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citywide home loans reviews

Unveiling the Truth: Honest Citywide Home Loans Reviews Exposed!

Citywide Home Loans Overview

Citywide Home Loans has a great rep for delivering quality services when it comes to home loans. They specialize in many types of mortgages and prioritize their clients’ financial wellness. Their competitive rates and flexible terms make them stand out.

They’re one of the leading mortgage lenders and focus on customer satisfaction. They customize loan options to meet each client’s personal needs. Plus, they offer low down payment options, making homeownership more attainable.

If you’re searching for a lender who values your goals, Citywide Home Loans is the perfect choice. Their customer-centric approach ensures all your issues will be addressed. Apply for a loan with them and get on the path to your dream home!

Still feeling uncertain? Read Citywide Home Loans reviews – our customers say they’re not being held at gunpoint!

Citywide Home Loans Reviews

Citywide Home Loans gets mixed reviews. Some customers report efficient service and helpful staff, while others are unhappy with communication and long processing times. One customer felt “pushed aside” in their loan process, but another had a positive experience.

Each borrower’s experience is unique and it’s up to them to decide if Citywide Home Loans is right for them. They offer various loan products, such as conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo loans. Plus, their digital mortgage application process can get borrowers pre-approved in minutes.

NerdWallet’s 2021 review rates Citywide Home Loans with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have closed over $10 billion in loans since 1998.

Citywide Home Loans: where the pros and cons of borrowing money are as balanced as a drunk tightrope walker!

Pros and Cons of Citywide Home Loans

Citywide Home Loans – Insightful Thoughts

Citywide Home Loans is a choice for those financing a home. However, it has its pros and cons like any other mortgage service provider. Here are some considerations:

  • Pros:
  • Efficient communication during the application process.
  • Many loan options and programs available.
  • Online resources for info & customer service.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Cons:
  • Underwriting process may take longer.
  • Higher closing costs reported by some customers.
  • Issues with transparency in fees & rates.

On top of these points, Citywide Homes provides bilingual services & renovation loans. To get informed correctly, it is helpful to learn about their customer service & database management.

Matt Kiker founded Citywide Home Loans in 1998, Colorado. He started this business due to a lack of customer-focused solutions. By 2021, he has expanding operations across major US cities with over \$5 billion closed home loans.

Comparing Citywide Home Loans with Other Lenders: You can find a better mortgage deal, or just go with Citywide if you are willing to trade your firstborn child.

Comparing Citywide Home Loans with Other Lenders

Comparing Citywide Home Loans with other lenders? Consider the interest rates, loan options, fees and customer service. We’ve made a table to help. Check out the current interest rates on different loan types, fees associated, and examples of loan options available.

Lender Name Interest Rates Fees Loan Options
Citywide Home Loans 3.25% (30-year fixed)
2.75% (15-year fixed)
3.375% (FHA 30-year fixed)
Origination fee: Up to 1%
Application fee: $400
Credit report fee: $45
Mortgage insurance premiums vary depending on the type of loan
Conventional Fixed Rate Loan
FHA Loan
VA Loan
Quicken Loans 3.99% (30-year fixed)
3.5% (15-year fixed)
4.% (FHA 30-year fixed)
Origination fee: usually between .5%-1%. Some programs waive this fee.
No application or credit check fees.
Conventional Fixed Rate Loan
FHA Loan

It’s good to shop around and compare offers. Plus, do research online to find reviews from previous customers. Take time to assess all details for your unique needs. That way you will find the best lender and loan option.

Citywide Home Loans: Get a mortgage – and a headache!

Citywide Home Loans: Final Verdict

Citywide Home Loans offers outstanding mortgage services! Their online application is speedy and straightforward. Lots of loan options with competitive rates make it simple to get individual needs met. Need help? Their knowledgeable loan officers are ready to answer any questions. Plus, their underwriting team works quickly for timely closings.

Pro tip – use their online rate quote tool to compare and find the best deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Citywide Home Loans Reviews?

A: Citywide Home Loans Reviews are customer feedback that evaluates the quality of the company’s loan products and services.

Q: How do I find Citywide Home Loans Reviews?

A: You can find Citywide Home Loans Reviews on several websites, including the company’s website, Google Reviews, and Yelp.

Q: Are Citywide Home Loans Reviews reliable?

A: Yes, the reviews on Citywide Home Loans are reliable as they are submitted by customers who have used the services of the company.

Q: Can anyone write a review on Citywide Home Loans?

A: Yes, anyone who has used Citywide Home Loans services can write a review, provided they follow the platform’s policies and guidelines.

Q: What do the Citywide Home Loans Reviews cover?

A: The Citywide Home Loans Reviews cover different aspects, including customer service, loan options, interest rates, application process, and closing process, among others.

Q: How can I use Citywide Home Loans Reviews to make an informed decision?

A: You can use Citywide Home Loans Reviews to gauge the quality of the company’s loan products and services, compare it with other lenders, and make an informed decision based on other people’s experiences.

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