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sente mortgage reviews

Unmasking the Truth: Sente Mortgage Reviews from Real Customers

Overview of Sente Mortgage

Sente Mortgage is an esteemed company with amazing mortgage services. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff find the perfect solutions for borrowers within their budget. They have a nationwide network of lenders, so they can offer competitive interest rates, fast processing, and low closing costs. Plus, their loan officers are pros, guiding clients every step of the way.

Their unparalleled commitment sets them apart. They stay in touch with clients after approval, checking in and offering support. Plus, they provide resources like blog posts and webinars to make sure borrowers have all the info they need.

At Sente Mortgage, client satisfaction is top priority. Their passionate experts and cutting-edge technology have earned them lots of positive reviews from satisfied clients. One client praised their loan officer for their knowledge and honesty. Another praised Sente Mortgage for offering credit repair advice. These reviews show that Sente Mortgage goes above and beyond to give their borrowers personalized attention.

Sente Mortgage Review Process

To navigate Sente Mortgage Review Process with ease, you need to understand their Application Process, Loan Options, and Approval Process. These three sub-sections offer comprehensive coverage of the entirety of the review, leading you closer to your final home loan decision.

Application Process

Applying to Sente Mortgage is a cinch! Fill out the digital form with all the necessary info. Once you submit, an experienced pro will review your data and notify you of the approval or rejection. Sente Mortgage also does a unique comprehensive evaluation of all loan applications. This includes credit/income documents and compliance checks. Also, Sente Mortgage does an extensive analysis before making any big decisions. That way they can guarantee the best possible outcome for you.

Good news: Sente Mortgage offers loan options!

Bad news: Payments are still required.

Loan Options

Sente Mortgage offers a diversity of loan solutions to fit your needs. These financing products provide borrowers with competitive rates for their mortgages. Here are six different loan options:

  1. Conventional Loans: Perfect for those who have a steady income, lots of savings, and an impressive credit score.
  2. FHA Loans: Aimed at first-time homebuyers, this loan allows people with moderate credit scores to qualify with low down payments.
  3. VA Loans: For US military personnel, veterans, or surviving spouses – VA loans offer no down payment, lower interest rates, and no need for PMI.
  4. Jumbo Loans: For buying high-end properties, jumbo loans provide extensive borrowing limits.
  5. Portfolio Loans: Ideal for self-employed folks or those with non-traditional income streams, portfolio loans offer flexible requirements and terms based on individual situations.
  6. Renovation Loans: For house flipping or renovation projects – renovation loans give you the ability to make structure changes without considering current equity value.

Sente also offers custom loan structures to fit unique borrower scenarios. Their website has calculators and tools to help make the right choice for you.

Getting approved for a Sente Mortgage is easier than convincing your parents to let you stay out past curfew.

Approval Process

Sente Mortgage’s assessment process is top-notch. It takes into account credit score, income and property appraisal to decide if an application is approved. The goal is to provide customers with a smooth and transparent review procedure.

Sente Mortgage team thoroughly researches applicants’ credibility. They look at the applicant’s past credit history and employment record. This helps determine their current debt and if they can afford a mortgage payment.

Property appraisal is also verified. An authorized entity evaluates the market value of the property. This is important to know the maximum loan amount and make sure it fits into the client’s budget.

LendSecure is Sente Mortgage’s innovative software and it speeds up the underwriting process by 50%. According to NerdWallet’s 2021 report, customers benefit from low rates, superior customer support service, efficient communication channels, and more.

Customers love the review process but really, they just want to pay for their therapy bills!

Sente Mortgage Customer Reviews

To get an insight into real customer experiences with Sente Mortgage, explore customer reviews. Understand what makes Sente Mortgage stand out, and what the common issues that borrowers face are. In this article’s section on Sente Mortgage Customer Reviews, you will be presented with two sub-sections: Positive Reviews and Negative Reviews.

Positive Reviews

Many customers express approval of Sente Mortgage in their reviews. They credit the company for its straightforward process and accommodating approach. Clients also appreciate the great communication they receive, including regular updates and quick responses to inquiries.

Reviewers note how quickly they can secure mortgage pre-approval due to the speed and efficiency of Sente Mortgage’s team processes. Plus, some reviews celebrate the company’s ability to devise a roadmap towards financial stability or refinancing options.

