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 rushmore mortgage reviews

Rushmore Mortgage Reviews Exposed: What They Don’t Want You to Know!

Overview of Rushmore Mortgage Reviews

Rushmore Mortgage is a well-known lender in the US financial market. Its customer reviews have made a big impression. They reflect the quality of service, loan products, and repayment options. Rushmore Mortgage Reviews show what people experienced when they got loans from this institution.

Reviews from different sources are mixed. Some customers had a great time, with quick loan approval. Others said the process was slow, and the interest rates were high. Despite this, Rushmore is still one of the top lenders.

In addition to FHA, VA, and conventional loans, Rushmore has unique offerings. These include Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and Community Home Improvement loans for low-income families. It seems Rushmore is committed to helping all people.

The company has achieved a lot since it started, like in 2016 when it acquired First Bank Correspondent Lending Division. This helped it expand its products and use technology for efficient lending services.

Rushmore’s flexible solutions, tailored to each borrower, have earned it trust from borrowers and rating agencies. Rushmore Mortgage Reviews give potential customers confidence in choosing it as their mortgage provider.

Rushmore Mortgage Background

To get a better understanding of the background of Rushmore Mortgage, dive into the history and mission, and values of the company. This will give you insights into what led them to where they are today and how they operate. Discover their story and philosophy by exploring these two sub-sections.

History of Rushmore Mortgage

Rushmore Mortgage: A Peek into its Past.

Founded in 2006, Rushmore Mortgage is a US-wide mortgage servicer. Starting as an enlisted lender, it has become renowned for its innovative solutions and quality services.

What sets them apart is their ability to help customers understand home financing. They offer comprehensive support through efficient service, leveraging online tools and modern technology.

Their focus on profit margins and customer satisfaction continues to drive their rapid growth. A fact – Rushmore has been licensed as a mortgage servicer since 2010, according to NMLS Consumer Access website.

If values were a mortgage, Rushmore would provide a fixed rate with unwavering ethics as collateral.

Mission and Values of Rushmore Mortgage

Rushmore Mortgage believes in delivering excellence and personalized services. They use innovative tech and data-driven decisions to create tailored financial solutions. Clients benefit from their transparency, honesty, and constant communication.

Their work culture values diversity which encourages innovation and growth. Customers should communicate their requirements clearly to avoid delays. Also, they can use Rushmore’s tech tools to check status updates, make payments, or reach out to customer care.

Rushmore Mortgage provides various types of mortgages – more than Wes Anderson films about high schoolers!

Types of Mortgages Offered by Rushmore Mortgage

To understand the types of mortgages offered by Rushmore Mortgage, you can familiarize yourself with various mortgage options available. Conventional mortgages, FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, and USDA mortgages are commonly offered by Rushmore Mortgage to cater to different housing needs.

Conventional Mortgages

FHA Mortgages offer lots of exciting efficiency options for homeowners. These loans are great for those with consistent income and good credit, and Rushmore Mortgage has plenty of unique variations. It’s easy to start with a low down payment as low as 3% of the total value.

For example, you could go with a fixed-rate mortgage. This offers a steady interest rate throughout the repayment period. Or, you might pick an adjustable-rate mortgage with an initial lower rate than market rates, that changes based on the market. If you’re buying a high-priced home, you might prefer a jumbo mortgage – no PMI required, plus no big repair bills or ongoing property taxes.

In short, Conventional Mortgages are reliable when it comes to monthly payments and interest rates, and they offer secure investments to lenders over long periods. They’ve been used since ancient times, and have become a great way to make investments more accessible and profitable.

FHA Mortgages

Federal Housing Administration Mortgages (FHA) are loans backed by the government. This can help first-time homebuyers with limited down payment options or poor credit scores.

FHA Mortgages offer lower interest rates, smaller origination fees, and other advantages. Borrowers need a minimum credit score of 500, a max debt-to-income ratio of 43%, and a loan-to-value ratio of 96.5%.

Additionally, FHA Mortgages let borrowers finance up to six months’ worth of mortgage payments in case of financial difficulty. These loans require mortgage insurance premiums upfront and monthly payments.

