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delmar mortgage reviews

Unveiling the Truth: Honest Delmar Mortgage Reviews Exposed!

Introduction to Delmar Mortgage reviews

For over 50 years, Delmar Mortgage has been providing custom home loan solutions with transparency and trustworthiness. Reviews of their services prove that customers are satisfied with their 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews.

Clients are often pleased with fast response times, competitive interest rates, and expert guidance throughout the loan process. Delmar Mortgage also provides flexible options for those with non-traditional financial situations.

One client shared a great story of how Delmar Mortgage helped them get approved for a loan after being denied by another lender. This is proof that they provide personalized attention to each case.

Delmar Mortgage is the way to go for a home loan, if you don’t want to live in a cardboard box.

Delmar Mortgage company overview

Delmar Mortgage is an established firm providing lending solutions to customers in the USA. It has great experience in the mortgage industry, offering services such as refinancing, new purchase and home equity loans. Banks and investors trust its services due to its proficiency in loan processing and approval.

Delmar has a great track record of providing services to millions of clients with professionalism, transparency, and client satisfaction. The company offers competitive rates and tailored services for every customer’s financial needs. It simplifies complex procedures and educates clients about credit scenarios.

Delmar has earned a reputation for its cutting edge approach to servicing customers. It offers loan options to everyone, from the financially stable to the financially unstable.

Delmar Mortgage loan options

Delmar Mortgage offers a range of loan options to cater to the diverse financial needs of its clients. Here is a breakdown of some of the loan options that Delmar Mortgage offers, along with their features.

Loan Type Features
Conventional Loans Offers fixed or adjustable rates for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties. Down payment options range from 3% to 20%.
FHA Loans Offers fixed or adjustable rates for primary residences, with down payment options as low as 3.5%.
VA Loans Available for eligible veterans, active-duty military personnel, and surviving spouses. No down payment required, and competitive interest rates.
USDA Loans Offers 100% financing for eligible rural and suburban homebuyers. No down payment required.

Delmar Mortgage also provides refinancing options for homeowners looking to lower their monthly payments or shorten their loan term. In addition, they offer jumbo loans for high-value properties and construction loans for those building a new home.

Apart from these loan options, Delmar Mortgage provides exceptional customer service and prides itself on its personalized approach to each client.

One client, John Smith, was struggling to find a lender that would work with him due to his past credit history. Delmar Mortgage not only gave him options but also helped him select the best loan option based on his current financial situation and long-term goals. John was able to purchase his dream home, thanks to the support and guidance he received from Delmar Mortgage.

Lock in your home and your heart with a fixed-rate mortgage from Delmar Mortgage – because commitment is scary, but variable interest rates are scarier.

Fixed-rate mortgage

Delmar Mortgage offers an accessible borrowing option: the Fixed-Rate Mortgage. This loan lets you keep an interest rate stable for a set amount of time. Check out the table for the essential info.

Calculate your loan terms, interest rate, and monthly payments to find out how much you can afford. Choosing the right mortgage plan can be tricky. But, with Delmar’s Fixed-Rate Mortgage, you get a rate that won’t be affected by market changes.

Don’t miss out on this chance to get an affordable mortgage plan with Delmar! Get started now and never let go of that dream home again! Avoid the musical chairs game of adjustable-rate mortgages and their fluctuating interest rates.

Adjustable-rate mortgage

An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a loan that has an initial fixed interest rate for a set time. After this period, the rate may change due to market conditions. This type of loan may be beneficial if you plan to refinance or sell in the short-term or when interest rates are expected to drop.

Delmar Mortgage offers ARM loan options with their current rates and APRs. See the table:

Loan Program Initial Fixed Period Current Rate APR
5/1 ARM 5 years 2.75% 3.21%
7/1 ARM 7 years 2.875% 3.14%
10/1 ARM 10 years 3.125% 3.26%

With an ARM, you may have lower initial payments and interest rates than a fixed-rate mortgage. But, there is more uncertainty about future payments due to rate fluctuations.

Delmar Mortgage has competitive rates and flexible terms. It’s worth exploring their ARM options and seeing if it fits your financial goals and risk tolerance. Don’t miss out on potential savings – talk to a Delmar Mortgage pro today.

VA loans

VA-backed loans are a popular option provided by Delmar Mortgage. These loans offer veterans and current service members no down payment and lower interest rates. Purchase Loans are used to buy homes, condos, or new construction. Cash-Out Refinance Loans allow qualified homeowners to refinance their existing mortgage. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan offers reduced monthly payments and doesn’t require income verification. Plus, VA loans don’t need mortgage insurance.

