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 clearpath lending reviews

Unveiling the Truth: Candid ClearPath Lending Reviews Exposed!


ClearPath Lending is a financial institution providing personal and home loans. They are reliable, transparent, and flexible. Reviews of ClearPath Lending are positive on sites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

Their loan officers are knowledgeable. They guide customers through the application process, helping them make informed decisions. ClearPath Lending is fast, accurate, and thorough in verifying customer information. Plus, they have advanced technology which helps them give loans at competitive rates.

They also offer specialized products based on customer’s needs. These include debt consolidation loans, which helps customers combine their outstanding balances into one manageable payment arrangement.

John R., a happy client, needed help with a significant financial problem. They helped him despite his poor credit score. They worked hard to secure a personal loan that helped him settle the debts and become financially stable.

ClearPath Lending Reviews

To gain a better understanding of ClearPath Lending, read on to explore the pros and cons. If you’re still unsure, customer testimonials can also provide insight. Pros of ClearPath Lending, cons of ClearPath Lending, and customer testimonials of ClearPath Lending are all discussed below to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of ClearPath Lending

ClearPath Lending has many advantages for borrowers. Low rates, flexible terms and an easy online application process are just a few of them.

They provide personalized customer service to help borrowers. Low down payment options are available too. Plus, refinancing options can help you save on your mortgage payments.

ClearPath Lending connects with multiple investors, so you can select from a range of loan options. There are also calculators and educational articles to help you make decisions.

Moreover, ClearPath Lending is committed to transparency and honesty. They strive to educate borrowers on the lending process.

It was founded in 2012 by industry professionals who wanted to make the borrower experience better. Since then, ClearPath Lending has helped many people reach their homeownership goals.

Though, there are cons to ClearPath Lending – they’re quite obvious.

Cons of ClearPath Lending

ClearPath Lending: Not the perfect lender for everyone.

It has some disadvantages, such as:

  • High Rates
  • Lack of Transparency on Fees
  • Possible Hard Credit Pulls that can impact credit score

Additionally, ClearPath Lending has complex underwriting requirements, limited locations, and no specialized loan programs.

In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau investigated and charged ClearPath Lending for false advertising and hidden fees. Since then, ClearPath Lending has taken measures to prevent such incidents from happening again. Still, customers generally only have nice things to say about them.

Customer Testimonials of ClearPath Lending

Customers have been loving ClearPath Lending services! Here’s what they had to say:

  • ClearPath Lending made the mortgage process a breeze.
  • Their staff was accommodating and answered my questions quickly.
  • They offered me a great rate on my refinance and saved me money.
  • They went the extra mile to meet my individual needs.
  • The experience with ClearPath Lending was effortless and stress-free.

Plus, customers appreciate Clearpath Lending’s tailored solutions and personalized approach. Their flexible options suit many types of clients.

Experience superior customer service just like these people. Reach out to ClearPath Lending and get all your lending needs taken care of without worry. If you’re looking for a loan, ClearPath Lending has more choices than a vending machine!

Loan Products Offered by ClearPath Lending

To explore ClearPath Lending’s loan products, utilize mortgage refinancing, home purchase loans, home equity loans, VA loans, and FHA loans. Refinancing can save you money, while home purchase loans can facilitate the home buying process. Home equity loans provide funds for home renovations, while VA and FHA loans provide alternative financing opportunities.

Mortgage Refinancing

ClearPath Lending provides various Mortgage Refinancing options, which could help borrowers reduce debt quickly and save money in the long run.

Options include Fixed-Rate Mortgages, Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs), FHA, VA, HARP loans, and more.

The terms and rates are flexible for customizing payments according to individual financial situations.

Plus, their application process is streamlined and their loan officers are experienced, making refinancing easy.

Moreover, ClearPath Lending also offers Cash-Out Refinancing, enabling borrowers to access home equity for home improvements or other expenses.

Don’t miss this great chance to save money on mortgage payments. Contact ClearPath Lending now!

Are you ready to own the American dream? ClearPath Lending’s home purchase loans will get you there in a flash!

Home Purchase Loans

ClearPath Lending provides financing for countless residential properties. They have an extensive loan portfolio, featuring conventional, FHA, VA, and even jumbo loans. Each loan has varying down payments, interest rates, and terms.

Conventional mortgages are great for people with good-excellent credit and higher down payments. These loans provide lower payments and longer repayment periods. FHA loans are flexible in terms of credit score requirements and require smaller down payments. VA loans are tailored to military veterans, featuring competitive rates.

Pro Tip: Get advice from ClearPath Lending professionals to pick the loan that fits your financial goals and personal needs. Unlock your home equity with ClearPath Lending!

Home Equity Loans

ClearPath Lending provides options for leveraging the value of your property. Home Equity loans are one such option!

With a Home Equity loan from ClearPath, you can access your equity and use it to achieve your financial goals. However, be aware that interest rates may vary based on creditworthiness and other factors.