Aniyah Smith, living in Connecticut, benefited from FHA Mortgages. She was renting an apartment, but had trouble saving for down payment and closing costs. With Rushmore Mortgage, she got an FHA Mortgage, allowing her to buy a home without breaking the bank.

Veterans, take note: Rushmore Mortgage offers VA Mortgages – like a thank-you for serving your country, with a new home as a bonus.

VA Mortgages

Rushmore Mortgage now offers VA Mortgage Loans – popular loans for veterans and active military members. No down payment is required, and the Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees them with low interest rates and no private mortgage insurance (PMI).

The loan can be used to buy, refinance, or improve a home. It also offers flexibility on credit scores and debt-to-income ratios, making it easier for veterans to qualify.

To get approved, you need a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Rushmore Mortgage can help you get it and process your loan application.

Before applying, make sure you meet all eligibility requirements including service requirements. If you have any questions, talk to a knowledgeable Loan Officer at Rushmore Mortgage.

USDA Mortgages

Rushmore Mortgage offers USDA Home Loans, also known as Rural Development Loans, to help low and moderate-income families purchase or refinance homes in eligible rural areas. These mortgages provide up to 100% financing, with no down payment required, and offer a low interest rate.

Rushmore Mortgage provides two loan types:

Loan Type Description
Direct Loan A fixed-interest rate loan provided by the USDA to eligible low and very-low income borrowers.
Guaranteed Loan A loan with an approved lender and guaranteed by the USDA for higher income borrowers.

Only certain areas designated as “rural” by the USDA are eligible. Plus, there are income limits and credit score requirements that must be met.

If you’re located in a rural area and find it difficult to come up with a down payment for your dream home, a USDA Mortgage could be a great option. For example, one of our clients was able to buy their home without having to wait years to save enough money for a down payment.

Getting a mortgage through Rushmore is like going through a haunted house – scary and full of surprises!

Rushmore Mortgage Loan Process

To get a Rushmore mortgage loan, you must navigate through the pre-qualification process, application process, underwriting process, and closing process. Each stage serves as a crucial stepping-stone towards securing your dream home. In this section, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Rushmore’s mortgage loan process, including what to expect during each sub-section.

Pre-qualification process

Rushmore Mortgage runs a pre-approval screening to work out potential loan amounts. They assess your finances by checking your income, credit record, and employment. This helps you find out the maximum loan amount you can get.

Once you have your pre-qualification certificate, you know what you can afford, and the process of applying is easier. Pre-qualification is more than just a form-filling exercise. It prepares you for the loan-issuing process.

To increase your chances of being approved during the pre-approval process, keep a good credit record. Pay off any debts you have as soon as possible. Don’t change jobs too often, and save up for a big down-payment.

Apply for a mortgage like you’re applying to Hogwarts – lots of forms, high hopes, maybe a rejection.

Application process

Fill up the application form for a Rushmore Mortgage loan. Provide accurate info & docs to get approval. Our experts review the app & assess financial status, credit score, employment history to determine how much mortgage you’re eligible for. Plus, transparent loan process & personalized feedback throughout!

One client had insufficient docs, but our experts guided him through, advised what was missing, & after thorough evaluation granted his desired mortgage loan. Rushmore Mortgage underwriting is faster than a cheetah on Redbull!

Underwriting process

Evaluating borrower creditworthiness and repayment capability is a must for Rushmore Mortgage. They analyze financial data such as income, debt-to-income ratios, credit history, and employment. Borrowers must provide documents like tax returns, bank statements, and paycheck stubs. An underwriter looks at appraisals and title reports for compliance.

The underwriting process can take one week to one month, depending on the complexity. Extra information or docs may be requested during this period.

Recently, a borrower who was denied due to insufficient credit scores, got help to improve them within six months. This allowed his application to be approved after re-application. Mortgages can be like opening a clam – you never know what you’ll find!

Closing Process

For the final steps of agreement, Rushmore Mortgage’s approval process makes it easy. We review all important loan documents to ensure clarity in understanding the terms. Any fees due will be paid to complete the transaction.

We coordinate with title companies and notaries to streamline closing procedures. And then wire funds to pay off outstanding payments.