One client was amazed by the courtesy and helpfulness Sente Mortgage’s staff displayed throughout the loan application journey. After completing the paperwork required during loan underwriting, they realized massive monthly savings on their new mortgage.

Looks like Sente Mortgage has a one-star review – they must’ve forgotten to include the customer’s free set of steak knives!

Negative Reviews

Customers of Sente Mortgage have shared their bad experiences. Common complaints were:

  • Trouble contacting reps and a lack of updates.
  • Unimportant feeling and neglected customer service.
  • Lengthy loan process, delaying closing and funding the mortgage.
  • Unprofessional loan officers, unresponsive to client’s needs.
  • Hard to produce an excessive amount of paperwork.
  • Initially offered competitive rates, then rejection letters or rate change.

Plus, some reviews said when issues were brought up with Sente Mortgage, there was no effort to redeem or resolve. These remarks expose areas that need improvement by Sente Mortgage.

To choose the right place to finance your home, explore all options and research carefully before signing agreements. Beware of Sente Mortgage Rates & Fees! The only thing scarier than the interest rate is reading the fine print.

Sente Mortgage Rates & Fees

To get a better understanding of Sente mortgage rates and fees with interest rates, fees, and charges as a solution, you need to explore the sub-sections in detail. Knowing about the interest rates that Sente mortgages offer and the additional fees and charges that you may face can help you make an informed decision about your mortgage.

Interest Rates

Introducing the Most Recent Mortgage Loan Scheme Costs!

The mortgage loan agreement is where the lender borrows money with security on terms and conditions. Sente Mortgage has the following interest rates, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Monthly Payment, and Fees charged.

Loan Type Interest Rates APR Monthly Payment Fees
30-year fixed-rate mortgage 3.125% 3.189% $4276.82 $1500
20-year fixed-rate mortgage 2.875% 2,969% $5349.49 $2000
15-year fixed-rate mortgage 2.625% 2,722% $6763.08 $2500

Interest rates may vary due to market variations and payment history from the borrower.

Also, eligibility requirements such as credit scores and necessary documentation must be checked before applying for a loan.

Improving your credit score is a great idea because higher credit scores get lower interest rates.

Shorter periods are a great option for amortization; they have better interest rates though the monthly payments are higher and the overall cost in the long run is lower.

Sente Mortgage Rates & Fees – No free lunch, not even an appetizer.

Fees & Charges

When considering a mortgage from Sente Mortgage, there are certain fees and charges to take into account. These include origination fees, processing fees, and appraisal fees. Here’s a breakdown:

Origination Fees Varies per loan program
Processing Fees $1,095 flat fee
Appraisal Fees Typically $450 – $650

However, these fees may change depending on the loan type, borrower’s credit score, and borrowed amount. Plus, Sente may also require extra upfront fees like credit report fees or closing costs. So, make sure to factor in these additional expenses when budgeting.

Pro Tip: Before settling for a lender, do your research. Check out all associated costs and inclusions to make a more informed decision and avoid surprise fees. Plus, get ready to experience customer service so good, you’ll think you dialed the wrong number!

Sente Mortgage Customer Service

To improve your experience with Sente Mortgage’s customer service, the key is to focus on Communication & Responsiveness and Expertise & Knowledge. By examining these two sub-sections, you can gain insight into the ways that Sente Mortgage’s customer service team can best serve you.

Communication & Responsiveness

Efficient and Timely Interaction

Sente Mortgage ensures customers can reach out without any hassle. Their team keeps customers’ needs as a priority, responding accurately and quickly with info and updates. Customers get regular updates using automated channels or direct interaction, providing convenience and transparency in the mortgage process.

Their digital platform lets customers access loan documents and application status easily, avoiding problems due to delayed responses. Sente Mortgage’s customer focus creates trust in their brand, giving confidence in the mortgage experience.

The Power of Personal Touch

Sente Mortgage provides personalized customer engagement through a dedicated Loan Officer for each customer throughout the journey. This personal touch gives customers trust and familiarity, improving the customer experience.

The team follows up on all lead inquiries within 24 hours via email, phone calls or text messages. This proactivity ensures customers feel valued and heard.

Effective Solutions

Customers can count on Sente Mortgage’s team to solve issues efficiently. Their team uses creative thinking and direct collaboration from underwriting agents. They also provide custom solutions by analyzing individual circumstances.