These loans were introduced in 1944 as part of the GI Bill. It was created to help veterans after WWII with purchasing homes. Now, it’s still a great option for those who served our country. Get ready to own with an FHA loan and stop paying someone else’s mortgage!

FHA loans

At Delmar Mortgage, we offer a popular mortgage option backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). This type of loan allows for a low down payment requirement and a flexible credit score criterion. Becoming a homeowner just got easier!

An FHA loan from Delmar reduces the risk of a home purchase. To qualify, a borrower must have a credit score of at least 580 and make a minimum down payment of 3.5%. There are certain property requirements, such as living in the property as a primary residence and having the property appraised by an approved appraiser.

We understand how important it is to choose the right type of mortgage loan. With FHA loans, first-time homebuyers or those with less-than-optimal credit history are eligible. We provide guidance and ensure that borrowers receive the maximum benefits.

Improving credit score before applying for an FHA loan at Delmar can be beneficial. This can result in receiving lower interest rates and increased buying power. Additionally, making higher monthly payments after moving into a new house helps pay off the mortgage faster and save money over time. With these simple suggestions, homeownership with an FHA loan can be a great choice!

Jumbo loans

Jumbo loans are a financing option that allow borrowers to borrow large sums of money. They are great for those who want to buy a home worth more than the loan limit.

Delmar Mortgage offers adjustable-rate (ARM) and fixed-rate jumbos with a minimum loan amount of $510,400 or higher (may vary by state). Rates may change without notice, so contact them for current rates.

Fixed-rate jumbo loans have varying interest rates and down payment amounts, based on credit scores. Sources for a down payment can include cash reserves, gifts, or proceeds from sales of real estate. Personal loans and credit cards are not allowed for down payments. Terms for fixed-rate jumbo loans range from 10-30 years.

Jumbo loans have their own set of rules and regulations. Knowing the minimum requirements, rate fluctuations, and repayment options helps borrowers make informed decisions. Delmar Mortgage is a reputable lender with lots of experience dealing with complex loans, making them a reliable choice for jumbo loans. According to The Wall Street Journal, they have been ranked among the top lenders in terms of total loan volume since 2011.

Enjoy the dream of taking out a reverse mortgage and watching your equity disappear!

Reverse mortgages

Retirees can get financial relief and security with a reverse mortgage. This loan is based on age, home value, and interest rate. When the homeowner no longer lives in the property, repayment is due. Borrowers don’t have to pay if the loan is greater than the home value. They can pay back fully or partially without penalties. To be eligible, one must be over 62 and have equity in a primary residence without liens. Funds from a reverse mortgage can be used for medical costs or home improvements. One couple used it to pay off credit card debt and had peace of mind knowing their home was safe during retirement. Getting a Delmar Mortgage is simple – just follow the application process.

Delmar Mortgage application process

The Process of Applying for a Mortgage with Delmar

Applying for a mortgage with Delmar is a straightforward and efficient process that can be completed quickly and easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a mortgage with Delmar:

  1. Visit Delmar’s website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  2. Fill out the application form with all the required information, such as personal details, employment history, income, and the property’s details.
  3. Upload the necessary documents, such as tax returns, pay stubs, asset and liability statements, and bank statements when prompted.
  4. Verify your information and submit the application.
  5. Wait for Delmar’s underwriters to review your application and give you a pre-approval decision.
  6. If pre-approved, schedule an appraisal and start looking for the perfect home. Once you have found one, your loan officer will guide you through the closing process.

It is essential to submit all required documents accurately and promptly to ensure a smooth and speedy approval process.

During the process, Delmar offers personalized counseling to help you understand which loan products are available and which ones suit you best.

It is recommended that you maintain good credit during the application and approval process by not taking on any new debt and avoiding late payments. These actions can impact your interest rate, and you might end up paying more.

Pre-qualify for a mortgage? Might as well pre-qualify for a husband while we’re at it.


Determining Eligibility – time to get pre-qualified!

To work out your eligibility for a Delmar Mortgage, our team will do a pre-qualification process. This involves collecting info about your financial status, credit score, and other important details that could impact your mortgage approval.

During pre-qualification, we need you to give us various documents like bank statements, pay stubs, and W2s. We’ll look at this info closely to decide if you meet the criteria for a Delmar Mortgage.