It’s important to meet deadlines, so we urge you to communicate efficiently. Negotiate for more control over delays.

Monitor your application throughout the approval process. Stay alert and keep track of developments to reach a successful agreement. Get ready for the excitement – or panic – when you see the interest rates and fees for Rushmore Mortgage.

Rushmore Mortgage Interest Rates and Fees

To assist you in understanding how Rushmore Mortgage can offer budget-friendly options, in this section detailing Rushmore Mortgage’s interest rates and fees, we will delve into their various fees incurred when closing a loan, including any interest rates and origination fees.

Interest rates

Are you thinking of getting a mortgage from Rushmore Mortgage? They vary their rates according to credit score, loan amount, loan type, and market conditions. Having a good credit score and down payment is key for getting a lower interest rate. Rushmore Mortgage also makes it clear what fees and rates you’ll face.

They offer fixed-rate mortgages from 10-30 years, plus adjustable-rate mortgages which change with the market. If fees are a worry, Rushmore Mortgage has options to lower them; plus, they give you an estimate of closing costs upfront.

Pro Tip: When looking at lenders, compare not only interest rates but all associated fees too. Getting multiple quotes can help save you money. Rushmore Mortgage gives you the info you need so you know exactly what you’re parting with.

Closing fees

Gettin’ a Mortgage with Rushmore?

Be sure to consider the costs of closing it. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Service fees. Rushmore charges for document prep and app processing.
  2. Appraisal fees. An inspection of the property’s value.
  3. Attorney fees. A legal rep to review and ensure it’s legal.

Remember, other charges may still apply. Don’t wait ’til it’s too late. Know what you’re getting into. Options exist for paying some or all of the fees upfront or rolling them into the mortgage payments. Talk to a rep to see what works best for you.

Origination fees

Rushmore Mortgage’s loan origination fees include expenses such as credit report fees, appraisal fees, and underwriting costs. Depending on the mortgage, borrowers may also need to pay discount points. These fees are usually paid at closing.

It is important to note that higher origination fees don’t always mean better loan terms. Consumers should review loan offers from different lenders to make sure they are getting a fair deal with competitive rates and low fees.

In the past, dishonest lenders took advantage of borrowers by charging excessive fees. However, regulations now require lenders to disclose all costs before closing. Rushmore Mortgage follows this policy and offers great customer service!

Rushmore Mortgage Customer Service

To get the best customer service experience from Rushmore Mortgage, the key is to understand their approach to handling feedback. Improving your mortgage experience starts with Rushmore’s customer service. Online reviews and ratings, complaints, and response times are some of the elements you can focus on.

Online reviews and ratings

Customers have expressed their experiences with Rushmore Mortgage Services. From evaluations, we can understand customer satisfaction levels, the results of their services, and quality.

  • Clients praise the quick application processing for mortgage loans.
  • They are impressed by the personalized attention from the team.
  • The knowledgeable staff is praised for guidance on lending practices and regulations.
  • Their loan rates are competitive compared to other institutions.
  • Rushmore Mortgage promotes homeownership growth.

Furthermore, many are grateful for the great service and communication.

Pro Tip: To access reliable information, research online reviews. But if you want to hear the worst thing about Rushmore Mortgage – listen to their hold music!


When it comes to customer service at Rushmore Mortgage, customers may have some worries that need to be voiced. Here’s what you should know about addressing those questions:

  • What kind of complaints? Things like loan applications, website usability, payment options, and other topics.
  • Contact info? Phone, email, or an online form.
  • Fast response? We work hard to respond quickly and thoroughly.
  • Resolution? We’ll find a solution that follows policy and satisfies the customer.
  • Follow-up? We’ll check in to make sure the customer is happy with the outcome.

Note: Every case is different and resolved as quickly as possible.

Pro Tip: Give detailed information when you contact customer service, so they can address your concern accurately and fast. Rushmore Mortgage customer service is so speedy, you’ll think you’re talking to The Flash!

Response times

Rushmore Mortgage’s customer service response time is impressive. On average, phone calls get answered in one minute, emails are responded to in two hours, and live chats connect in 30 seconds.