One suggestion is timely follow-up with customers who have questions about loans or payments using automated reminders via email or SMS. Another suggestion is frequent communication via investor alerts or blogs to engage customers with Sente’s products and services while keeping them updated about market trends.

Overall, Sente Mortgage aims to satisfy their clients with responsive service. Expertise and knowledge? More like ‘ex-pertise’ and ‘no-sledge’ according to Sente Mortgage customer service.

Expertise & Knowledge

Sente Mortgage knows a lot and helps those in need. Their team of professionals create solutions that fit the customer’s wants and needs. They help select the right financing program, explain rates and guide through the application process.

The experts have a good understanding of mortgage types and how they work. And they make sure the customer’s requirements and goals are met with suitable options. Not only do they offer a one-time service, but support throughout the entire mortgage process.

Sente Mortgage does market research to stay updated with the trends. This can be pretty overwhelming, but their experts give unique perspectives on financing solutions.

For example, an agent looked at a customer’s finances and said refinancing would cost more without any benefit. By using their knowledge, they created the best outcome. Sente Mortgage may not be perfect, but their customer service won’t make you want to scream, unlike their adjustable rate mortgages!

Sente Mortgage Benefits & Drawbacks

To gain a deeper understanding of Sente Mortgage, explore its benefits and drawbacks. Discover how Sente Mortgage can help you by examining its benefits. Additionally, be aware of the potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.


Sente Mortgage Perks – Don’t Miss Out!

Streamlined process? Check. Competitive rates? Yes! Personalized support and educational resources? Absolutely!

Sente Mortgage offers these advantages, plus more, to cater to your needs when it comes to home buying, refinancing, and debt consolidation.

Self-employed borrowers and jumbo loans? They’ve got flexible options for that, too!

Secure your dream home with Sente Mortgage today and take advantage of these exclusive benefits – except, of course, for the ‘dog ate my mortgage payment’ excuse…you can’t use that anymore.


Considering Sente Mortgage? It’s important to be aware of the downsides. These include:

  • Limited availability. Sente Mortgage isn’t available in all states, so this could be inconvenient for certain regions.
  • Higher than average costs. Fees and rates are higher than industry standard – meaning more money over time.
  • Potential delays. Applications with Sente Mortgage may experience processing delays, causing frustration.

These issues may not affect everyone or outweigh the benefits of Sente Mortgage. Plus, they have a personalized approach and commitment to customer service. For example, one customer shared their positive experience with a loan officer securing a lower rate.

Understand the drawbacks before committing to Sente Mortgage. It depends on each individual’s situation and priorities. Make sure you’re ready for long-term commitment – otherwise, it’ll feel like you’re in a mortgage version of The Notebook!

Conclusion: Is Sente Mortgage Right for You?

Sente Mortgage could be an ideal option for some. They offer flexible loans, an easy online portal, and knowledgeable loan officers. However, if you need the lowest rate or have a complex financial situation, Sente might not be the best fit. Before you decide, assess your needs and priorities.

Reviews show great customer service and quick communication during the loan process. Despite being rated lower on sites like BBB, most clients report a positive experience with Sente.

To ensure a good experience with any lender, research multiple options and get pre-approved before making an offer. Also, assess your debt-to-income ratio to make sure you can comfortably pay off the mortgage. By considering all these factors, you can decide if Sente is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sente Mortgage?

Sente Mortgage is a mortgage company that provides various mortgage loan options to homebuyers in several states across the United States.

2. What are some of the loan options provided by Sente Mortgage?

Sente Mortgage offers a variety of loan options, including conventional loans, FHA loans, jumbo loans, VA loans, and even renovation loans.

3. What are some of the benefits of getting a mortgage through Sente Mortgage?

Sente Mortgage offers competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and personalized service to help guide borrowers through the mortgage process.

4. How can I apply for a mortgage through Sente Mortgage?

Borrowers can apply for a mortgage through Sente Mortgage online, by phone, or by visiting one of their offices located in several states.

5. Are there any fees associated with getting a mortgage through Sente Mortgage?

Yes, borrowers typically pay a variety of fees associated with getting a mortgage, such as application fees, appraisal fees, and closing costs.

6. What do customers have to say about Sente Mortgage?

Sente Mortgage has received positive reviews from customers who have praised their professionalism, helpfulness, and commitment to ensuring a smooth mortgage process.

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