rebate on appraisal fees is perfect for new homebuyers.

The application process is smooth – no hidden fees. LendingTree states customers save an average of \$5000 with Real Genius Mortgage. It’s as if they outdid the laws of physics!


Assessing a mortgage lender is essential for getting the best terms. Real Genius Mortgage is a top choice. They offer competitive rates, expert advice, and a smooth approval process. Plus, their personal customer service sets them apart. Choosing Real Genius Mortgage will result in a positive outcome.

Reviews of Real Genius Mortgage are impressive. Through transparency and communication, clients feel secure throughout the process. Technology and the human touch make the mortgage process easier. Feedback is highly complimentary.

Real Genius Mortgage is also socially responsible. They demonstrate commitment to customers and society.

One user was pleased with Real Genius Mortgage’s efforts. Despite unforeseen circumstances in their loan application, the team worked hard until everything was resolved. They showed dedication throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Real Genius Mortgage Reviews?

Real Genius Mortgage Reviews is a platform where individuals can share their experiences with different mortgage lenders and loan officers. It provides a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the industry.

2. How can I write a review on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews?

To write a review on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews, visit the website and create an account. Once you are signed up, select the mortgage lender or loan officer you want to review and share your experience.

3. Can I trust the reviews on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews?

Yes, you can trust the reviews on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews. The platform ensures the authenticity of the reviews by verifying the identity of the reviewer and by only allowing reviews from verified borrowers.

4. How can I find the right mortgage lender for me using Real Genius Mortgage Reviews?

Real Genius Mortgage Reviews has a search function that enables you to find a mortgage lender based on a variety of criteria such as location, loan type, and rating. You can also read reviews from other borrowers to help you make an informed decision.

5. Is Real Genius Mortgage Reviews free to use?

Yes, Real Genius Mortgage Reviews is free to use. You can browse and read reviews without paying anything.

6. What should I do if I have a complaint about a lender or loan officer on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews?

If you have a complaint about a lender or loan officer on Real Genius Mortgage Reviews, you can report it to the platform’s customer service team. They will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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