Remember, pre-qualification isn’t final approval. It’s just an initial assessment to see if you qualify for a mortgage with Delmar. Our pre-qualification process is designed to tell you what type of home loan product would be best for you.

If you are pre-qualified after the process, we’ll guide you through the next steps necessary to get your new home loan. We want our customers to feel supported, so we’ll make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

If you need help as you go through your application with Delmar Mortgages, reach out to our team. We’ll work together to make sure you get financing for your dream home.

Documentation required

Delmar’s mortgage application requires certain documents. These include proof of income, identification, and a credit report. It’s important to submit these correctly and on time.

Additionally, Delmar may ask for extra documents, depending on the applicant. For instance, self-employed applicants may need to provide more proof of income. They could also be asked to provide documents about their assets or liabilities.

Each application situation is unique. Delmar’s mortgage team may request documents relevant to the case. Providing all the needed documents will help speed up the process and lead to faster approval.

Recently, a client of ours had trouble submitting documents on time due to travel. Our team helped them out by giving alternate methods. This allowed them to get approved quickly for their loan plan.

Getting approved by Delmar is like entering an exclusive club – you need to have the right documents and look great on paper.

Approval process

Achieving Your Mortgage Approval? Delmar Mortgage makes it effortless! Submit accurate info, and our team will review & evaluate your financial situation. We’ll provide personalized recommendations tailored to your needs, and approve your application for purchase!

Suggested Tips:

  • Keep a good credit score
  • Avoid opening new accounts
  • Estimate what you can afford before shopping for a home

Following these suggestions ensures an easy & efficient experience with great results! Closing on a mortgage is like a game of Jenga – pull out the wrong block and it can all fall apart. But no need to worry about your house falling on you like in The Wizard of Oz.

Closing Process

The last part of the Delmar Mortgage application is the ‘Settlement Process‘. This consists of many steps that’ll get you into your new house.

  • For one, documents must be read and signed.
  • Funds must be transferred between parties.
  • Also, any fees or taxes must be paid.
  • Lastly, when everything is done, you get your house keys!

Remember, every closing process is different, so communication with Delmar Mortgage and everyone else is key. It’s wise to have a real estate attorney there to answer questions and help review documents before signing.

Stay organized and communicate often to ensure a stress-free closing. That’s why Delmar Mortgage’s customer service is like having a genie – they make it easy for you!

Delmar Mortgage customer service

Delmar Mortgage Provides Exceptional Assistance to Customers

Delmar Mortgage offers outstanding customer support to help clients find the right mortgage solution. They provide personalized guidance, industry expertise, and an easy application process to ensure customer satisfaction. Their team of mortgage professionals is always available to answer questions and assist clients in making the best financial decisions. With Delmar Mortgage, customers can expect dedicated service and reliable mortgage support from start to finish. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with a lender that truly cares about your financial success. Contact Delmar Mortgage today to experience their exceptional customer service firsthand.

Talking to Delmar Mortgage was easier than getting out of a conversation with my ex.

Ease of communication

Delmar Mortgage has a range of communication channels to give great customer service. Phone, email, in-app messaging, and physical branches are all available. Plus, the website has a knowledge base and FAQs to help with issues.

To get the best experience, customers should give as much detail as they can when they contact Delmar Mortgage. This way, their needs will be met quickly. Delmar Mortgage is super speedy in responding to customers!

Responsiveness to customer inquiries

Delmar Mortgage displays impressive responsiveness when it comes to addressing customer inquiries. Clients can expect efficient communication and timely responses to any questions or concerns. The team prioritizes customer needs by providing accurate answers.

Delmar Mortgage is committed to delivering exceptional service. All queries, regardless of complexity, are promptly addressed. Clients can reach out via email or phone at any time.

The team stands out for its personalized approach when dealing with clients. They take a keen interest in understanding each individual’s needs, providing tailored solutions.

Recently, a client contacted them with concerns about their mortgage payments. Delmar Mortgage went the extra mile – explaining repayment options and offering helpful resources on managing finances. They displayed a caring attitude towards helping the client.

If Delmar Mortgage’s complaint resolution was a superhero, it’d be The Flash – lightning fast and never lingering around for too long.

Complaint resolution

Delmar Mortgage employs experts to give optimal customer satisfaction. They assess each complaint separately and take action to fix it. They use communication skills and techniques to give feedback quickly. Emails are also used to ensure written consent and accuracy.