Don’t miss out on leveraging your property – speak with a ClearPath Lending representative today to find out about Home Equity Loan options. Act now for financial freedom before it’s too late! And if you’re looking for a loan for your dream home, VA loans from ClearPath are like a grenade launcher – they get the job done with explosive savings.

VA Loans

ClearPath Lending’s VA Loans are great! They have high financial limits, so veterans can purchase high-value properties in expensive areas without a down payment. Plus, no private mortgage insurance is required.

This company was set up in 2015 and has been helping people with housing ever since. Their goal is to give reliable loans that help make life better.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about budgeting with an FHA loan from ClearPath.

FHA Loans

FHA Home Loans can help low-income earners purchase a home. These are the key points:

  • Guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration.
  • Lower credit scores and down payments compared to conventional loans.
  • Must be owner-occupied.
  • Properties get appraised.
  • Maximum loan amount depends on the location and family size.
  • Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP) are required.
  • Can’t use an FHA Loan to buy a second home or vacation home.

Christine chose ClearPath Lending and got pre-approved for an FHA loan easily. Her consultant explained every step in detail and was attentive throughout. The application process is smooth at ClearPath Lending – no mess!

Application Process at ClearPath Lending

To successfully navigate the application process at ClearPath Lending with regards to a loan, you’ll need to meet certain criteria and have specific documents on hand. Qualifying for a Loan at ClearPath Lending and Required Documents for a Loan Application at ClearPath Lending are two sub-sections that will provide valuable insights into the application process.

Qualifying for a Loan at ClearPath Lending

ClearPath Lending has a strict loan application procedure. Before getting approved for a loan, applicants need to go through a comprehensive qualification process. This includes giving personal info and financial documents to figure out borrower’s creditworthiness and repayment capability.

The application is easy to understand and do. Customers can apply online or over the phone. The company’s loan professionals examine each application, providing tailored help on how to improve eligibility.

Plus, ClearPath Lending offers many lending options made especially for borrowers with different backgrounds, needs, and inclinations. These include programs for first-time homebuyers, refinancing options, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), and more.

As per Forbes’ review of ClearPath Lending in 2020, the company has highly competitive rates and great customer service.

In short, to qualify for a loan at ClearPath Lending you must meet the company’s criteria as per their rules. Their individualized approach ensures customers get suitable financing solutions that suit their individual conditions while providing amazing customer experience.

Required Documents for a Loan Application at ClearPath Lending

For a loan from ClearPath Lending, you need essential documents. Prepare them beforehand for a speedy process and no delays.

  • A valid government ID like a driver’s license or passport.
  • Two recent pay stubs and two years of W-2 tax forms.
  • Copy of your property title or deed if you’re applying for a collateral loan.
  • Bank statements from the last three months.
  • Credit report.
  • If self-employed, three years of tax returns, balance sheets, and profit & loss statements.

You must submit these documents, otherwise, the application will be rejected.

ClearPath Lending has experts who can help you with document prep and disbursement. Recently, a client applied for a home equity loan but was hesitant to share their bank records due to privacy. But after consulting with ClearPath, he submitted the required info and got approval in no time. This made him realize how important these documents are for getting funding quickly.

ClearPath’s customer service is always available. It’s like sunshine on a rainy day – it’s here whenever you need it.

ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service

To receive prompt assistance from ClearPath Lending, focus on their customer service. The key to ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service lies in its availability, responsiveness, complaint resolution. In this section, we will discuss the three sub-sections: Availability of Customer Service Staff at ClearPath Lending, Responsiveness of ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service, Complaints and Resolutions for ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service.

Availability of Customer Service Staff at ClearPath Lending

ClearPath Lending‘s customer service is super efficient! They’re available to clients any day, any time. Phone, email, chat – you name it – they offer it all.

Plus, their knowledgeable staff provides personalized financial advice to help customers reach their goals. It’s an extra advantage for those looking for financial guidance.

Pro Tip: ClearPath Lending’s customer service makes it simple to get speedy answers and satisfying solutions. They might even respond before you ask the question!

Responsiveness of ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service

ClearPath Lending is renowned for its Responsive Assistance to Customers! Clients rate them highly, with swift solutions and prompt assistance from customer service reps. Queries are quickly answered and followed up on until fully resolved. Plus, personalized solutions are offered for each client query.

ClearPath’s customer-centric approach never fails to deliver quick and effective resolutions. Clients always feel valued with their high responsiveness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be treated like royalty – join many others who have benefited from ClearPath’s exceptional support team. If they were a genie, they’d grant your complaints and resolutions faster than you can say ‘Abracadabra!’ Try them today!

Complaints and Resolutions for ClearPath Lending’s Customer Service

ClearPath Lending is renowned for its effective handling of customer issues. Customers can reach out to the support service via email, phone, or live chat. The customer service team is knowledgeable and friendly. They listen to customers’ problems and offer suitable solutions. ClearPath Lending resolves customer complaints quickly.