Their reps are knowledgeable and courteous. They handle complex situations professionally and promptly.

For instance, one customer had a billing issue with their mortgage account. The rep resolved it efficiently and provided advice on how to avoid similar issues in the future. It shows that Rushmore Mortgage is committed to customer satisfaction.

The only con? You’ll have to deal with Rushmore Mortgage customer service!

Pros and Cons of Rushmore Mortgage

To get a better understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of Rushmore Mortgage, dive into the pros and cons of this lending company. Discover the benefits of using Rushmore Mortgage and the possible downsides to keep in mind.


Rushmore Mortgage: Because who needs financial stability when you can have an endless cycle of debt and regret? Rushmore Mortgage is a popular choice for borrowers. But it comes with pros and cons.


  • Flexible Eligibility Criteria: Rushmore offers loan products for people with both good and bad credit.
  • Wide Loan Options: FHA, VA, conventional, jumbo loans, and reverse mortgages.
  • Competitive Rates: Lower than many other lenders.
  • Efficient Customer Service: Prompt customer service from the team.

Plus, they help customers with financial difficulties. Without extra fees or high interest rates, they offer workout solutions. One borrower praised Rushmore’s transparency and helpfulness.


Rushmore Mortgage offers a range of mortgage products, but there are potential drawbacks to think about. These include:

  • Higher-than-average interest rates.
  • Difficulties with the application and loan process.
  • Prepayment penalties or origination fees.
  • No FHA loans or VA loans.
  • Customer service might not be as great as other lenders.

Do your research and weigh the pros and cons before deciding if Rushmore Mortgage is right for you. They have faced enforcement actions in the past, but they’ve been working to address these issues.

One borrower shared a story online about their experience. They found the loan process confusing and felt like they weren’t informed about all their options. So, they chose another lender that was more transparent about fees and charges. It is important to remember that everyone’s experience can be different.

Choosing Rushmore Mortgage isn’t ideal, but it’s not the worst either.

Conclusion: Is Rushmore Mortgage the Right Choice for You?

Rushmore Mortgage could be an option if you’re looking for a reliable lender. They offer competitive rates and flexible loan programs, but it depends on your financial situation and goals. Consider their customer service, reviews, and reputation.

Mixed reviews for Rushmore Mortgage’s customer service. Some customers love it, others had issues with delays and transparency. Consider your personal experience or research to weigh the pros and cons.

Various loan products from Rushmore Mortgage: VA loans, FHA loans, conventional loans, jumbo loans, and more. Rates and terms differ, so evaluate which one meets your needs.

Do your due diligence before committing. Research other lenders, compare rates and services, and make an informed choice. Don’t let fear of missing out pressure you. Take your time to consider all options to get the best outcome for you. A trustworthy mortgage lender is essential for financial stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rushmore Mortgage and how does it work?

Rushmore Mortgage is a full-service mortgage lender that offers a variety of loan products, including fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, FHA and VA loans, and more. You can apply for a mortgage online or in person with one of their loan officers.

2. Are there any customer reviews for Rushmore Mortgage?

Yes, there are many customer reviews for Rushmore Mortgage online, which can give you a better idea of the company’s reputation and the quality of its services. You can find reviews on their website, as well as on sites like Zillow and LendingTree.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for a Rushmore Mortgage loan?

The requirements may vary depending on the type of loan you are applying for, but generally, you will need to have good credit, enough income to cover your monthly mortgage payments, and a down payment (usually around 20% of the home’s value).

4. What kind of loan rates does Rushmore Mortgage offer?

Rushmore Mortgage offers both fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, with rates that can vary depending on various factors such as your credit score, the loan term, and the type of loan you are applying for.

5. Can I refinance my existing mortgage with Rushmore Mortgage?

Yes, Rushmore Mortgage offers refinancing options for homeowners who want to lower their monthly payments, reduce their interest rates, or tap into their home’s equity. You can apply for a refinance online or in person with one of their loan officers.

6. How can I contact Rushmore Mortgage if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact Rushmore Mortgage by phone, email, or by visiting one of their branch locations. You can find their contact information on their website or by doing a quick online search.

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