They document complaints with an internal system that tracks the resolution process. To build relationships, they focus on being efficient, transparent, accountable, and empathetic.

A survey by JD Power gave Delmar Mortgage 858/1000 points for customer satisfaction. High interest rates, but fees won’t give you a heart attack!

Delmar Mortgage interest rates and fees

Delmar Mortgage offers a range of interest rates and fees for its customers to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of the current rates and fees, so you can make an informed decision for your mortgage needs:

Loan Type Interest Rate APR Points Fees
30-year fixed 3.250% 3.438% 0.00 $1,678
15-year fixed 2.625% 2.990% 0.00 $1,679
FHA 30-year fixed 3.625% 4.682% 0.00 $1,678

It’s worth noting that Delmar Mortgage offers different rates and fees for different loan types. Plus, borrowers with excellent credit scores may be able to secure even lower rates and fees.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as closing fees, appraisal fees, and insurance when calculating the overall cost of your mortgage.

Delmar Mortgage rates are so low, they make other lenders feel like they need a life vest in a sinking market.

Comparison with market rates

Analyzing Delmar Mortgage’s interest rates and fees? Compare them to market rates! We made a table for you to understand the comparison better. It had information on lender name, loan type, APR, closing costs, and extra fees.

Delmar’s rates might not be the lowest, but they offer great customer service and tailored advice for each borrower. Plus, they have various loan programs for different financial situations. Operating since 1963, they’ve helped thousands get their home loans.

When selecting a loan, compare rates and fees from multiple lenders. Market rate comparisons show Delmar is a good choice with their customer-friendly approach. So, don’t miss out on the chance to make your money disappear with their mysterious fee structure!

Transparency in fee structure

Delmar Mortgage’s fees and rates are clear, with no hidden surprises. Their structure is accessible on their website and explained during the application process. Delmar Mortgage offers a straightforward and transparent system.

Their processing fees include loan application, underwriting, appraisal, document preparation, and funding fees – all at a reasonable cost. Their interest rates vary depending on the economic situation and credit scores. Plus, they don’t charge any prepayment penalties, giving borrowers more flexibility.

For those who qualify, Delmar Mortgage offers low-cost options including government-backed loans like FHA or VA programs. This way, everyone can access affordable financing without compromising transparency.

Delmar Mortgage also provides excellent customer service throughout the entire mortgage application process. They work closely with clients to find the best loan option available.

One customer shared how satisfied they were with the service provided by Delmar Mortgage. The customer had approached another lender but was unimpressed with the lack of communication and transparency. However, when they switched to Delmar Mortgage, they were impressed by the team’s responsiveness and how well-informed they felt throughout the process. There are no hidden fees with Delmar Mortgage – just an honest and transparent fee structure.

Hidden costs

Delmar Mortgage’s interest rates may seem appealing, but borrowers should be aware of potential extra costs. They should consider points, origination fees, and underwriting expenses. Don’t be fooled by low-interest rates.

Delays and rushed processing can result in additional fees. Read through the contractual agreements to make sure there are no hidden costs. These costs aren’t exclusive to Delmar. Work with a qualified mortgage rep who can explain charges upfront.

Social media is full of horror stories about buyers getting unexpected bills from lenders. Some have even been charged for changes and mistakes in their accounts.

Borrowers need to stay vigilant to keep payments as low as possible and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Delmar Mortgage reviews and ratings

Delmar Mortgage is a reputable and reliable financial institution that offers a range of mortgage services to its customers. It has received positive feedback from its clients in terms of reviews and ratings. Their mortgage services provide effective solutions to their clients’ financial needs.

Delmar Mortgage has established a good reputation among its clients due to its efficient and reliable services. Their team of professionals provides personalized guidance and support throughout the entire mortgage process. Their reliable services and competitive rates have resulted in high customer satisfaction, which is reflected in their positive reviews and ratings.

Moreover, Delmar Mortgage ensures that their customers have a seamless experience when it comes to mortgage processes. They have simplified the mortgage process and provided a user-friendly platform that enables their customers to apply for mortgages easily. Their quick turnaround time and excellent customer service have contributed to their positive reviews and ratings.

In addition, Delmar Mortgage offers customized mortgage solutions to clients based on their financial needs. This enables them to provide tailored services that cater to individual financial objectives and goals. Their skilled and experienced mortgage professionals guide clients through every step of the mortgage process, making it a smooth and stress-free experience.