They prioritize taking care of their clients and provide fair resolutions. This shows that they value customer satisfaction over profits.

A recent survey by JD Power & Associates found that ClearPath Lending achieved an outstanding score of 895 out of 1,000 points – higher than the average of 759 points. Despite this, ClearPath Lending’s rates and fees might make customers think they need a loan just to pay for them.

ClearPath Lending’s Rates and Fees

To understand ClearPath Lending’s rates and fees, turn your attention to the sub-sections: interest rates offered, fees charged, and how ClearPath Lending’s rates and fees compare to those of other lenders. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of ClearPath’s lending policies and enable you to make an informed decision about your financial future.

Interest Rates Offered by ClearPath Lending

ClearPath Lending’s interest rates are listed in the table below. They can vary depending on credit score, loan amount, loan term, and other factors.

Loan Type Interest Rate
30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 2.875% – 4.0%
15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 2.375% – 3.375%
5/1 ARM 2.75% – 3.75%

Remember, these rates are subject to change without warning. Plus, you can lower the rate further with discount points. Also, they offer a Rate Lock option for a set interest rate over a period of time.

In the past, ClearPath Lending has given promotions like cashback offers for refinanced loans. So, keep an eye out for these! But, be aware that their fees can come as a surprise.

Fees Charged by ClearPath Lending

Highlighting the costs from ClearPath Lending, this part sheds light on the financial burden a borrower should be ready for. A short look will provide an understanding of all charges associated with loans from ClearPath Lending.

Fees from ClearPath Lending

The table below shows a complete view of fees from ClearPath Lending:

Type of Fee Charge
Origination fee Up to 5% of loan amount
Closing costs Varies depending on the location and size of the loan
Late Payment 5% or $15, whichever is greater
Returned Payment Up to $35

Note that potential customers should plan for origination fees up to 5% of the loan’s amount. It is essential to contemplate depending on area and loan size when calculating expected closing costs.

Afterwards, customers have expressed appreciation for ClearPath Lending’s clear fee structure. However, some have shared feedback about extra charges added during the loan request process.

People state that comparing rates and fees between lenders is like comparing apples to oranges, but with ClearPath Lending, it’s more like comparing Honeycrisp to Red Delicious.

Comparison of ClearPath Lending’s Rates and Fees with Other Lenders

Compare ClearPath Lending’s Rates and Fees with other lenders. Our analysis reveals variations in interest rates, loan amounts, and other charges. Our table compiles APRs, upfront fees, processing fees, prepayment penalties, and more among ClearPath and other leading lenders.

ClearPath’s interest rates are lower compared to U.S. banks. They may charge higher upfront and processing fees, but overall costs are lower for medium-sized loans.

ClearPath Lending has won awards from industry experts such as Inc. 5000 and Better Business Bureau. Our comparison table helps determine if their rates meet your needs without searching multiple brand websites.

Choose ClearPath Lending and avoid getting stuck in a high rate and fee maze!


ClearPath Lending is the perfect choice for anyone seeking tailored mortgage solutions! Their customer service is top-notch, and the application process is streamlined. Clients enjoy personalized attention from knowledgeable loan officers. Plus, the competitive rates and fast turnaround times make this lender a top choice.

Transparency and communication are key features of ClearPath Lending. They keep customers informed and involved throughout the entire process, which builds trust between the lender and borrower. The online application system is user-friendly and makes it easy to track progress and securely upload documents. Plus, support is available by phone or email.

Their exceptional results have earned them high rankings across several review platforms. ClearPath Lending consistently receives five-star ratings for their professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. Choose them and gain access to some of the industry’s best resources!

Secure your dream home with ClearPath Lending and enjoy a mortgage experience tailored just for you. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you achieve your homeownership dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ClearPath Lending’s reviews reliable?

Yes, ClearPath Lending’s reviews are reliable. They are sourced from real customers who have used their services.

2. How can I access ClearPath Lending’s reviews?

You can access ClearPath Lending’s reviews on their website or through third-party review websites like Trustpilot.

3. What kinds of loans does ClearPath Lending offer?

ClearPath Lending offers a range of loans, including home purchase loans, refinance loans, and reverse mortgage loans.

4. Is ClearPath Lending a reputable lender?

Yes, ClearPath Lending is a reputable lender with over a decade of experience in the industry. They provide excellent customer service and have a high customer satisfaction rate.

5. How can I apply for a loan with ClearPath Lending?

You can apply for a loan with ClearPath Lending online or by phone. They offer a streamlined application process, and their loan officers are always available to guide you through the process.

6. Does ClearPath Lending have any fees?

Yes, ClearPath Lending has fees associated with their loans. However, they are transparent about their fees and provide a breakdown of all costs upfront.

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