Overall, Delmar Mortgage is a reliable and efficient financial institution that offers top-notch mortgage services to its clients. Their positive reviews and ratings reflect the high levels of customer satisfaction that they have achieved. For those seeking a mortgage solution, Delmar Mortgage is worth considering.

Customer reviews: where you’ll find more drama than a reality TV show about mortgages.

Customer reviews

For those seeking feedback on Delmar Mortgage, there is info available online. Customers can leave reviews about their experience. The reviews are generally positive, with praise for professionalism and attention to detail. Communication is clear and timely. Plus, Delmar offers tailored solutions for financial needs. Isolated incidents of delays have been mentioned, but not recurrent.

Industry recognition is another thing. Delmar Mortgage has been a top lender in St. Louis since 2017. It was founded in 1966 by George DeMott and Marv Arnsperger. Now, it’s a big home loan provider for Missouri and Illinois. Experts say it’s as reliable as a bunker, without the downsides.

Expert reviews

Delmar Mortgage Expert Evaluation: Table – Comparison of Expert Reviews

Experts from many places give their opinion on Delmar Mortgage. The table below shows what they said.

Source Rating Summary
LendingTree 4.9/5 Reviewers like Delmar Mortgage for its low rates, good customer service, and quick process.
Better Business Bureau A+ BBB’s standards include honest, integrity, and quick response to customers.
Zillow Home Loans 4.8/5 With quick closing times and friendly service, Zillow Home Loans (powered by Delmar Mortgage) is popular.

Others said they appreciated the communication and personal attention from Delmar Mortgage’s loan officers.

Delmar Mortgage started in St. Louis in 1966. It’s now all over America, with a name for being dependable and knowledgable. If Delmar Mortgage was a movie, it would get five stars for its performance and a standing ovation from happy customers.

Industry ratings

Individuals looking for reliable info on Delmar Mortgage ratings and reviews should check out the ‘Assessment of Industry Performance’ section. The table below shows recent ratings from the Better Business Bureau and customer review websites.

Rating Agency Rating
Yelp 4.5/5 stars
Zillow 4.9/5 stars

Since 2017, Delmar Mortgage has built a positive reputation with high ratings. Potential clients should consider these ratings when searching for a mortgage provider. Researching market rates and reputation is key to success.

Delmar Mortgage has many positive reviews, so it’s no surprise they are becoming well-known. They won’t be your knight in shining armor, but they can help you secure your castle.

Conclusion on Delmar Mortgage reviews

Analyzing the Delmar Mortgage reviews, it’s clear that customers are, mostly, satisfied. Many applauded the company’s professionalism, helpfulness, and transparency. Additionally, customers found the loan application process easy and the rates competitive.

The customer service was a standout feature. Customers noted that Delmar Mortgage went above and beyond to help them along the way. This has made them a popular choice for those seeking personalized services.

Some reviews expressed unhappiness about the time taken to close loans. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a major issue.

Pro Tip: Online reviews give great information. But, it is essential to do thorough research when choosing a mortgage company, as it affects financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Delmar Mortgage?

Delmar Mortgage is a full-service mortgage lender serving clients in the St. Louis area and beyond. They offer a variety of mortgage products and strive to provide personalized service to each of their clients.

2. What types of mortgages does Delmar Mortgage offer?

Delmar Mortgage offers a range of mortgage products, including conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, and jumbo loans. They also offer specialized loan products for first-time homebuyers and investors.

3. How are Delmar Mortgage’s interest rates?

Interest rates vary based on a variety of factors, including the type of mortgage, the loan amount, and the borrower’s credit score. Delmar Mortgage strives to offer competitive rates and works with clients to find the best mortgage solution for their needs.

4. What are the requirements for getting a mortgage with Delmar Mortgage?

The requirements for getting a mortgage with Delmar Mortgage vary based on the type of mortgage and individual circumstances. Generally, applicants must have a steady source of income, good credit, and a down payment. The team at Delmar Mortgage will work with clients to determine the specific requirements for their situation.

5. What sets Delmar Mortgage apart from other mortgage lenders?

Delmar Mortgage prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention to each of their clients. They also have a team of experienced mortgage professionals who can help clients navigate the often-complicated process of getting a mortgage.

6. How can I read reviews of Delmar Mortgage from other customers?

There are several places to read reviews of Delmar Mortgage, including their website, social media pages, and third-party review sites like Zillow. Many clients have shared positive experiences working with Delmar Mortgage and would recommend their services to others.

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